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Hezbollah Is for Lovers? By: Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, October 05, 2006

When Israeli troops entered Southern Lebanon this past July, in response to the abductions of two IDF soldiers, a problem arose as to whom the target was.  Media outlets repeated the notion that the Hezbollah fighters were hiding within civilian neighborhoods, using the populace as ‘human shields.’  Few conceded that the problem was much worse, that the neighborhoods themselves were Hezbollah, comprised of an interconnected support network of Hezbollah families.  This article is about one such family – a young couple and their newborn son.  It’s a terrorist love story.  However, the characters in this story are not living in Lebanon.  No, they are living right here, in the United States.

Majeda is a 24-year-old female Shiite Muslim, who blogs (publishes one’s thoughts or comments chronologically) on a website that goes by the same name as hers.  Born in Lebanon, Majeda left for Canada at an early age in 1988.  Today, she lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Yusef Amin, and her 9-month-old son.


Blogging has become a big part of Majeda’s life.  In January of 2004, she became a member of the AhlulBayt Discussion Forum on ShiaChat.com, which she currently is still a part of.  The forum holds discussions on such matters as where one can purchase Hezbollah flags and how people who describe themselves as Jews are not really Jews.  It is on this blog that Majeda first proclaimed to the world her support for Hezbollah.  In a blog entry she started, on March 29, 2004, lauding the deceased founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, she stated, “I'm a supporter of Hizbullah, and all islamic jihad movements that adhere to Islamic laws and regulations when they are engaged in jihad…”


Less than a month later, on April 17, 2004, Majeda would discuss her devotion to Hezbollah’s leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.  She wrote, “They wouldn’t dare touch Nasra’Allah… but if they do, it’s ON… and if they do, it’d be a great loss to the Islamic Ummah, but the man will surely be granted paradise through such a martyrdom… May Allah grant him a long life, and make him among the Mahdi’s soldiers… I would LOVE to be led by Nasra’Allah, while among the Mahdi’s army insha’Allah.”


In May of 2005, Majeda launched her own blog, “Majeda,” on the Xanga Weblog Community.  On the site, she describes why she took this initiative.  She states, “I basically joined this site because I'm at UCF's [University of Central Florida’s] library waiting for my husband to finish working out, and I've finished all I need to do on the internet.  So, I decided to join Xanga since he's on it and thinks it's so cool.”


The insignia that Majeda has chosen for her site is a green and yellow sign consisting of the Hezbollah logo hovering over the words, “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.”  On her blog, she has inserted directives from Hassan Nasrallah.  In her entry entitled ‘Fight with the Hizb,’ she posted, “Following the on-going agression by the Zionist Regime against both the Palestinians as well as against the Lebonese, the Secretary General of Hizbullah, has made a request to all the lovers of Truth to recite the following supplication - Dua Jawshan as-Sagheer.  This request was made on Monday, July 24, 2006, and should be considered an on-going request.”  Under this, she provided a link to a web page containing a Hezbollah poster of “martyrs” flying over their graves.


In June of 2005, Majeda made a blog entry commemorating the anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini, the man that was responsible for the revolt against the America-friendly Shah of Iran and who condoned the taking of U.S. hostages by his fanatical supporters in November of 1979.  This makes sense, as Majeda, in the past, has referred to the United States as “the devil.”  She stated, “Yes, AmeriKKKa is the devil…”


Majeda’s latest entry contains images of Hezbollah t-shirts that she sold, along with music CDs, at ‘Conference 2006’ of the Muslim Congress, an organization located in Houston, Texas whose website includes a children’s section containing a video of an anti-Jewish libel entitled ‘The Wrath’ and an explanation of the term “jihad” accompanied by an animation of swords fighting whilst dripping with blood.  One of the featured speakers at the conference was Mohammad Al-Asi, a radical Imam linked to Hezbollah, who, during a 1990 event sponsored by Sami Al-Arian’s Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP), called on Muslims to create a “war front for the Americans in the Muslim world.”


Written across the front of the t-shirts are the words, “MOST SURELY THE PARTY OF G-D [Hezbollah] SHALL BE VICTORIOUS.”  The back of the shirt depicts Hassan Nasrallah’s raised fist superimposed over the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  Majeda is still soliciting funds for the shirts and CDs, on her website and elsewhere.


Majeda claims that all the proceeds of the sales will be given to a Shiite mosque, the Madinatul Ilm Islamic Center, located in Tampa, Florida, where she says she will be moving to once her husband “finishes with school.”  The spiritual leader of Madinatul Ilm is Sheikh Mohammed Baig.  On February 6, 2006, in the course of his speech, entitled Jihad of the Sword’ – which is found on the center’s website – he spoke of the greatness of committing suicide in the cause of Allah.  He stated:


“Above every good deed is another good deed, until one is killed in the way of Allah, until one gives his life in the way of Allah.  Then above this, above this sacrifice, there is no other greater deed.  This is an encouragement for us that we, in order to practice Islam, in order to obey Allah, that we must be so strong that we are willing to sacrifice our own life for Allah’s cause.  And Allah is encouraging us to know that there is no other greater deed that you can do than to sacrifice your life for Allah’s sake.”


This idea of embracing death as a means of religious devotion is echoed by many radical Islamic scholars.  Majeda, as well, has little regard for life, including that of her son’s.  On July 6, 2006, she issued the comment, “I am excited because I know that we are being weeded out… those ready to die in the service of Allah are being separated from those willing to kill in the service of the NOW... insha'Allah, this ‘show and prove’ of those who will die in the way of Allah will show our Imam (aj) that we are ready to put ourselves, our children and all that we have in front of him when he is ready to fight unrighteousness...”  Not to be outdone by his wife, that same month, on July 27, 2006, Majeda’s husband wrote the following comment on her blog, “Insha Allah we have one of the two victories – Victory on the battlefield, or Martyrdom.  Allahu Akbar!!”


Yusef Amin, the 25-year-old husband of Majeda, is a Brooklyn-born convert to Islam.  According to his wife, he is half Panamanian and half Jamaican.  As stated previously, Amin has his own blog on Xanga.  The title of his blog is “deep_en_thought.”  When going onto his site, one sees that his insignia, like his wife’s, is also that of the logo of Hezbollah, just a different color scheme (gold and black).  When going on the site, one is also treated to a somber Islamic chant.  Until recently, the chant was the same one found on a video from Al-Manar TV, Hezbollah’s media center, entitled ‘The Supplication for the People of the Frontier,’ about soldiers going off to fight in jihad.


On Amin’s blog, there are pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini, Sheikh Nasrallah, and the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”  There is also a Hezbollah poster commemorating Ashura, the day Shiite Muslims hit themselves repeatedly over their heads with swords and knives.  The poster reads, “Ashura, When the Blood of Martyrs triumphed over the Sword of Aggressors.”


In addition, Amin put up pictures on his blog of President George W. Bush with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Under the images, he placed the often heard quote from the Quran, “Oh you who believe!  Do not take the Jews and Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors of one another.  And he amongst you that turns to them for friendship is one of them.  Verily Allah guides not a people unjust. (5:51)” About this blog submission, someone posted the following comment: “Asalaamulikum.  Very nice entry and very nice pics, both of them are Traitors of the world!!!”  Amin offered no response.


Both Amin and his wife Majeda are members of a number of blogrings (groups of bloggers), including one for the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of UCF.  A few of the bloggers in Amin and Majeda’s blogrings are:


  • Charles2005, who sports a green and white Hezbollah insignia for his site.  On August 17, 2006, he proudly posted a quote from member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts, Ahmad Khatami, who stated:  “This victory was promised in the Koran: ‘The party of Allah must triumph.’ On this occasion, I want to tell Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert that they should learn a lesson from this shameful defeat.  They should not bare their fangs, expose their stings, or make threats against Islamic Iran.  They should learn a lesson from the fact that a single party [Hizbullah] has turned their days into dark nights.  If they decided to display the slightest aggression against Islamic Iran, they should bear in mind that the missiles of the Lebanese Hizbullah, with a range of 70 kilometers, have turned Israel into a ghost-country.  They should fear the day that our missiles, with a range of 2,000 kilometers, land in the heart of Tel Aviv.”
  • Wahajat786, who also sports a Hezbollah insignia – one that includes images of Hezbollah fighters and a tiger – which states, “SHIA SOLDIER TIL’ I DIE.”  Wahajat’s site contains numerous Hezbollah posters and pictures of Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah.  On his July 16, 2006 pro-Hezbollah/Hamas entry, ‘G-d bless the freedom fighters,’ Wahajat stated, “May Allah aid and protect the freedom fighters in lebanon, palestine, and iran against the oppressive powers.  May the nights of the oppressors be devoid of sleep and may they be annihilated where they stand.”
  • Webcrawler2k2, who has a picture of Nasrallah for his blog insignia.  On his site, one will find images of Hezbollah soldiers marching and a bloodied beheaded body lying in the desert with arrows sticking out of it.  On his August 6, 2006 posting, entitled ‘G-d’s Curse be upon the Opressors,’ Webcrawler stated, “G-d has promised victory to the Believers, and that is how it shall end.  It is only devils and those with the devil that think that by killing thousands of civilians, crippling the infrastructure of an entire country, they have achieved success.  No matter how many of us, as in the devil's own words either you are with us or with them, you kill, you shall never be able to dimish [diminish] our spirit. But rather the spirit of the Believers thrives upon death.”

Yusef Amin and Majeda have lives away from blogging.  Yusef plays basketball with his MSA buddies, and Majeda takes care of the baby, who she must be proud of since she plasters her website with pictures of him in a disturbing mix of maternal pride and exhortations to jihad.  Ultimately, their identities have been fashioned by the work they have done with regards to a terrorist organization.  Their baby, on the other hand, has a clean slate, with no identity as of yet, save for his name.  He represents the next generation.  The question is, in the future, will he be allowed to forge his own persona, or will he remain sequestered in a world of hatred, violence and the possibility of Islamist-induced suicide.  Luckily for him, he lives in the United States, a bastion of freedom and opportunity.  But then again, his parents live here too.


In a romantic gesture, on August 3, 2004, Majeda looked to members of ShiaChat for their advice on whether or not she should have Yusef’s engagement ring engraved.  She asked, “Just wondering, how many of you brothers would like it if ur wedding band had an inscription on the inside of it -- an Islamic one… and if so, what would it be?”  In doing this, she had expressed her profound love for her man, which is represented by the ring.  Instead of planning to live happily ever after, though, the two aspire to martyrdom.  If only their love for each other was as strong as their love for Hezbollah.


Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.


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Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch.

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