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Blame Me, Mr. Doggett By: Richard Poe
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, April 09, 2001

MR. DOGGETT, in your WorldNetDaily.com column of April 6, 2001. you wrote some harsh words to my boss, David Horowitz.

"Good grief, David, have you no honor?" you wrote. "I am offended that you derive so much pleasure from the pain that you are causing by your self-promotion campaign."

If you must question someone’s honor, sir, let it be mine. The blurb on our website that caused you such offense was my doing, written by my staff, edited by me, and posted without David ever seeing it.

It read as follows:

My Andy Warhol moment has come," noted Horowitz in an earlier column. But it seems to be lasting a lot longer than the proverbial 15 minutes. Yesterday, New York's premier gossip column –– Page Six of the New York Post –– led with the Horowitz story, focusing on the ongoing feud between Horowitz and Time Magazine columnist Jack White. Britney Spears move over. There's a new celebrity in town.

Yes, it was light-hearted. Sometimes a little humor breaks the monotony. But it was my humor, not David’s.

You accuse David of self-promotion. Sadly, he is less richly endowed with that capitalist virtue than I would like him to be.

When I took over as editor in June, David was practically invisible on the site. He did not even have a regular editor’s note. Some readers had the impression that he was just one of the freelancers. I received one e-mail urging me to feature "that Horowitz guy" more frequently.

Since then, I have tried my best to make David the center of attention on our site – often over his strenuous objections. I do this because it is my professional judgment that David is our chief draw. The more Horowitz we offer, the more people visit our site.

My theory must have merit, for our web traffic has increased more than 240 percent in the last nine months.

I am grieved that you were offended by my editing, Mr. Doggett. But I offer no apology, for no wrong was committed. The pain in your heart is no doubt real. However, I did not inflict it, nor do I have the power to heal it.

You wrote:

"Unfortunately, much of what [Horowitz] says shows a breathtaking and dangerous ignorance of what it has been like to be black in this country during the past 50 years. David's `work’ reinforces the suspicions of most blacks that conservatives just don't get what it has been like to be black and live in America."

You are right, Mr. Doggett. Conservatives – white ones, at least – do not know how it feels to be black. Nor do white liberals. And you, sir, have no clue how it feels to be white.

Nor do you know how it feels to be half Mexican and half Russian-Jewish, as I am. Nor do you know how it feels to be Korean, Pakistani, Greek, Iroquois, Peruvian, Laplander or Transylvanian.

None of us in this melting pot have the slightest idea how it feels to be anyone other than ourselves. And if we are going to get along, we need to be content with that fact.

In his essay, "The Debt," David Horowitz writes, "Behind the reparations idea, finally, is an irrational fear and hatred of America. It is about holding America responsible for every negative fact of black existence, as though America were God, and God had failed."

You speak of "settling the books for what happened over a period of four centuries," Mr. Doggett. But I suspect there is not enough gold in all the world’s coffers to fill the void in your soul. God can fill it, but the white man is not God.

The reparations demand will lead only to more demands, as one aggrieved group after another cries, "Me too!" The end result of your preaching will be America’s destruction.


Like every great nation – including the African empires of Shaka Zulu and Taharqa the Great – America was built on aggression. Once you have undone the fruits of aggression, nothing will remain. The "books" you cite will be balanced only when America herself is dismantled, her wealth liquidated, and her territory divided among Indian tribes.

Conservatives understand this, Mr. Doggett. We understand that there can be no "settling" of the books, such as you envision, without unraveling the very fabric of human achievement, right back to the Stone Age.

Someday, perhaps, you will come to understand this too. When you grasp it, Mr. Doggett, you too will be a conservative.

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