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Frustrated Boobs By: Jeffrey Blankfort
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, September 14, 2000

Jeffrey Blankfort Replies to 
David Horowitz’s “
Teacher from Hell

Sixties List | September 14, 2000

A DISCUSSION? Hardly. It is just another item for your ridiculous Web site, which, again, I discovered when someone pointed it out to me. You have made a new, apparently lucrative, career out of placing in the pillory anyone with the temerity to point out the numerous flaws in American society and you have a number of frustrated folks out there who fit Mencken's idea of the "booboisie" who suck it up.

Your reply to the question of unequal treatment before the law of black and brown Americans compared to their white counterparts is a perfect example of that and makes continuing this exercise a waste of time, as others on this list have contended. The only time young white males will be asked for IDs is when they are purchasing liquor or trying to get into a bar. Black men AND women are not only asked for their IDs in situations where whites aren't, but there have been numerous cases where men and women are trailed by store detectives when they are shopping in large department stores, to make sure they won't shoplift. (When I went to Fairfax High back in the late 40s, when it was 95% Jewish, almost everyone I knew shoplifted and no one ever got in a trouble.) Although men are more often the target, black women also are victims of such racial profiling, which, judging from your answer, you seem to think is legitimate.

The basis of my statement is a recent survey, published in the mainstream media, which reports that black men and women routinely go to jail when charged with crimes for which whites are given probation, and black youth are hauled into the justice system when young whites of the same age are given probation or counseling. And this situation exists well beyond the inequities that exist for cocaine possession or usage.

Since apparently, like Rush Limbaugh, and others of his ilk, you apparently don't think that blacks in America are victimized by racism, refuse to acknowledge that those without funds invariably receive shoddy legal assistance, and are so ready to create your own facts, such as "One in three black males are indeed convicted felons," (and imply that I wrote that), and that white skin privilege is "baloney," that arguing with you, or presenting you with facts, is a waste of time.

You have a vested interest in maintaining a contrary view. Or, in simple terms, that's how you make a living: peddling your invidious brand of racism and jingoism to those sectors of the society that are all too ready to gobble it up.

Your final piece of nonsense, that "As a Jew, Jeffrey I don't exactly identify with the white bogeyman ruling group you try to create with your perverse fantasies of exploitation and oppression,” would seem to imply that Jews cannot be exploiters as well as revolutionaries or couch potatoes. Perhaps, you would describe Charles Hurwitz (Maxxam), Robert Shapiro (Monsanto), Donald Fisher (GAP) and Michael Eisner (Disney), as merely office boys.

In concluding this exchange, I wish to thank you, however, for not only providing excellent material for a high school lesson plan, but for providing some wonderful quotes for the jacket cover of my memoirs when I decide to write them.

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Former photographer (who specialized in pictures of the Black Panthers) and now a public school teacher.

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