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Harvard U: No Republicans or Conservatives and (Few) White Christians Need Apply By: David Horowitz
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, September 05, 2002

The red and blue electoral map shows that this nation is almost evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. But at Harvard a Republican professor is as rare as a unicorn. How can you get a good education, if you're only getting one side of the story?  The obvious answer is you can't. Even for $23,500 a year.

At Harvard -- as in the academic world at large -- the Marxist paradigm that was defeated in the Cold War has been revived in new and more sophisticated forms. In place of the old ruling class, there is now a trinity of race, gender and class oppressors; in addition to class struggle there is race struggle and gender war. As a result of the radical hegemony at Harvard, its president cannot even ask a black professor to refrain from debasing the currency of a Harvard grade without being put up against the race wall and forced to retreat. Failing to do so is apparently a threat to "diversity."

Hut diversity at Harvard obviously does not reflect the diversity of America. It just mirrors the leftwing worldview. In this view white Christians are a demonized group and discriminating against them is "social justice."  White Christians - and I say this as a Jew myself - built Harvard and created America's freedoms. But while white Christians make up 73% of the American population, they are only 17% of the population at Harvard. Like the exclusion of conservatives from Harvard's faculty, this does not happen by accident but by ideological design.

I recently commissioned a survey of the attitudes of Ivy League professors. (Frank Luntz conducted the poll for the Center for the Study of Popular Culture.) The results were interesting if not a surprise. Only 3% of Ivy League professors identified themselves as Republicans, and only 6% as conservatives. Double those figures. Triple them. What they still reveal is a national academic disgrace. Not even Senator McCarthy was able to repress ideas he opposed as effectively as Harvard's hiring committees have suppressed the conservative viewpoints they despise and fear.

Harvard's one-sided curriculum creates social hypocrisy and fuels elitist agendas. According to the Luntz survey, 80% of Ivy League professors would oppose any tax refund from the government surplus. It is hardly surprising that 80% of a faculty with statist views should have this opinion, while 67% of the non-Harvard public hold the opposite view. But the six figure salaries of Harvard's faculty are funded by an $18 billion endowment that is tax-exempt. This means that homeowners in Cambridge and working families in Roxbury are subsidizing Harvard professors with their own hard-earned tax dollars. Is this what Harvard calls Rawlsian justice? Obviously the lack of diversity in viewpoints at Harvard has even had an adverse impact on the quality and integrity of leftist thought.

Now to the point: Last spring I ran an ad in college newspapers opposing reparations for slavery 137 years after the fact. I said reparations were a bad idea and racially divisive. The ad was rejected by 40 college papers and was viciously attacked on the 30 or so campuses where it appeared. Demonstrations were organized, campus papers were stolen, and student editors were denounced for even printing my words.

Harvard is playing a leadership role in the reparations movement. Harvard professors Charles Ogletree and Henry Louis Gates are its leading intellectual lights. Last spring, to stimulate an academic debate on reparations, I wrote an open letter to Professor Gates suggesting that his W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research sponsor a forum. I received no reply. Of course there are no conservative professors at the DuBois Institute who would be available to sponsor an event that would present another side to the issue. So there was no forum on reparations at Harvard last spring. At least none presenting two sides of the case.

This spring I have been invited to speak at Harvard on my new book Uncivil Wars: The Controversy Over Reparations for Slavery. I have not been invited by the DuBois Institute, nor the Harvard administration, nor any department of the Harvard faculty.  That is because decades of ideological cleansing have tilted Harvard so firmly to the left it cannot even think of proposing an alternative side to what has become an issue of radical faith.

I have been invited instead by the usual suspects, the Harvard Republicans. It is our modest attempt to simulate an open society at an institution which has forgotten what an open society is like. All are welcome.

David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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