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Time for Muslim Show-and-Tell By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Last time I checked, it was Muslims who attacked this country on September 11 killing thousands of Americans. I predicted then to my friends that we were about to descend into the equivalent of the Looking Glass: there would be a frenzy by our cultural and political establishment to cozy up to Muslims in this country in a perverse effort to ‘prove’ we still love them; to prove we aren’t racist; to prove we aren’t anti-Muslim.

Somehow the pathetic proving would rest with the victims as we swim in false guilt and political correctness inflicted on us by the Left Elite for decades. The same mentality that compelled the American establishment to beg Muslims to like us in the aftermath of slaughter brought to us by their ‘brothers’ is also responsible for our inability to stop it as the conspiracy grew.

Can you imagine an effort by law enforcement before September 11 to question Arabs or Muslims in this country? It was impossible. And it remains impossible even after the attack. Our hands were tied then as they are now, by a Left Elite rhetoric that has reduced our critical minds to mush, and twisted our legal right to defend ourselves into the bizarre effort at group therapy to make sure those who hate us know that we don’t hate them.

Since the attacks on our country, we have indeed been kissing the proverbial derriere of the American Muslim establishment, and it’s time we stopped. It is now their turn to do the right thing and go out of their way to show to us that they are American-first and foremost.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller’s little lunch talk to the American Muslim Council (AMC) on June 28 is the latest and most inappropriate manifestation of the scourge of political correctness. One of Mueller’s aides in responding to criticism regarding his appearance claimed he was speaking to them because they are "the most mainstream Muslim group in the United States." Well, that’s a worry.

AMC’s support for terrorist fundraising, hostility to law enforcement and hostility to the United States is widely documented. If this is the mainstream Muslim, were all in trouble. Instead of delivering a speech, Director Mueller had a duty to deliver subpoenas to that organization, scour its books and deport any of its directors and members who are here illegally. Instead, our Left wing culture of paralyzing self-hate still disgustingly drilled into us post-9/11 by pond scum like Susan Sontag and Noam Chomsky, has compelled the FBI to have salad with them instead.

In these months after the worst attack on American soil by an enemy, I checked the website for CAIR-the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Perhaps I was wrong, I thought. Perhaps Muslims in this country are reaching out and it just isn’t being covered. What I found instead were screeds against Jews with articles like their front page head line: "Pro-Israel lobby buys Alabama house seat say Muslims," to news releases demanding we kiss their derrieres even more with, "Bush's speech ‘fell short’ say Muslims, " and "President Bush asked to repudiate anti-Muslim remarks."

At a time when the Muslim establishment in this country should be tripping over themselves to prove they’re with us and are loyal and sympathetic, (after all, isn’t that what we’ve been doing for them?), they instead spew rhetoric that runs that gamut from concern about themselves to concern about themselves.

I recall some weeks after the attack Queen Noor of Jordan, the American girl born Lisa Halaby who married the now late-King Hussein, appeared on Larry King Live. Queen Noor converted to Islam when she married Hussein and was asked by Larry something to the effect of what is it that Americans can do to show Muslims around the world that we’re not bad people? The appropriate question to her would have been how can you convince us that Muslims aren’t bad people? After all, it was a reasonable question after September11 and it oddly remains the question as we continue to give the Muslim establishment a free pass in our efforts to prove we aren’t racist.

It’s time we get off our knees and make it clear to the American Muslim establishment that we have a few requirements of our own, and that it’s time they put up as American-first or shut up, and perhaps even get out if they haven’t bothered to renew their visas.

First, they can prove they are American-first by exhibiting some patience when it comes to our efforts to protect ourselves in this war on Radical Islamists. There is a terrorist profile and if you fit it, you have a duty as an American to understand; stop attacking Jews. There is only one group of people on Earth right now waging a jihad on people because of religion-and it’s not the Jews, it’s Radical Islamists; support law enforcement in this country rhetorically and otherwise; instead of making television appearances whining about ‘anti-Muslim bias’ try spending that time raising money for the victims of 9-11 and reaching out through media repeating as often as possible your rejection of Islamist terror groups and Radical Islamists in general.

Will we see this from groups like CAIR and AMC? I doubt it. From what I’ve seen the fat cat Muslim Elite in this country are indeed loyal-just not to the United States. Unfortunately, I believe it will take another attack before the impact of decades of the Left’s paralyzing political correctness can be erased and we can actually get down to the business of saving this country and our future.


Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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