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Jesse’s War Plan By: Richard Poe
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, December 18, 2000

LAST WEEK, Jesse Jackson called for a “civil rights explosion.”

"We will take to the streets right now, we will delegitimize Bush, discredit him, do whatever it takes, but never accept him," cried Jackson outside the Supreme Court.

By Thursday, the spin doctors were trying to soften Jackson’s image, focusing on his conciliatory phone call to the President-elect. But make no mistake. The promised “civil rights explosion” is in the works, starting with mass protests scheduled for January 15.

Bone-weary from 35 days of election hell, the last thing most Americans want is an “explosion.” But we’re going to get it, whether we like it or not.

The radical Left is on the march. Jackson is a mere foot soldier in its ranks. His incendiary rhetoric is part of the plan.

In 1990, I interviewed former ‘60s radical Jerry Rubin for Success magazine. He explained how he and his fellow revolutionaries had used the power of “myth” to tear America apart.

“The first part of creating a mass movement is the mythic idea…” Rubin explained. “We put the myth out there that America was in chaos. America was not in chaos…

“When 100,000 people marched on the Pentagon in 1967, we put out the myth that America was divided in two. America was not divided in two.

“But we put the myth out there and what happened, by ’69, 1970, America was divided in two.”

In other words: Keep promoting the myth, and eventually it will come true.

Jackson is doing that now. He is promoting the myth that Bush stole the election, that black voters were disenfranchised, and that America is on the brink of revolution.

Black Republican Congressman J.C. Watts Jr. disagrees.

"When all these charges first hit, I did my own investigation,” he told the Washington Times.

Watts found that people of all races had been stopped at polling places for routine checks, not just blacks. “The police officers were just doing their job,” he says.

Even Gore’s claim to have won the popular vote is suspect. Reports from around the country - largely ignored by major media - suggest that massive tampering may have inflated the Democrat vote.

Jackson is no doubt aware of all this. But, when making revolution, it is the myth, not the truth, that counts.

In his autobiography, Radical Son, David Horowitz recalls a series of discussions with Tom Hayden in which the Chicago Seven conspirator revealed his motive for inciting riots during the 1968 Democratic Convention.

Horowitz paraphrases Hayden:

“If people’s heads got cracked by police, he said… it `radicalized them.’ The trick was to maneuver the idealistic and unsuspecting into situations that would achieve the result…”

In short, the Chicago Seven had deliberately lured their followers into situations where they could be hurt or killed. The bloodier things got, the better for the cause.

Reared by Communist parents, Horowitz recognized the principle behind Hayden’s words.

He writes: “It was the extrapolation of a familiar radical idea: `The worse, the better.’”

The movers and shakers behind the current election crisis appear to be following a similar agenda.

On the night that Gore retracted his concession, Newsweek pundit and White House myrmidon Jonathan Alter spilled the beans on the Left’s destabilization plan.

The recounts would probably collapse into chaos, Alter predicted in a televised discussion. Each side would accuse the other of cheating.

But that was okay.

After weeks of recounting, Alter explained, there “would be a lot of pressure to say… let's end this thing. You get a series of irregularities all over the state of Florida, pretty soon nobody can figure out who really won. What happens then?"

Well, what happens, Alter seemed to imply, is that people become so disgusted that they are ready to accept any solution, no matter how extreme or un-Constitutional. Tom Hayden would have said they become “radicalized.”

That Friday, as if on cue, Hillary Clinton announced:

"It’s time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our Presidents.”

She was further refining the “mythic idea.”

As Hillary framed it, the problem was not just one bad election. The problem was the Constitution itself. The work of the Founding Fathers would have to be undone.

Tighten your seatbelts, America. The Left means to shake this country to its foundations.

Just as in Chicago 1968, a lot of innocent people may get hurt. But, for Jesse, Hillary and the rest of the “worse-is-better” crowd, America’s pain will be their ecstasy.

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