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American Tragedy as Spin By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, August 06, 2002

As we approach the year anniversary of our American tragedy of September 11, a new investigative report exposes exactly how the Clinton administration did nothing about al-Qaeda for years. It even reveals how Clinton cynically ruled out action against the terrorist Islamist bin Laden for political reasons.

But that’s not the headline you’re being fed this week by Time magazine. No, the spin you’re getting from Time is — get this — the Clinton administration had a plan to boot al Qaeda and bin Laden, handed it over to the incoming Bush administration, which then dropped the ball causing thousands of deaths. Yes, it’s all Dubya’s fault.

The gift that Clinton and his cronies have of being blissfully unable to see beyond themselves exposes how truly morally corrupt they all are. This article, although infuriatingly insulting to every American, exposes the corruption of people who once again want to get their grubby little hands on the White House. They believe this will work because you won’t notice, or because you’re corrupt like them and don’t care. It’s time they learned we’re better people than they.

In order for you to forget about 9-11 being a result of Bill Clinton’s incompetence, the Democratic Party Elite need you to go into a state of suspended disbelief. With help from Time, and their other Left Elite media minions, the Clintons are sure they can make the truth false, the sky green, turn cats into dogs, and make Clinton’s massive terrorism fiasco George W’s failure.

This kind of blatant bias and spin would be laughable if it wasn’t anchored in the deaths of close to 3,000 Americans. One thing about groupthink, however, in which the Time reporters seem to be well immersed, is that the truth is usually right out in the open. It is missed simply because it is such a stranger to them. Here’s one excerpt about the real story from the article itself:

Berger was determined that when he left office, Rice should have a full understanding of the terrorist threat. In a sense, this was an admission of failure. For the Clinton years had been marked by a drumbeat of terror attacks against American targets, and they didn't seem to be stopping.
Is it possible to be any more patronizing? I think it’s safe to say that Condi Rice, of all people, had an ‘understanding’ of what the terrorist threat was, as did most Americans. From the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to the 2000 attack on the U.S.S. Cole, bin Laden had literally declared war on America. What was Bill Clinton doing? Instead of focusing on capturing a man who was a mass murderer of Americans, we had a president who spent his hours chasing down an intern and who knows who else. Bill Clinton’s sexual compulsion took priority over life itself for close to 3,000 Americans.


Elsewhere in this article is this little gem:

After the U.S.S. Cole was bombed, the secretive Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, N.C., drew up plans to have Delta Force members swoop into Afghanistan and grab bin Laden. But the warriors were never given the go-ahead; the Clinton Administration did not order an American retaliation for the attack.
17 young men and women died in that terrorist attack. With this excerpt Time magazine reveals Clinton actually stopped a planned retaliation. That is the story. It does not require spin. It is not one of bias. It is simply the truth. Clinton’s inaction after the Cole was probably viewed by bin Laden as American weakness, giving him more aid, comfort and confidence as he planned his mass murder for September 11, 2001. Even when their own reporting reveals this depth of Clinton’s culpability, Time chose to blame the nine month old Bush administration for the Islamist attack on our soil. How dare they.


Even more appalling, Time reports Clinton also chose not to strike al-Qaeda because, as a Clinton staffer put it, "If we had done anything, say, two weeks before the election…we'd be accused of helping Al Gore." Clinton condemned Americans because of politics. That, too is to the story. It seems, however, that Time doesn’t think you’ll notice that particular dancing elephant because they have not deigned that to be the spin.

We heard months ago, after 9-11, how Bill Clinton had gathered his party faithful in his Harlem offices to discuss a new PR battle plan to restore his so-called legacy. He didn’t need to do that. The tragedy that visited this nation on September 11 is his legacy. The sick thing is he knows this. The Clintons, their cohorts and cronies, if they had healthy consciences, should be emotionally crippled by having to face their responsibility for the deaths of so many Americans at the morally diseased hand of bin Laden. Instead, their depravity compels them to blame others, point the finger and try to politically capitalize on our great nation’s tragedy.

I do believe Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most dangerous people in this country because they represent how hideous we can become. They strive to appeal to our greed, our selfishness, and our indecency. They hope we, like they, will allow the ugly side of ourselves to consume all that is right and good. It happened to them so, they must reason, they can make it happen to us.

The next election as well as 2004’s can and must be an undeniable denunciation of the party that elevates leaders like Clinton, Kennedy and Condit creating sexually harassed and dead interns, drowned women, marital infidelity, staffers driven to suicide and murdered Americans en masse. It’s time we took this country back from those who care only for themselves, and show both Bill and Hillary Clinton that their kind are better suited for carnival sideshows and not in the hallowed halls of this nation. We deserve better and we had better act on it.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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