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Israel And World Opinion By: Allan Wall
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, May 03, 2002

DID I miss something?

Was I in outer space when the six billion inhabitants of Planet Earth voted on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, in favor of Yasser Arafat?

The way Kofi Annan describes it, that must have been the case. The UN Secretary General, who apparently believes he speaks for the entire human race, mockingly asks, "Is it possible that Israel is right and the whole world is wrong?"

What is "world opinion" anyway?

Think back to your high school days. Who decided who and what was cool, who and what was not, who and what was in, who and what was out? The "cool people" did, and those who didn’t agree were on the outs.

On the world stage, who are the "cool people" who have decided that "the world community" is against Israel? The United Nations, of course, an organization obsessed with the Israeli-Arab dispute. The European Union, which is threatening sanctions against Israel. The Nobel Peace Prize committee, members of which have expressed their regret that Israeli Shimon Peres has a peace prize, but not that Palestinian terrorist-in-chief Arafat has one. The World Medical Association, which is considering expelling the Israeli delegation. Etc., etc.

Then you have the international media, which present the Israelis as the heavies, despite the fact that reporters are allowed freedom in Israel they are denied in other Middle Eastern states. As a result, all kinds of horrible things take place in the Middle East outside of Israel, and the "world community" scarcely bats an eyelash.

What about, for example, the terrible conflict in the Sudan, where two million people have been slain in the past seventeen years? Shouldn’t that war rate more attention in the world media?

You would think so. But many folks couldn’t find Sudan on a map, much less know about it, and the news media don’t seem interested. Consequently the sufferings of black Sudanese under their Islamic government are not as trendy as the often self-inflicted sufferings of the Palestinians.

What about the ongoing butchery in Algeria, which seldom makes the headlines? Or the statelessness of the Kurds? The "world community" just doesn’t seem too interested. Sorry.

Is Israel under fire because it is an "occupying power"? Just north of Israel, Syria is occupying and dominating Lebanon. Why isn’t that an issue for the "world community?"

Black slavery is still practiced in Mauritania and Sudan. Where’s the outrage? Where is the "conscience" of the "world".

Is Israel at fault for quashing the legitimate national aspirations of the Palestinian people?

Get real – the rest of the Middle East is ruled by governments which deny basic human and democratic rights. Our ally and oil supplier Saudi Arabia, is a totalitarian state which prohibits religious freedom for all but Muslims.

The elitists who run the European Union make a great show of bashing Israel in the name of human rights while they have no qualms whatsoever about propping up petro-dictatorships like Iran and Iraq.

The United Nations, an international hotbed of hypocrisy, has been anti-Israel since 1975. In that year, Third Reich Veteran Kurt Waldheim presided over the "Zionism is Racism" declaration. The UN Security Council, the General Assembly and the UN "Human Rights Commission" are always ready to make declarations against Israel. Even UNESCO, supposedly interested only in education, science and culture, feels the need to bash Israel. UNESCO issued a declaration accusing Israel of attacking Palestinian cultural centers and holy sites, while ignoring the systematic destruction of ancient Jewish temple remains by Palestinian Muslims .

The "United Nations" is anti-Israel.

The gross hypocrisy of "world opinion" is further proven by its constant courting of Yasser Arafat. The way Arafat is coddled gives him no incentive to work for peace. Why should he? The more the violence increases, the more influence he has.

Where was the outrage of the "international community" over the Arafat clique’s blatant disregard for the terms of the much-ballyhooed Oslo Accords? What about the frank comments supporting the phased conquest of all of Israel/Palestine? Palestinian schoolchildren are educated with maps that show Palestine and not Israel, and geography lessons which exclude the Jews from the population statistics of Israel/Palestine. Where is "world opinion" on these matters?

The "international community" winked at the massive arming, prohibited under Oslo, of Arafat’s "police force". Now he is armed to the teeth yet remains the darling of European "peace activists".

Even Arafat’s treatment of the Palestinian people he purports to fight for, his corruption and suppression of dissent, is mostly ignored by the "world". No big surprise there. The very same "world community" gives a pass to all Middle Eastern Arab leaders who oppress ordinary powerless Arabs.

What exactly did the "international community" expect the Israeli government to do under a constant barrage of terrorist attacks? Remember that at Camp David, the state of Israel offered Arafat almost everything he supposedly wanted --only to see it refused and followed up by the bloodiest Palestinian uprising yet. It makes the old pre-Oslo intifada – which provoked the Oslo agreement – seem tame by comparison.

Would a Palestinian state under the leadership of Arafat solve anything? Or would it just push Israel from the frying pan into the fire?

"World opinion" is a hypocritical farce and a dangerous deception. Israel – and the United States – should be under no illusions on that score.

Allan Wall (allan39@provalue.net) recently returned to the U.S. after having resided many years in Mexico.

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