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Justin Raimondo Has His Say By: David Horowitz
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Envy and resentment are the driving passions of the left and evidently of the copy-cat right which, in the war that is upon us, can be seen joining hands in an attack on their own country. Consider the email this blog received from Justin Raimondo, the psychologically tormented, intellectually confused and fact-free editor of www.antiwar.com. Raimondo is a contributor to Buchanan's American Conservative. and his email was inspired by our lead stories, "Useful Idiots I and II," which reviewed the first issue of the magazine.

justin@antiwar.com wrote:

"Wow, David! Does this mean you're going to turn us into the FBI? Waaaay cool! David Horowitz has gone from being a Commie who wanted to jail everyone who disagreed with him, to a (neo)-conservative" who wants to jail everyone who disagrees with him. What progress! Of course, this isn't surprising, coming from someone who, in his autobiography, declared that the authorities were RIGHT to persecute his OWN PARENTS and fire them from their jobs as teachers. Gee, David, one can only wonder how you would've survived, and even gone on to become the bloviating fraud you are today. No college at Berkeley, no New Left "celebrity," no fellow-traveling with gun-toting Black Panthers and Commies — and no Second Thoughts, no career as a professional turncoat, and no grants from big neocon foundations! Why, it would've been TERRIBLE."

First to the facts. To begin with I was never technically a "Commie." I was a New Left Marxist, critical of the Communist Party from my very first book, Student, published in 1962. Second I have never supported sending anyone to jail for advocacy, let alone for "disagreeing" with me. Fighting straw men is always a sign of a weak (or non-existent) argument. Third, I am not a "neo-conservative," whatever that means, other than Jew. Fourth, not only have I never said that my parents should have been fired from their jobs during the McCarthy era, I wrote exactly the opposite as any casual reader of my autobiography Radical Son knows.

In Radical Son, I discussed my father's case (pp. 65 et seq) and examined the grounds given for firing him, and rejected them. I explicitly defended my father against the charge that he in any way misused his classroom which would have been the only legitimate reason for firing him. I did so by seeking out and interviewing a well-known anti-Communist, Arnold Beichman, who had been my father's student in the Thirties. According to Beichman, my father exerted a profound influence on him, encouraging him -- a poor kid from the lower East Side to be come a writer. "Phil Horowitz changed my life," is what Beichman told me. "He had a journalism class that he taught on his own time after school. I was the only student who showed up, but he taught the class anyway. He taught me how to write and told me I could become a journalist if I wanted to. If it hadn't been for him I never would have had the confidence to try."

I also asked Beichman the following question: "Did my father ever try to indoctrinate you in his politics?" Beichman replied, "No, he never said anything about politics. He just taught me how to write."

Beichman's testimony gave the lie to my father's persecutors, which is why I put it in my book. Raimondo's did not make a mistake in turning the truth upside down. He has not only read Radical Son, but reviewed it (for Chronicles Magazine). His review was the most bizarre, contorted, and malicious commentary on the book which at every turn twisted the plain meaning of its text to construct an indictment of me along the lines of his email.

Raimondo has long been obsessed with me in the manner of a political stalker. A search of his site turns up more than 200 negative articles and references about me, most of which are authored by Raimondo himself. Here is a sampling:

"Horowitless. Mindless rage expressed in terms of a self-conscious demagoguery is what we get from David Horowitz, the wild man of the Neo-Con right."

"As David Horowitz, whose role as chief agitator for war with China [?!!!] I have previously detailed in these pages, triumphantly rants..."

"Horowitz Goes Haywire" [an entire article on this]

"But the Right, particularly the generally pro-war, neo-conservative Right, is just as bad, if not worse, and worst of all is David Horowitz"

"Of course, to point this out in any other racial context would be a hate crime punishable by, say, being stuck in an elevator with David Horowitz..."

"Like the evil David Horowitz, and the intellectual vigilantes who've gone on a crusade to purge the universities and the punditocracy of anyone who dissents..."

This malice was sparked at a National Review Summit ten years ago, at which Raimondo spontaneously launched an attack on Martin Luther King. I defended King. I guess that makes me a "neo-conservative."

From the subtext of Raimondo's text and the tenor of his obsession, I would also guess that he is jealous of the fact that I am better known than he is and that I receive more support. Tough.

David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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