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"Fox Contigo" and American Citizenship By: Allan Wall
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, August 19, 2002

Some of our most patriotic citizens are American citizens of Mexican ancestry. But will the present waves of Mexican immigrants continue to assimilate and become Americans? Not if Vicente Fox, president of Mexico, has anything to do with it. The Fox administration is engaged in an all-out effort to win the hearts and minds of all American citizens of Mexican ancestry and to ensure that new immigrants, even if they become American citizens, remain loyal to Mexico.

A part of this strategy is the establishment of the National Council for Mexican Communities Abroad. ('Abroad' means the United States, since there are statistically very few Mexicans in any other countries). The Council replaces the previously-existing Office for Mexicans Abroad, which was phased out due to a turf struggle in the Fox cabinet. But the goals are the same.

In view of the fact that Vicente Fox is pressuring the U.S. to grant an amnesty to Mexican illegal aliens and to increase the amount of visas for Mexicans, his views on the assimilation and loyalties of Mexican immigrants are of the utmost importance, and more attention should be paid to them. Maybe when Fox visits the U.S. later this month, some intrepid journalist could ask him about it, rather than fawning over the presidente’s cowboy boots.

Vicente Fox has a weekly radio program, called “Fox Contigo” (Fox With You), and on Saturday, August 10th, 2002, the topic was Mexicans in the United States, by which he refers to both Mexican citizens in the U.S. and American citizens of Mexican ancestry. Don’t take my word for it. Read the words of Fox himself:

"The theme which we will discuss today is that of our fellow Mexicans...particularly those in the United States. Presently our communities abroad are comprised of over 20 million persons of Mexican origin that span four generations....our job is to attend, serve and contribute to the protection and promotion of each one of them. We want to be close to you." ("Fox Contigo" is now broadcast into the U.S. as well).

According to an official CONAPO (National Population Council) report, as of 2000, there were approximately 8.5 million Mexican-born persons residing in the United States. The report continues, "If Americans of Mexican origin are added to the total population of Mexican-born residents of the United States, it is possible to affirm that in the United States there are 23 million persons with close blood ties to our country." (The figure is variously expressed by Mexican officials as somewhere between 20-23 million, but the idea is the same.) As part of his broadcast, Fox interviewed an American citizen of Mexican ancestry, but this was no ordinary Mexican-American. She is the Honorable Teresa Sanchez-Gordon, a judge of the Superior Court of California, the County of Los Angeles.

Should we not expect that a judge of the Superior Court of California, regardless of ethnic origin, would think of herself as an American representative of the U.S. legal system for all Americans? Funny, but that concept was never expressed in her interview with Fox. Judge Sanchez-Gordon, who is associated with Fox’s new Council, told Vicente Fox, president of a foreign country that, "...we are entering into a new era, with an emphasis on improving the interests of...22 million Mexicans abroad.. I believe with your leadership...this is going to be historic and will have great benefits for Mexicans abroad."

Interesting, her Honor speaks to Mr. Fox as if he were her president, and not the president of a foreign country. She describes Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in her own country as “Mexicans abroad”. Then her honor explains how she plans to use her judicial position to further the interests of the Fox administration: "...as a judge, my interest and focus is in the judicial area, and I expect that the focus of this Council (see above) will also be in the same area. For me it is very important that the judicial branch here in California improves — particularly because there are so many Mexicans in the state of California. It is important that those who judge Mexicans improve, that judges are educated over the culture, the psychology, the sensitivity of Mexicans, and thus they can better understand the dynamics of our people in California."

"Our people"? Aren’t her people the citizens of the United States? Well, she never says that. She does state however, that, "Thus I believe that in the judicial branch, with the Government of Mexico, the Mexican Foreign Relations Ministry, with the programs that are being offered, that we are included, because we as judges play a very, very large part in the life of Mexicans here in California."

Notice that her honor promises, to work together,as a U.S. judge, with a foreign government for the "Mexicans in California."

Another American of Mexican ancestry interviewed by Fox was Luis de la Garza, head of the Panamerican Spanish Network. Mr. de la Garza told Fox that "We millions of Mexicans who live abroad...our hearts are still in Mexico....We need to work together, Mr. President, and we need to do it for the good of Mexico."

No doubt about it, Vicente Fox is is claiming jurisdiction over all Americans of Mexican ancestry, and attempting to use them as a political tool of the Mexican government. Not only is this a grave insult to millions of patriotic Americans of Mexican ancestry, it is also a threat to the unity of the United States. Especially when we consider that the United States is on verge of negotiating a migration accord with Mexico which would increase the amount of Mexican immigrants. We can easily suppose that newer waves of Mexican immigrants will be more susceptible to this kind of thing.

But should the American people allow it? Or is future immigration and citizenship policy in the hands of the Fox administration and its American collaborators?

Allan Wall (allan39@provalue.net) recently returned to the U.S. after having resided many years in Mexico.

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