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Sharpton’s Law By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, March 11, 2002

A FEDERAL APPEALS COURT ON THURSDAY over turned the convictions of three New York City police officers convicted of torturing Haitian immigrant Abner Louima five years ago, finding insufficient evidence they obstructed justice. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the convictions of Charles Schwarz, Thomas Wiese and Thomas Bruder.

Civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton called the ruling "a shocking display of how the judicial system continues to fail to protect citizens from police abuse."

AP Release 2-28-02

Welcome to the party, Reverend Sharpton. You still are not inside the room, but you are at least knocking on the door. You are just now realizing the consequences of the liberal judicial systema judicial system that you helped to create.

The judicial system you and your liberal brethren created fails to protect citizens from criminals. Obviously you do not realize this unless white cops are involved. You are oblivious to the fact that two of three murderers have a prior felony conviction. You are ignorant of the fact that one of ten murderers has a prior homicide conviction.

These are the policies you wanted, Reverend Sharpton. You do not complain about Darnell Collins who was paroledeven though a career criminal-and murdered four people in New York City and three people in New Jersey. No, Reverend Sharpton, instead you will complain that more blacks are convicted for murder than whites. (Sharpton and others say this despite evidence to the contrary. Analyst Robert Lerner did a study, in 1996, for the nonpartisan Center for Equal Opportunity. Lerner’s analysis of 55,000 felony cases in 1992, in the 75 largest metropolitan areas in the country, indicated that not a single white person charged with murder was acquitted, yet 22 percent of blacks were). Yet, you do not complain that homicide is the leading cause of death among young blacks.

Sorry to burst your balloon Reverend Sharpton.

According to an AP report, about 150 marchers gathered Sunday, March 3, at a federal courthouse in New York City to protest the appeals court's decision. Among the marchers was newly elected New York City Councilman Charles Barron. Barron is a former Black Panther. What irony this is that a member of an organization well known for killing copsand not so well known for the murdering of ordinary citizens- is complaining about the liberal judiciary.
"What do we tell our people to do now?" said City Councilman Charles Barron, as quoted by the AP. "Don't blame us when our people get tired of marching, tired of holding press conferences, tired of saying, 'No justice, no peace,' and people go on in peace and we still get no justice." Marcher Nicole Bird is quoted in the report, "If the justice system doesn't work for some of us," she said, "it doesn't work for any of us."

How interesting it is that all this invective and rhetoric is the result of an appeals court invalidating a conviction of cops. Where was all this righteous indignation when, in 1996, this same U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals released from prison convicted murderer Sheila De Luca because Judge Pierre Leval (a Clinton appointee) said her lawyer should have used a different argument at trial. Did Councilman Charles Barron address the issue of the liberal judiciary or judicial activism when he spoke at the Socialist Scholars Conference in 2000? It is doubtful. Probably Councilman Barron spoke of his intention to vote for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal for president.

On March 1, MSNBC columnist Jill Nelson, a black woman, wrote an editorial titled "Crime and No Punishment." In her column, she expressed outrage at the court. Where was she when the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated the conviction of a man sending a letter bomb because they said the bomb was not a deadly weapon since it was poorly constructed and did not detonate? Did Jill Nelson inveigh against the federal judiciary when it imposed a prison cap in Philadelphia in response to a lawsuit by "civil libertarians?" Of course not, I doubt she wrote a diatribe about federal Judge Norma Shapiro’s prison cap that has resulted in numerous murders. In fact, in 1998, in the US, 7,000 black males were murdered-many by those who were on parole or probation. However, Jill Nelson will not write about that.

No Reverend Sharpton, you, and Barron, and Nelson, only notice the liberal judiciary when it involves cops. I would like to suggest that if liberal judges are not what you want, then you might want to ensure that the Senate confirms President Bush’s nominees to the court. If not, then do not protest the results of your own policies.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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