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The Doctor Is In By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, July 17, 2002

There are many defining moments in one’s life. Most of us consider those moments to be quite dramatic—a birth, a death, or a marriage. It is the more subtle events that also change us. For me, it was an unexpected phone call which introduced me to the world of integrity and principle. It was a call from Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who, by example, showed me how principle and integrity can be driving force in what one does. In all my years in the feminist movement, that was a lesson never taught.

I became friends with Dr. Laura under very unusual circumstances. In 1995, I was president of Los Angeles NOW and doing a great deal of work on domestic violence during and in the aftermath of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. It was then Patricia Ireland and National NOW called me ‘racially insensitive’ because I wasn’t focusing enough on the supposed racial issues involved with the case. How ironic that the feminist organization I represented was upset that I was focusing on the feminist issue!

The day NOW’s public assault began, the very first telephone call I received at home that morning was from Dr. Laura. I was shocked. What did Dr. Laura have to say to this lesbian feminist? She told me she was sorry NOW had attacked me. She encouraged me to continue my work. She said, despite our differences, she admired my work and my commitment to the issues. She told me to not let the public attacks affect my belief in myself or affect my principles. She asked for nothing. She did not gloat. Dr. Laura had called to encourage me and support me because she admired my principles.

All too often, in order the further social change, we have to focus on what’s gone wrong. Last week’s column did just that. I detailed for you how hypocrisy has invaded not just the Academic Elite this country but how damaging it is to all of our lives. Now it’s time to shine a big bright light on something that’s right—the fact that there are some people who actually have principles and live by them. That’s Dr. Laura.

Do I agree with everything Dr. Laura stands for? No, I don’t. And Dr. Laura certainly does not agree with all of my positions. My beef last week with the loopy professor Cloud was not her anti-America attitude (even though I despise the idea) it was the fact that she benefits from the very system she condemns. Yes, it is the hypocrisy I loathe. Funny enough, a friend of mine who did not like my tone in that column challenged me by saying that by focusing on hypocrisy I wasn’t dealing with the "issues"! For me, the hypocrisy of the powerful is the issue! What we do matters as much (if not even more) than what we say.

Unfortunately, our society frowns on people who stand on principle. Our culture, designed by the vapid and morally bankrupt Left, actually lauds and supports people who are corrupt and hypocritical. Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson still enjoy unparalleled success. Why? Because they uphold the corrupt status quo. They are the problem. They are the lifeblood of a system that condemns honesty and integrity allowing the dishonest and hypocritical to thrive.

Dr. Laura, on the other hand, is a woman who faces our corrupt culture head on. She knows what it’s like to butt heads with the Thought Police, and especially the Gay Gestapo. She is a woman who came under attack for voicing her opinion, and then dared to weather the assault. Her integrity withstood, and now outlasts, those who were threatened by her example.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) the gay group that attacked Dr. Laura for speaking her mind, has suffered for their mindless and self-obsessed assault. Gay media outlets, newspapers and magazines have finally begun to question and condemn the attacks on Dr. Laura as absurd, and yes, hypocritical.

More and more gay individuals are questioning the motives of GLAAD, which has recently shut down three of its regional offices. Many successful and wealthy gays in Los Angeles I know have opted to stop their support of GLAAD and are once again readily admitting that they, too, like Dr. Laura. They are refusing to be bullied into pretending otherwise by the hypocritical minority of the Gay Elite.

Ultimately, Dr. Laura will shine for all of us as one of our more important examples of how grace, principle and doing what is right prevails when faced with others who do not have our best interest in mind. Once again, we can decide what we are willing to accept, what is important to us, and we can enjoy the fact that we still have role models like her to support and appreciate.

I urge you to remember—while it is vitally important to voice our opinions about what is wrong in our culture (and I’ll be doing plenty of that!), it is as important to support those who stand up to the Goose-stepping troops of the Left. I, for one, reject the Gay Gestapo and am proud to call Dr. Laura my friend. In this era of moral relativism, double-standards and hypocrisy, it is time to recognize that woman as one of our cultural heroes.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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