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Black Cops Who Shoot To Kill By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, September 02, 2002

Ask yourself this — with which names are you more familiar: LaTanya Haggerty, or Amadou Diallo? If you could ask Rather, Brokaw, or Jennings the same question what do you think their reply would be. If you did a Lexis-Nexis search, which name would have the most articles?

Both were black people shot and killed accidentally by cops. The difference is Amadou Diallo was killed by white cops-LaTanya Haggerty was killed by black cops.

The mainstream media never reports on black cop shootings or black cops abusing white suspects or white cops abusing white suspects. The perception among the public — even among purportedly educated intelligent journalists — is that black cops do not shoot suspects. I recall a Philadelphia Inquirer journalist who made that claim on a TV talk show.

The mainstream media template is that white cops shoot and murder black suspects. The shootings of LaTanya Haggerty and Amadou Diallo are indicative of this. Haggerty was a passenger in a car pursued by Chicago cops. According to one account from the March 18, 2000 Chicago Sun-Times:

“Haggerty… was riding with Raymond Smith when partners Williams and Daniels stopped Smith's car…after he double-parked to talk to friends.

Smith suddenly drove off, and the chase paused at 95th and Cottage Grove, where Daniels, Williams and Wilson fired at Smith's Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Daniels told the police board she was standing on the side of the car when she saw a "silvery object" rise slowly as Haggerty talked on a cell phone. Smith already was out of the car and Daniels said she yelled at Haggerty to exit. Daniels said she fired when she saw Haggerty turn toward her. A padlock — the silvery object — was found on the floor.

Daniels and another cop Michael Williams were subsequently fired from the department and Chicago paid Haggerty’s family $18 million. However, the DA’s office stated that there was insufficient evidence to file criminal charges.

Yet, there were no protests, no media reports ad nauseum, no "Nightline" analysis, no MSNBC critique, and no Fox News forum about the Haggerty incident. The incident was not front-page news nationally. There was little or no commentary by national media.

If the cops in the Haggerty shooting were white, there would have been national media reports ad nauseum. There would have been protests, indictments, and a departmental review of procedures for making vehicle investigations. There would be the usual claims of racism and cops.

The Civil Rights-Governmental complex would be criticizing vehicle and pedestrian investigations. They would be on television saying that cops conduct too many vehicle and pedestrian investigations. That such investigations disparately involve minorities and they do not reduce crime. The media accomplices of the Civil Rights-Government Complex would dutifully echo these statements.

These statements would permeate society. Indeed, they will be presented in the classroom to students who will not know the facts. My Graduate Criminal Justice Ethics professor, Dr. Elizabeth Linehan, a nun and Chair of Saint Joseph’s University Philosophy Department, told me that the cops in the Diallo incident were murderers. This is because she is ignorant. She is ignorant because all she knows is what the Civil Rights-Government Complex and their media lackeys want her to know.

Yet, the facts are very different. According to the ACLU’s own website regarding police abuse:

The most detailed analysis of police shootings was produced by James Fyfe, a former police officer who is now a criminologist and expert on police practices. He concluded that the single most important factor determining patterns of shooting is place of assignment.

Fyfe's findings showed that: Black and white officers assigned to similar precincts fired their weapons at essentially the same rate…[as a function of assignment] black officers shoot more often than white officers.

Admittedly, Fyfe’s data is two decades old and it does not specify how many black cops shoot black suspects. Yet, its conclusion is the antithesis of what the mainstream media, liberal politicians and liberal advocacy groups would have you believe.

As is usually the case with the Civil Rights-Governmental Complex, they provide post-hoc fallacies as fact. Their purpose is to create a political issue to exploit. Why the mainstream media does not question their credibility is a function of their own ideological bias or their own gullibility.

The mainstream media needs to be more cognizant of the facts of these incidents or the public more cognizant of the hypocrisy of the media. The mainstream media needs to eliminate their template and convey the facts.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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