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It's About Race, Stupid! By: Nicholas Stix
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Toogood Reports | June 22, 2000

Race is the 800-pound gorilla no one wants to talk about, in New York City's Central Park wilding spree. But all the tiptoeing around it merely underscores its ubiquity.

Every single one of the 33 suspects is black or Hispanic. A decisive majority is black. Of the victims, only 11 were black women, according to police spokeswoman Det. Carolyn Chew. Twenty-two of the victims were white women and 24 were Hispanic women.

Judging from news reports, it appears that the victims of the most serious attacks were overwhelmingly white (though the media keep running videos of smiling black and Hispanic girls being splashed with water, as if that was what the wilding was all about).

The story is that the men went on a wilding spree from about 2 pm until 6:30 or so, in broad daylight, in a park full of tens of thousands of visitors, with a thousand or so police officers within shouting distance. The perpetrators sprayed women with water, before proceeding to rob them, rip their clothes off, grope their genitalia, and in several cases, manually rape them (forcing their fingers into unwilling women's vaginas).

In the case of a French couple visiting the city, the mob held down the husband, who could see half-a-dozen members strip his wife naked, and then take turns jamming their fingers into her.

Feminist organizations were quick to protest. NOW, in particular, organized a protest on Sunday, June 18, in which its supporters attacked… the police!

The problem for NOW is that none – as in zero – of the perpetrators was white. No "privileged, white, heterosexual males" had had the decency to accommodate feminists by attacking at least one white female. As recent history has shown, a black man could rape, murder and dismember a white woman and no feminist organization would decry black racism. Meanwhile, the NYPD is a majority-white organization, and thus a safe target for NOW.

Feminists see themselves in alliance with black and Hispanic groups, an alliance that has been profitable in terms of power, propaganda, lucrative lawsuits, set-aside programs and discriminatory policies favoring women. However, it has also exacted a terrible price. For while white women have stuck to the bargain, blacks -- who have profited as much from it as the white women have -- have not.

And so, blacks (especially black women) routinely stab feminists in the back, by celebrating black violence against white women, whether in supporting O.J. Simpson, and cheering his 1996 acquittal of killing his wife, Nicole; by turning the black men who gang-raped and beat almost to death a young woman in the 1989 Central Park Jogger case into folk heroes, and then engaging in a year-long campaign of public vilification against the victim; or finally by refraining from any criticism of the men who attacked white women on June 11, while roundly condemning the majority-white police force.

Every time such an assault takes place, white feminists are forced to eat crow by blacks' -- especially black women's -- embrace of the attackers. And white feminists have proved yet again -- as they did through their unflinching support of serial sexual abuser Bill Clinton -- that there is no depth to which they will not sink, to avoid criticizing those whom they perceive to be their political allies.

NOW President Patricia Ireland released a statement arguing, "Congress must pass the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act to extend hate crimes protection to women and pass the reauthorization and expansion of the Violence Against Women Act" which, "would fund training for police and other law enforcement and court personnel, among other things… "

Since blacks and Hispanics are in practice routinely exempted from prosecution under hate crimes statutes, Ireland's demands would have had no effect on the Central Park attackers.

The only point I can see in Ireland's proposal is as a source for soft, federal patronage jobs for middle-class women -- "training."

I sought to broach these issues with the folks at NOW. Val Henning of NOW's press office called back, asking "what constituency does Toogood Reports serve?" I answered, "I really wouldn't know," thinking to myself that I had always written for an "audience" of everyone who could read the language.

That was the last I heard from NOW.

Initially, we heard of only two black victims, Ashanna Cover and Josina Lawrence, of Somerset, New Jersey. In less than 48 hours, Cover and Lawrence were able to round up a high-priced attorney, get the most high-profile "civil rights" leader in the nation on their side, file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, and hold a press conference. But somehow, they never found the time to cooperate with the police.

At their press conference, Cover and Lawrence were accompanied by the Rev. Al Sharpton. Having Al Sharpton as one's spokesman automatically brings with it a credibility problem. When the NYPD brass sought to interview the women, and have them look through mug shots of all the officers on duty in the area where the women said the first two cops they encountered brushed them off, the women refused to cooperate.

At this writing, none of the other victims or witnesses has identified Cover or Lawrence. Neither Cover nor Lawrence has identified any attackers who assaulted them, nor any of the police officers whom they insist refused to help them. Can you say, "Quick, sealed, tax-free, cash settlement"?

In January, 1991, I was attacked on a Brooklyn-bound subway by a gang of three blacks and two Hispanics. A white, NYPD detective I spoke with at the transit bureau that night acknowledged that the attack was obviously racially motivated, a "bias" crime," but "there are some things you can't say," due to the political climate. The detective also reported that such racially motivated attacks by blacks against whites occur every single day in New York City.

The media and the city's PR machine notwithstanding, the climate has gotten considerably stormier in the intervening nine-and-a-half years. Just imagine, if no one had bothered to tape the events in Central Park on June 11.


© Copyright 2000 by Toogood Reports

Nicholas Stix is an award-winning free-lance journalist who unearths the hidden secrets of New York politics, education, and race relations that elude the elite media establishment. His work appears in Toogood Reports; The American Enterprise; Insight on the News; Chronicle; Newsday and CampusReports.

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