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An Open Letter to Concerned Americans By: Islamic Supreme Council of America
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, July 11, 2002

Dear Colleague,

A high-level delegation from the Saudi-sponsored Muslim World League is visiting the US ostensibly to convince the American public that the Saudi brand of Islam is "peaceful" and the acts of a few extremists do not represent the religion. The tour includes visits to Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Kansas City.

The delegation includes Dr. Abdullah Turki, Secretary General of Muslim World League, Dr. Muzzammil Siddiqui, former President of Islamic Society North America, and Sheikh Limu of Nigeria. The Muslim Worl d League was founded by the government of Saudi Arabia, from which it continues to receive generous financial support. The Virginia offices of the League were among those raided by the US Treasury Department back in March 2002 for their alleged relationship to terrorist funding.

One observer noted, "They [Muslim World League] tried to convince us that they represent the mainstream Muslim community. They stressed that the extremists act as individuals. They feel they are somehow responsible for 9/11 because 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens." Another commented that, "The actual purpose of their visit seems to be improving US-Saudi relations. They try to avoid saying the word 'Wahhabis' as if this extremist sect in Islam does not even exist." One member of the delegation was privately asked about the problem of Wahhabi extremism in the West and throughout the Muslim world. The delegate dodged the question by denying the sect's very existence even though it is the declared state religion of Saudi Arabia.

The stated mission of the delegation to promote a pacifist Islam is even more puzzling given its inclusion of Muzzammil Siddiqui who, in 2000, proclaimed in front of the White House that God's wrath would come on America. Muzzamil Siddiqui is both a functionary of the Muslim World League and a major player in the American Muslim leadership, pointedly illustrating the thinly veiled Saudi influence on Islam in America.

The Muslim World League did not come to ask the opinions of America's Muslims; rather they came as patrons of an official party line. The fact that the major leaders of America's mosques happily and willingly submit to this foreign-imposed hierarchy is a compelling testimony to the powerful and pervasive (some would say pernicious) influence of the Muslim World League in dictating policy to the Muslims of America and indeed the world.

The top-down perspective of the Muslim World League was revealed in a "question and answer" session in which the MWL delegation s ought to guide the plebian Muslims of America to the right path. A moderate imam invited to one of the meetings proposed to the delegation, "We need to teach in America the classical Islam from the different schools of thought."

Abdullah Turki, Secretary General knowingly answered:

"Don't worry, we have a program by which the Muslim World League will pay for your imams to be trained in Mecca and then sent back to America to teach Americans what Islam is really about. Also, we will publish Islamic literature and send it free to your mosques.

Do not ask too much of the Muslim World League because we are covering the whole world and you are but a small part of the global community. However, your needs are little because you are one of the richest Muslim communities in the world. What we can do is train your imams and send literature, which will be paid by the Muslim World League."

The Muslim World League seemed to spare no expense for this trip, flying the delegation in a private j et and staying at luxury hotels. An anonymous member of the delegation said, "If I could get 1% of what has been spent on this trip I could solve many problems in my community."

Despite changing into sheepskins, the Wahhabi wolves are up to their old tricks. They dictate the Wahhabi paradigm to the world's Muslims through bribery, intimidation, and massive propaganda efforts. They still try and fool the non-Muslims by going through the motions of interfaith activity and outreach. Pre-9/11 Wahhabis cursed Jews, Christians, as well as traditional Muslims who disagreed with the Wahhabi sect's extremism. Before 9/11 they vociferously condemned any Muslim who would meet with non-Muslims in such forums, but now they play along as if they were never any different. It is alarming to hear that the Muslim World League delegation reportedly even met with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Today's politically correct post-9/11 Wahhabis have realized the political expediency - nay necessity - of appearing to be moderate. Yet when pressed to encompass all four schools of traditional Islam, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League merely regurgitated the familiar mantra: just turn your empty brains over to us and we'll fill them up with our correct version of Islam (i.e. Wahhabism). This same "version" of Islam has been the incipient ideology of countless Islamists, fundamentalists, extremists, and in some cases terrorists.

The delegation's half-hearted post-9/11 whitewash will never undo the years of Wahhabi propaganda they have shamelessly promoted while viciously suppressing peaceful, traditional Islam. The broad corpus of Islamic tradition has been whittled down by the Wahhabi movement into an unrecognizable politicized ideology devoid of peace, love, and tolerance.

There has never been a Sufi suicide bomber, yet the Muslim World League still resists embracing traditional Islam in its entirety, including Islamic spirituality, known as Sufism. To continue imposing the Wahhab i sect on the world shows that the Muslim World League has not learned its lesson from 9/11.

The real solution is not to perfume rotten fruit, but to throw it away. Traditional Islam will furnish the ripe fruits of peace and tolerance, which are desperately required today. American Muslims can no longer afford to gloss over their rich religious inheritance in favor of ignorance or material benefit. The Wahhabi deluge on America was briefly quieted by 9/11, but allowing it to continue even in this sanitized form, is to invite disaster once again.

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