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Affirmative Action Olympics? By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, February 25, 2002

DURING THE OPENING CEREMONIES of the Olympic games, there was a show in which some skaters in a white or silver costumes with cone head masks chased a little boy. Jokingly, I said, “ Watch, someone will complain that these cone head costumes represent the KKK and will say the show is racist.” Sure enough later that evening on the Jay Leno show Leno said “What was the Klan doing chasing that kid?”

Now I just finished reading a column in the San Francisco Chronicle in which the columnist said the US Winter Olympic Team was 95% white and not diverse enough. According to the column,

“The USOC is aware of the lack of diversity on its Winter Olympic team and is attempting to do something about it through its Community Olympic Development Program, U.S. chef de mission Dwight Bell said.

"We clearly would love to see more diversity on the team," Bell said. "We've engaged our national governing bodies and our Community Olympic Development Program to get involved in winter sports in the inner city areas to recruit and develop athletes.

"We're making strides. What we want to do now is get them into the pipeline. In order to get diversity on the elite level, we have to get it on the development level."

"We have not been a power in Winter Olympics because we don't have the cold weather of Finland, Norway or the Austrian Alps," Baldwin said. "But with the facilities we have, you'll start seeing better results." Other than some athletes in bobsled, figure skating and speedskating, the rest of the U.S. Winter Olympic team members are as white as the snow surrounding them over the next fortnight.”

Is America so politically correct that we are devoid of common sense? Are we so race conscious that simple attire is deemed racist? Are we so maniacal about race that we cannot field an Olympic team without considering the skin color of the athletes? Are we so fanatical about the phantasm of racial equality that we are becoming like the Nazis in our obsession with racial “diversity?”

Just by virtue of the fact that the column was written is indicative of the absurdity of affirmative action. I wonder if the columnist who wrote that piece is white? How many of his colleagues at the San Francisco Chronicle are white? What is the racial composition of the ownership and the staff of the Chronicle? They are located in an area with a large Hispanic and Asian population. How many Hispanics and Asians are on staff?

During Justice Ginsburg’s confirmation hearings Senator Hatch asked her if a company, located in a mostly minority area, which did not have a lot of minorities employed, would be considered guilty of discrimination? Justice Ginsburg replied that it would. Senator Hatch then informed Justice Ginsburg that her staff was mostly white, although she was in a minority area.

Does the hypocrisy of leftwing justices include leftwing newspapers as well?

Should the San Francisco Chronicle reveal the racial, religious, and ethnic composition of its owners and staff? I believe they should. If they are going to write about race then they should be willing to show that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Unfortunately they probably would not reveal such information.

It is amusing to note that those who proclaim their devotion to race norming and affirmative action for others rarely if ever apply those same standards to themselves. For example, most academicians I know are fervently in favor of affirmative action. They are all white and middle class. However, if you ask them why it is at their own university they do not have an adequate representation of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans they do not reply. If you were to ask them if they would be willing to resign and ensure that a minority is hired to replace them they say no.

Media elites are excellent examples of affirmative action hypocrites, as well. Phil Donahue, an ardent proponent of affirmative action, became wealthy during his tenure as a TV talk show host. Donahue was making six figure incomes. Yet not once did Donahue ever say to his producers, “I want a black co-host and I’ll pay half my salary to him.” No, Donahue was not willing to make the economic sacrifice for affirmative action. However, he expects the average American worker to do so.

The leftwing elite need to have affirmative action applied to them. Only then will this race norming obsession be ended.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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