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What the Flag Means to Me By: Kristen Huber
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, July 05, 2002

The flag means many things to me, like unity, healing, and strength. By unity, I mean that we Americans are all united because we join together when our country is under attack. By healing, I mean no matter that other people think or do, we Americans will always be healed, because our country has the power to never be affected and scared for too long. By strength, I mean we will never surrender. We will always fight back to keep our rights.

The flag reminds us that terrorists may scare us or hurt us, but we will never obey them. They can make us want to surrender, but we will never. They can bomb us, shoot us, anything. Sure, it might make us sad, but that doesn't mean they can take control of America, because America is one of the strongest countries in the world. We Americans will defiantly fight evil for our freedom.

The flag means freedom is everywhere in America. No one rules us. No one tells us what to do. People in America have their own rights.

The flag reminds us of our victories. When a war is over and America has won, people see our flag and realize that peace will rise again.

The flag means protection. If we are scared, we can look at the flag and remember we are in a free country. The laws make sure we keep our rights.

The flag reminds us with freedom comes responsibility. Everyone must be treated fairly in America. Everyone can practice his or her own religion. Everyone can wear what he or she wants. Women and men have equal rights in America. Women can show their faces.

The flag means pride. People are proud because America can get through hard times, like on September 11. We are overcoming terrorism. We will win the war. We are proud.

The flag reminds us of our bravery. People are very brave fighting against terrorists. Our army is fighting for our country.

People have risked their lives for people in America. Firefighters, like my dad and my two uncles, policemen, and other rescue workers risked their lives for people they don't even know on September 11. They are very brave.

The bottom line is, the flag is a symbol of America. It is like a mother to us Americans. It's always there for us and reminds us to be our best.

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