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A Dispatch from Occupied New York By: Richard Poe
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, November 09, 2000

OCCUPIED NEW YORK - There is a moment in the movie Single White Female when the Bridget Fonda character suddenly notices that her roommate has dyed and cut her hair in an exact imitation of Fonda’s own hair.

For the first time, the Fonda character begins to grasp that the strange woman sharing her apartment may be a dangerous psychopath.

Many New Yorkers these days are feeling a bit like that Fonda character.

If we can trust the vote count -- (a surprising number of Americans do not, judging from the call-in shows and Internet message boards) - at least 43 percent of my fellow New Yorkers voted to send Hillary packing.

Like those Germans who voted against Hitler in the 1932 election, we tried our best. But greater forces were at work. Now, we can only stand silent as the cheers and sieg heils ring out around us.

Just as those German dissenters must have done in the 1930s, many of us are now casting nervous glances at the pant-suited woman on television and asking ourselves: Just how crazy is she?

One hint comes from a leaflet handed out by Hillary operatives outside her birthday bash at the Roseland ballroom last month, a copy of which was obtained by Jewish activist Beth Gilinsky of the Human Rights Forum.

It is a hymn to Hillary Clinton. Here’s how it goes:

A Song for Hillary

The whole world will be dancing in the street when Hillary Rodham Clinton
takes her Senate seat.
No carpetbagger is she; she's a human Statue of Liberty.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

We're so glad for the joy that she will bring.
We can always count on her to do the right thing.
She's faithful and honest, too.
Thank God she's happened to me and you.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

No matter what the voices of deception say,
Vote Hillary Clinton on Election Day.
No matter the problems, big or small, she will tackle and solve them all.
The whole world will be dancing in the street when Hillary Rodham Clinton
takes her Senate seat.
No carpetbagger is she; she's a human Statue of Liberty.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

This is no ordinary campaign ditty. It more closely resembles the sort of totalitarian anthem that the Young Pioneers used to chant while strewing roses at Stalin’s feet.

Try to imagine singing such a song to, say, George W. Bush. It doesn’t fit. But imagine singing it to Fidel Castro, Jiang Zemin or Kim Il Jong. Everything falls into place.

Like the despots she imitates, Hillary presents herself not as a politician, but as a secular goddess who will “solve” … “every problem,” “big or small,” a “human statue of liberty” who will bring “joy” and “dancing in the street” not just to New York, but to the “whole world.”

Remember Jean Houston, the New Age guru who helped Hillary get in touch with her inner Eleanor Roosevelt?

In his book The Choice, Bob Woodward of the Washington Post reports that Houston flattered Hillary by telling her that she was the greatest woman in history since Joan of Arc, a feminist messiah destined to overthrow 5,000 years of patriarchy.

Evidently, Houston had hit the winning formula. She became Hillary’s close confidante.

That Hillary’s toadies habitually offer such extravagant flattery is disturbing. That Hillary seems to encourage it borders on the deranged.

America suffers from “a sleeping sickness of the soul,” said Hillary, in an April 6, 1993 speech at the University of Texas in Austin. Americans have discovered “that somehow economic growth and prosperity, political democracy and freedom are not enough…”

What we need, says Hillary, is a “sense that our lives are part of some greater effort…” whose purpose, she suggests, is to “remold” society and even to “redefine who we are as human beings…”

Remolding society. Redefining our humanity. Ambitious goals indeed.

Personally, I have no interest in them. What I want is to be left in peace to enjoy the freedom, prosperity, and “political democracy” which Hillary holds in such slight regard. Unfortunately, leaving people like me in peace is the one thing that people like Hillary have shown themselves consistently incapable of doing, throughout history.

Let’s face it. Hillary is nutty as a fruitcake.

Unstable as she is, she is well on her way to becoming the most powerful person on earth, with a presidential bid in 2004 virtually guaranteed. Hold onto those song sheets, folks. Tomorrow, we may all be singing, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!”

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