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Civil Rights for Me, Not for Thee By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Sunday, July 14, 2002

Julian Bond, Chariman of the NAACP, delivered his annual anti-conservative, anti-Republican invective at his organization's convention last week. Bond criticized the Bush administration with the usual trite remarks. He spouted the usual "Ashcroft is crucifying us" and denying civil rights to Americans canard. Bond tried to intellectually connect the dots between Bush, Ashcroft, and the KKK.

Bond’s diatribe illustrated that the NAACP is nothing more than a Democratic Party organization. His virulent and unwarranted criticisms of President Bush and his administration and his implication of racism are nothing more than the marching orders he received from his Democratic Party bosses.

Bond’s statements were the epitome of sophistry. His intended audience undoubtedly received the speech uncritically, but on closer inspection it contained many unintended ironies that would be fodder for a Saturday Night Live skit if not for the sacred status of the NAACP.

Julian Bond criticized conservative African-Americans because of their opposition to affirmative action. The irony is that a Republican president implemented affirmative action. I wonder how many NAACP members want to be mentioned in the same sentence as President Nixon?

Even more ironic is a comparison of the rhetoric of the speech with the reality of the NAACP itself, as reflected in a survey conducted by the NAACP of its membership. Julian Bond specifically mentioned that the survey was very enlightening. Indeed it was, and not only in the way he intended.

For example, 60% of the NAACP members are women. Yet, there has been only one chairwoman of the NAACP — and that was just recently. Maybe the NAACP should practice what it preaches. Maybe they ought to start an affirmative action plan of their own. Maybe the Civil Rights Division of Ashcroft’s Justice Department should investigate the hiring practices of the NAACP. How ironic would that be?

Julian Bond’s casuistry — and his partisan perspective — were evident in his hackneyed condemnations of Ashcroft’s policies. Bond spoke of Ashcroft’s violations of civil rights. He said that there is a "right-wing conspiracy that is operating out of the United Sates Department of Justice."

How ironic it is that Julian is so concerned about John Ashcroft's supposed civil rights violations when within weeks of Janet Reno being appointed Attorney General, nearly a hundred American citizens were incinerated by her. No due process, no sentencing review, no attorneys, — they were not even charged with a capital crime.

Conversely, no Americans have been killed by federal law enforcement since Ashcroft has been Attorney General. Yet, Julian speaks of racial profiling, civil rights violations, and conspiracies by John Ashcroft. Does Bond consider Waco trivial because the people involved were white?

What about the taking by the INS, at gunpoint, of Elian Gonzalez? Does Mr. Bond believe that Cuban-Americans are not permitted the same civil rights as NAACP members?

Bond said that white males are the most apt to be terrorists in the United States and they are not profiled. Has Julian Bond never heard of Waco? Of Ruby Ridge?

How ignorant could he be?

Bond spoke of the "now discredited" practice of profiling. Profiling has certainly been maligned and villified in the media, but discredited?

This is a quote from the Associated Press, dated July 7, the very same day Julian Bond was uttering his invective:

"When I saw a Middle Eastern man driving a heavily loaded pickup towards Limerick [nuclear power plant] I became a little suspicious," Unterkoefler said.

The person quoted is Kurt E. Unterkoefler, a cop from Exeter Pennsylvania. Because of Unterkoefler, an Afghan illegal alien, wanted since 1997, was arrested. He was transporting material towards a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania-material that could potentially be used for detonation devices.

I would suggest that profiling saved hundreds perhaps thousands of lives. He was, after all, driving towards a nuclear power plant, about forty miles from Philadelphia, in a metropolitan area of four million people.

Another example of the "now discredited" practice of racial profiling was in December 14, 1999. An alert Customs Inspector investigated an Algerian national, crossing the border from Canada. The inspector thought the Algerian looked suspicious. She did not notice any violations. He spoke with an accent, he was Middle Eastern in appearance, and he was apprehensive. Inspector Dean’s "profiling" may have saved thousands of lives as well. Dean’s investigation revealed the Algerian was transporting material for manufacturing explosives.

It seems we need more such profiling Mr. Bond. It seems Mr. Bond that if there is any gratuitous profiling, any bigoted profiling it is being committed by you.

The Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse believed that white people in America should not have the same civil rights as minorities. He believed that equal rights for all Americans would only perpetuate the white hegemony. This is a philosophy espoused by college administrators across the United States as documented by academicians and lawyers such as Alan Kors and Harvey Silverglate.

It seems that this hypocrisy is part and parcel of Julian Bond, the NAACP and racial partisans like them. Apparently, Julian Bond and the NAACP believe civil rights are only for those who share their ideology.

Conservatives need not apply.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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