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Neville Chamberlain's Grandchildren By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 13, 2002

It's time to be honest. In the 1930's it was Europe's responsibility to stop Hitler. His book Mein Kampf provided a blueprint about his plans. European leaders did something worse than doing nothing however-they actively sought ways to avoid war, to avoid confronting the evil among them and chose instead to appease the devil. The most complicit in this was the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.

Now, in 2002, it is our responsibility to stop Saddam Hussein and yet the whining Grandchildren of Chamberlain, now strewn throughout Europe and the world, have felt compelled to demand we not attack Iraq. As though they have some say. As though they have a track record of making good decisions about what to do with madmen. Let's be honest here — no one, especially in Europe, has the moral standing to tell us what to do when faced with war and evil. They lost that right when they accepted hundreds of thousands of American deaths to save their soil from the monsters they refused to stop early on.

In 1938 Chamberlain returned home from his meeting with Hitler and shared his deluded fantasy with the British people, ""...My good friends…a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep."

No one would sleep a quiet sleep for another seven years courtesy of European cowardice, fear, and fantasy. There's a reason why the USA is the sole superpower in the world — it's because we have saved the world twice over in the last century from destroying itself. On two occasions we were drawn into a bloodbath created by Europeans (and Asians), who have had thousands of years to get civilization right and still have a craven need to bow to evil. They stared Hitler in the face, either joined him or did nothing, were getting slaughtered, and were saved by us. We are not who we are today by arrogance or choice — it was fate. We are great simply by the relative weakness and the pathetic condition of the rest of the world, brought on by their own incompetence.

I was particularly amused when Japan and Germany weighed in insisting that attacking Iraq was a bad idea and that they would not support it. Really? Well I'm shaking in my cowboy boots as I stand under the Stars and Stripes that adorn the outside of my abode! How could we take action if the Japanese and Germans don't like the idea?! Germany and Japan have had the great luck of being our defeated enemies. They are alive because of our compassion. If they aren't going to support us, they should simply sit down, shut up, and hold on.

The world is beginning to take America for granted because we are a compassionate people. They know this firsthand. And like unruly children, they will test and squeal and scream during the times they realize they aren't the adult and won't always get their way. Why not? Because they have proven, like children, they make bad decisions when it comes to important matters involving life and death. They also expect to be saved by Mommy and Daddy (the USA) when they screw up. So, they have decided to embrace the Chamberlain strategy of doing nothing while proclaiming lofty ideas about love and peace, just as their new friend in Iraq is getting ready to blow their collective head off.

During the last couple of weeks it has been absolutely mindboggling to listen to Mr. World Leader from a Country in Europe and Elsewhere stomp around, slam his fist on the table and demand that the US follow their orders and bow to the UN of all places. You know what that would get us today? A nuclear World War III that we would have to fight and then clean up.

Can you imagine the appeasement that would have taken place had Hitler had the bomb? That is the situation we now face — in his column, Oliver North has revealed the details of Euro-business complicity in re-arming Saddam with nuclear and chemical weapons. Like I said, not much has changed when it comes to European attitude, especially when it comes to Jews. The French had a grand old time before and during the German occupation of sending Jews off to die. Are we a generation that will allow Germany and its Euro-allies and to actually put the final touches on the Final Solution using Saddam Hussein as messenger boy? I think not.

Today, because of American subsidies, European countries have become the slovenly brother-in-law who sleeps on the couch, waiting for you to give him his weekly handout and then has the gall to tell you how to run your house. Europe has become nothing more than drowning socialistic welfare states, coddling and supporting immigrants from their former colonies. Leftist guilt and self-hate has condemned Europe into a moral relativism and damning multiculturalism that keeps them from being able to act, judge and take charge.

The European countries warning us to not act, to not defend ourselves, to not make a preemptive strike against the madman Saddam sounds an awful lot like the cries in the 1930's to leave Hitler alone. Then, as now, the fearful call for negotiations, appeasement, understanding, and "peace." Because it sounds nice, because it's lofty and romantic. And because Mommy and Daddy will save them from any fallout. Literally.

The world supported Neville Chamberlain in 1938. He was hailed as a hero because he brought home "peace" in their time. That kind of peace costs far too many American lives. It's time we strike Iraq, assassinate Saddam Hussein, and remind the rest of the world "Either you're with us or against us."

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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