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It's Sharpton Time! Murder and Mayhem in New York By: Frontpagemag.com
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, June 27, 2000

New York City is reaping the consequences of the Hillary-Sharpton police-bashing campaign. Told to stand down from confrontations with minorities, for fear of the Hillary-Sharpton propaganda machine, New York police are losing control of the city. Minority youths ran wild after last week's Puerto Rican Day parade, attacking women at random in Central Park. No one stopped them. Get ready, New York. It's Sharpton time.

Videotape Has Changed Sharpton's Point of View
Blowing with the wind, Sharpton has denounced the Central Park attacks. But when black hoodlums raped and beat a white woman until she was permanently brain-damaged in 1990, Sharpton defended the hoodlums.

Latest Video Shocks Even Hardened NYPD Detectives 6/18/00
The NYPD has received a new video of the Central Park wildings that has so shocked hardened investigators, they fear showing it to the public. The video shows a crazed mob of 50 thugs chasing and capturing two terrified young women. It also shows a naked French woman – visiting New York on her honeymoon -- crying on the ground and struggling to cover her private parts as her husband tries in vain to shield her from attackers.

Cuffed by Correctness 6/17/00
As ominous as the weekend's crime spree is its aftermath. For who is getting the blame - the marauders who ran wild and free? Guess again. After being hammered for aggressive policing, ceaselessly and mercilessly, in the media, on the streets, on the hustings - even in Madison Square Garden where this past week Bruce Springsteen debuted a song that resurrects the police shooting of Amadou Diallo with the provocative refrain of "41 shots, 41 shots..." -- the NYPD is now being accused of passive policing… by Al Sharpton, of all people!

Crime Makes a Comeback in New York City 6/15/00
In the first quarter of 2000, murders are up 12.4 percent in New York City. Al  Sharpton bears much of the responsibility. Sharpton and other left-wing activists demanded a declawed NYPD. Now they have it. The hesitation of police officers to take action in Central Park seems a dreadful dereliction of duty. But it should surprise no one. Facing a mob of young, mainly black and Hispanic degenerates (it's the sad truth; just watch the tape), what were the cops supposed to do? "We were told not to do anything," one officer said to the Post. "They don't want photos of altercations with minorities." He added: "It's very frustrating when we're told to have our blinders on."

Clintons Blamed in New York Sex Attacks 6/15/00
President Clinton's "poor example to youth" is to blame for the sex attack melee that followed Sunday's Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City, say 42 percent of those responding Thursday to an ongoing survey conducted on the Web site of WABC-NY Talk Radio.

Police Hunt 7 Men Caught on Tape (6/15/00)
The NYPD released photos of 7 mystery men accused of mauling women in Central Park. Victims told police the marauders clawed at and jammed fingers into their genitals. Two victims are suing the NYPD for failing to respond to the assaults. One cop said: "We were not to do anything… they don't want photos of altercations with minorities."

Patrolmen: We're in a Catch-22 (6/15/00)
Frustrated cops say the Central Park mayhem shows they're caught in a Catch-22: damned if they do and damned if they don't take action. Said one cop: "Last week we were criticized for being the most aggressive police force. Now we're being criticized for being the most passive." Police are under fire on two levels - for failing to stop the mass attacks on women after the Puerto Rican Day Parade and for rebuffing victims who tried to report the incident.

Harlem Riot Precedes Mayhem in Central Park (6/15/00)
The night before the wilding Sunday in Central Park, an ugly prelude took place uptown: A small-scale riot that has gotten virtually no media attention. It was as bad, if not worse, than what happened downtown. Women were assaulted, trapped in cars. Cars were destroyed. Young men jumped on top of city buses, pounding windows and roofs.

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