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"A Scrap of Cloth" By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, July 09, 2002

One thing our war against Radical Islamists has exposed, in the event any of you doubted this reality, was how much the Left Elite hates this country. Most recently one academic in particular is behaving in a way that can only be compared to Linda Blair in "The Exorcist." With head spinning and rhetorical green vomit spewing, Ms. Dana Cloud (as in Head in the…), an assistant professor of Communications at the University of Texas at Austin, decided to write a new Pledge of Allegiance.

In her revealing July 1 screed, Cloud, who identifies herself as a Socialist, explains she and her 11-year-old daughter have never liked the pledge "because it seems very strange to pledge loyalty to a scrap of cloth representing a corrupt nation…". Among other things, Cloud pledges allegiance to the people of Iraq, ‘Palestine,’ and Afghanistan, while railing against the "brutal wars against their families," and complaining about "economic and environmental ruin wrought by global capitalism."

For those of us familiar with the mentality that has infected our universities, this isn’t surprising. This is typical rot from a usual suspect, but really, enough is enough. My book, The New Thought Police, addresses the importance of people speaking their minds, but with that freedom also comes responsibility. What I’m sick and tired of is the hypocrisy of these posers as they sit in their offices at respected institutions in this country while vomiting all over the culture that gives them lives worth living.

Cloud doesn’t even really need to move to Kabul to be intellectually honest. The least she should be doing is teaching at a community college. But of course, they don’t pay as much, and well, it doesn’t hold as much caché. The Peace Corps is another legitimate way to change the world. Oh, but that’s just not possible. Why? Cloud’s biography describes a lifestyle that just wouldn’t fit with hanging out with all those oppressed peoples, "Dana Cloud lives in Austin with her daughter…who enjoys reading, soccer, and playing the guitar. In her spare time, Professor Cloud enjoys dancing, playing flute in an informal chamber music group."

I will remind Cloud that it is that ‘scrap of cloth’ she finds disgusting that has created a nation that allows her daughter to enjoy the life she leads, with a future limited only by her imagination. It is a scrap of cloth which people have died for since our inception solely to allow Cloud to dance and play her flute. Perhaps Professor Cloud should also meet with the countless family members of victims of September 11 before she embraces the murderous Islamist throngs for which she seems to have such affection.

I’ve had enough of the absurdity of the Academic Elite in this country condemning this nation and giving comfort to the enemy while sucking the life blood out of our young people as they indoctrinate generation after generation with lies so they, too, will hate this country. Do her students ask, since she has pledged allegiance to the people of Iraq, what she is doing in Austin, Texas? Cloud condemns corporate greed, and yet she has no problem taking a salary from UT, which proudly states that corporations are a significant funding source.

Cloud complains "The original pledge does not include or represent us godless radicals." Godless yes, but radical? I don’t think so. People like Dana Cloud are nothing more than hypocritical cowards with a romantic view of themselves.

Considering her tally on the hypocrisy scorecard, I think it’s safe to say Cloud’s mornings are consumed with making sure her daughter has the right soccer sneakers and whether or not to get a tall, half-caf nonfat latté or cappuccino. This, before a day probably focused on getting published so she can achieve tenure, getting a manicure, and making more money so she can get that filler she needs for her Filofax, while struggling with whether to take the Pilates or yoga class. No, professor Cloud, you’re not a radical; all you are is an ungrateful fraud.

Let me say this clearly and with no hesitation-for the benefit of cowards like Cloud and other frauds of the Academic Elite-you have every right to hate this country and we have every right to suggest you leave. You have every right to pledge allegiance to the people who would just as soon shoot your daughter in the head as look at her-and we have every right to condemn your depravity. You have every right to be a hypocrite and we have every right to point it out to you.

In her harangue, Cloud asserts that the backlash against the ruling of "under God" in the pledge reveals how "thin" our democracy is. Here’s a newsflash for Cloud and every other godless socialist dolt out there-being democratic does not require playing dead. Quite the opposite, in fact. In 1941 the Japanese awakened a giant. So, too, have the Islamists.

Whether you be patriot or not, honesty, commitment, passion and loyalty are all this great country, rightly, asks of her people. America offers unconditional love for the genuine and brave-whatever you may believe. For those of you who share Cloud’s revulsion for this country and are unable to reconcile what you say with the life you lead, it’s time to introduce courage into your existence. Either admit you’re a hypocrite, or act on your beliefs. If the latter is your choice, I hear Pakistan is quite exciting. Have a nice trip.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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