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The Reparations Ad Campaign & Links By: Frontpagemag.com
FrontPageMagazine.com | Saturday, October 12, 2002

In January 2001, David Horowitz attempted to publish his essay,

Read the whole story behind the reparations controversy in Horowitz's book, Uncivil Wars.

"Ten Reasons Why Reparations are a Bad Idea and Racist Too" as a paid advertisement in a number of campus newspapers. Horowitz’s attempt to exercise his right to free speech was met by violence, outrage, censorship and a media hailstorm that continues to this day.

Thanks to Horowitz, the Left was caught with its proverbial pants down.

Its plan to impose slave reparations on America was exposed for all to see. The Left was forced to debate the issue in public, long before it was ready to do so.

Here is the story of how one man with a word processor and a modest ad budget managed to shake the Left to its foundations, rattle the media establishment and expose the hypocrisy of campus speech codes.

Table of Contents

I. Why a Reparations Campaign?

II. The Advertisements

III. Twelve Cases of Censorship

IV. Campus Censorship Scorecard & College Reactions

V. Columnists Discuss Reparations Campaign

VI. Campus Reactions to Reparations Campaign

VII. Press Reactions to Censorship of Horowitz's Anti-Reparations Campaign


I. Why a Reparations Campaign? 

It began as a fringe proposition favored by the politically extreme. But the idea that taxpayers should pay reparations to black Americans for the damages of slavery and segregation is no longer a fixation of the political margin. It is fast becoming the next big "civil rights" thing.


II. The Advertisements

Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery are a Bad Idea (ad)

Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery are a Bad Idea (text)

What Harvard Can't Read (ad)

The Debt (ad response to Randall Robinson's "The Debt" ad)

III. Twelve Cases of Campus Censorship
By Dan Flynn

The censoring of David Horowitz's ideas at Berkeley was not unusual. What was out of the ordinary was the fact that his ad was printed in the Daily Californian at all.


IV. Campus Censorship Scorecard

Schools that have run the ad: 28
Schools that have rejected the ad:



College Reactions

Click here for a full breakdown of which schools did what.

V. Columnists Discuss Reparations Campaign

Protestors Speak Out Against Herald at Distribution Sites
By Andy Golodny, Brown Daily Herald, 03/20/01

The Sorry State of College Journalism
By Opinion Journal, 03/20/01

By Lowell Ponte, 03/07/01

Earth Day/Elian Day
By Lowell Ponte, 04/18/01

MAGIC & Manzanar
By Lowell Ponte, 07/02/01

The Reparation Desperation
By Larry Elder, 08/23/02

Summery Judgment
By Lowell Ponte, 05/31/00

Twelve Cases of Campus Censorship
By Daniel Flynn, 03/14/01

Reparations Buffoons on the Washington Mall
By David Horowitz, 08/19/02

Overlooking African Complicity in the Slave Trade
By John Perazzo, 05/08/02

The Reparations Shakedown
By Chris Weinkopf, 02/27/02

Education Not Reparations
By Larry Elder, 04/16/01

A Message to Our Readers
By Daily Princetonian, 04/04/01

Ten Reasons: A Response to David Horowitz
By Robert Chrisman and Ernest Allen Jr., 04/02/01

Faculty Letter to President Blumenstein
From Brown Daily Herald, 04/04/01

Racism and Its Many Impersonators
By John Perazzo, 04/05/01

Sour Gripes
By David Horowitz, 03/30/01

A Lesson in Civil Discourse
By David Horowitz, 03/30/01

The Racial McCarthyism of Jonathan Alter
By David Horowitz, 03/29/01

Reparations: Focusing on the Wrong Slavery
By John Perazzo, 03/29/01

A Reply to John Doggett
By David Horowitz, 03/27/01

Horowitz and His (Conservative) Critics
By James Lubinskas, 03/20/01

Caricaturing Whitey
By David Horowitz, 03/16/01

A Letter to Horowitz from the Assistant Chancellor of UC Berkeley
By John Cummins, 03/14/01

What the Daily Cal Editor Learned in a Week
By Daniel Hernandez, 03/09/01

Paper Apologizes for Slavery Reparations Ad
By Wall Street Journal, 03/05/01

Fascism Alert
By Anonymous, 03/05/01

The California Aggie Apologizes for Running Horowitz Ad
By Eleeza V. Agopian, 03/05/01

Issues That Dare Not Speak Their Name
By David Horowitz, 06/25/01

Campus of Hate
By David Horowitz, 04/16/01

A Real American Hero
By Jennifer Kabbany, 10/05/01

The Racism of the “Anti-Racists”
By Jamie Glazov, 08/02/01

David Fights the Racial Goliath: Salon’s House Provocateur
By Robert A. George, 06/02/00

Patriotism: the Last Refuge of David Horowitz
By Philip A. Klinkner, 07/21/00

A Game of Racial Envy
By Johnny Reb, 06/07/00

Black Stalinists Will Fail (Reply to Robert George)
By David Horowitz, 06/06/00

Debt Wrong
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, 06/05/00

Embracing America
By Lowell Ponte, 05/24/02

How the West Grew Rich
By Dinesh D’Souza, 07/05/02

Berkeley Gets a B- in Free Speech
By Stephen Brooks, 03/19/01

Reparations Lawyers Eye Florida Decision
By Lyle Denniston, 09/22/02

Provocative and Proud of It
By David Horowitz, 03/13/01

Reparations Are Still a Bad Idea (Reply to Earl Ofari Hutchinson)
By David Horowitz, 06/05/00

Reparations—It’s Never About the Money
By Michael Tremoglie, 03/04/02

No More Mr. Nice Guy
By David Horowitz, 04/09/01

The Achilles Heel of the Reparations Lawsuits
By Henry Mark Holzer, 10/03/02

Uncivil Wars That Can’t Maim a Warrior
By Jamie Glazov, 01/22/02

A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come
By David Horowitz, 02/22/02

Reparations Bibliography
By David Horowitz, 06/01/01

Racial Myths and Realities
By James Lubinskas, 10/03/02

Black Pharaohs and Reparations
By Richard Poe, 06/08/00

At Least Consider the Idea of Reparations
By Gwen Dave Richardson, 06/16/00

Reparations Conference, Rally Slated This Weekend
By Steve Miller, 06/15/00

Reparations for Slavery
By Thomas Sowell, 07/17/00

Mongolia Must Pay Reparations to Whites
By Richard Poe, 01/19/01

Turning Racism on Its Head
By Chris McGreal, 01/30/01

Zimbabwe Reparations
By Walter Williams, 02/07/01

Stumbles Galore in Walk-Up to U.N. Racism Conference
By www.Foxnews.com, 05/22/01

Does America Owe Reparations?
By Walter Williams, 02/07/01

Slavery Reparations
By Walter Williams, 06/13/01

Blame Me, Mr. Doggett
By Richard Poe, 04/09/01

Do "People of Color" Support Reparations for Blacks?
By Richard Poe, 04/02/01

The Reparations Scam
By Richard Poe, 02/14/01

The Other Reparations
By Lowell Ponte, 10/09/02

Reparations for Blacks: Should Whites Pay Up?
By www.FrontPageMag.com, 02/28/01

VI. Campus Reactions to Reparations Campaign

The War Over Words
By Norman Boucher, Brown Alumni Magazine, May 2001

UCLA Event Debates Racial Reparation Demands
By Dena Elbayoumy, The (UCLA) Daily Bruin, 5/14/01

Horowitz Horrified
By Sean Wereley, Chicago Weekly News, 5/10/01

Irreparable Damage to U of C's Rep
Editorial, Chicago Weekly News, 5/10/01

UW Administrators Fail to Protect Speech
By Hasdai Westbrook, Badger-Herald, 5/10/01

Students Call Paper Racist
By Kristin Wieben, Badger-Herald, 5/10/01

Hyde Park Protesters Should Stop Booing and Start Listening
By Patti Borenstein, The Daily Northwestern, 5/10/01

Local Groups to Protest Horowitz Visit
By Vanessa Cordonnier, Chicago Maroon, 5/8/01

The Horowitz Debacle
By Omari Taylor, The Daily at U. of Washington, 5/8/01

Ad Needs to Prompt a Civil Dialogue
By Matt Palmquist, Daily Northwestern, 5/7/01

What Do You Have to Hide?
Editorial Staff of The Hoya, Georgetown University, 5/4/01

It’s Time to Move Away From Childlike Tactics of The Left
By Michael Linden, Brown Daily Herald, 5/4/01

May Day Panel Addresses Marxism, Political Climate
By Jonathan Noble, Brown Daily Herald, 5/4/01

Diversity of Campus Thought Lost in Name of Liberalism
By Ben Shapiro, Daily Bruin, 5/3/01

Our Recommendations for a More Accountable Herald
By Keren Wheeler and Lisa Cisneros, Brown Daily Herald, 5/2/01

Daily Hopes To Promote Reparations Dialogue
By Nadira Hira, The Stanford Daily, 5/2/01

Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Fooled By David Horowitz’s Ad — and Why It’s Racist Too
Stanford Black Student Union, 5/2/01

Money Provides Access To Media Of ‘Free’ Speech
By David M. Abramson, The Brown Daily Herald, 5/1/01

Students Protest the Daily Illini
By Adam Jadhav, The Daily Illini (Univ. of Illinois), 4/30/01

The Horowitz ad: To Print or not to Print?
By Jennifer Hoyt, The Daily Campus (U. Connecticut), 4/26/01

Confusing the Personal & Political
By S. Karthick Ramakrishnan, The Daily Princetonian, 4/25/01

Indiana U. Students Protest Advertisement, Demand Diversity Training
By Holly Johnson, Indiana Daily Student (Indiana U.), 4/27/01

Horowitz: Colleges The 'Least Free Institutions In America'
By Geoff Grammer, The Round Up (New Mexico State U.), 4/27/01

Horowitz Debates Slavery Reparations Advocate In A Packed Mccosh 50
By Joshua Tauberer, The Daily Princetonian, 4/25/01

Students' List Of Demands For The Daily Campus And The University Of Connecticut
The Daily Campus (U. Conn.), 4/24/01

Students Call For Cuts In Paper’s Funding
By Jennifer Grogan, The Daily Campus (U. Conn.), 4/24/01

Panel Makes Case for Slavery Reparations
By Sasha Talcott, The Daily Northwestern, 4/21/01

David Horowitz Ad Has No Place in University Paper
Indiana Student Digital, 4/23/01

Horowitz Decision Legal but Unethical
Indiana Student Digital, 4/23/01

An Explanation of IDS’s Policy
By Liz Beltramini and Andy Gammill, The Indiana Daily Student, 4/20/01

Horowitz Manipulates, Distorts In Ad
By Tyrone Simpson, The Indiana Daily Student, 4/20/01

Black Panthers Branch Founder Speaks on Need for Reparations
By Chris Byrnes, The Brown Daily Herald, 4/17/01

Horowitz Has Another Agenda In Ad
By Damon Freeman, The Indiana Daily Student, 4/17/01

Complete Text of Faculty Letter to Brown Univ. President Blumstein
The Brown Daily Herald, 4/12/01

Faculty Letter Threatens Sanctity of Free Speech at Brown
By Kenneth R. Miller, The Brown Daily Herald, 4/12/01

Undergraduate Council of Student Calls on Brown to Dismiss Charges Against Coalition For Herald Theft
Seth Kerschner, The Brown Daily Herald, 4/12/01

Horowitz Reparations Ad Sweeps College Campuses
Amir Zamani, Stanford Daily, 4/12/01

Ten Reasons: A Response to David Horowitz
By Robert Chrisman and Ernest Allen, Jr., The Univ. of Mass.

Political Correctness Debate Alive at Campuses
By Dylan Thomas, The Univ. of Minnesota Daily, 4/9/01

Blacks Miss Global Picture
By Chris Johnson, The Daily Bruin, 4/5/01

Battle's Attacks on Dahle, Republicans inaccurate
By Simon Perng, The Daily Bruin, 05/22/02

Ad Rejection Harms Readers
By Jen Hass, The Univ. of Minnesota Daily, 4/4/01

Horowitz Addresses Overflowing Crowd
By The Harvard Crimson, 4/3/01

Brown Needs A More Inclusive Student Newspaper
Brown Daily Herald, 4/3/01

America Owes no Debt to Blacks
By David Horowitz, The Cavalier Daily (Univ. of Virginia), 4/3/01

Horowitz Takes Stage Amid Controversy
The Daily Free Press (Boston University), 4/3/01

A Point-by-Point Refutation of David Horowitz's "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks--and Racist Too"
By Tom Gorman, Brown University, 4/3/01

The Ten Points Revisited (A reply to Tom Gorman)
By David Horowitz, 4/3/01

Fearing Violence, Republicans Withdraw Invitation to Horowitz
The Brown Daily Herald, 4/2/01

Reflections of a Campus Provocateur
By David Horowitz, The Yale Daily News, 4/2/01

UNC Should Foster Intellectual Debate
The Daily Tar Heel (Univ. of North Carolina), 4/2/01

Students Must Unite to Fight Hate
The Daily Tar Heel (Univ. of North Carolina), 4/2/01

Disagree, Debate, but Don’t Kill Messenger
The Daily Tar Heel (Univ. of North Carolina), 4/2/01

Put an End to Leftist Censorship
The (Univ. of) Florida Alligator, 4/2/01

Outsiders Will Not Dictate Ad Policy
Notre Dame Observer, 3/29/01

Reparations Author Trying to Make Himself a Martyr
Iowa State Daily, 3/29/01

African Americans Want Reparations, not Affirmative Action
University of Washington Student Newspaper, 3/28/01

David Horowitz Interview
The Wisconsin Daily Cardinal, 3/28/01

Tshaka Barrows Interview
The Wisconsin Daily Cardinal, 3/28/01

Ten Reasons why Horowitz is Misguided
Yale Daily News, 3/27/01

Amid Ongoing Protests, Brown U. Backs Off Criticism of Herald Theft
Brown Daily Herald, 3/25/01

Rerunning Horowitz Ad Would Insult Students Of Color
The Daily Cardinal (Univ. of Wisconsin), 3/23/01

It's His Opinion. Share Yours.
The Daily Illini (Univ. of Illinois), 3/23/01

Community Members Protest Chronicle Ad
The Duke Chronicle, 3/22/01

Closed to Press, Forum on Herald Crisis Draws Crowd
Brown Daily Herald, 3/22/01

The Self-Righteous Left
Columbia Daily Spectator, 3/22/01

Horowitz’s Ad Censored at UCSD

David Horowitz Addresses Young Conservatives About Ad Campaign
The Texas A&M Battalion, 3/21/01

Horowitz Backs Disputed Ad Regarding Reparations
The Daily Texan (Univ. of Texas-Austin), 3/22/01

Stand for Free Speech
A Letter from Anthony Lewis and David Halberstam to the Harvard Crimson, 3/22/01

Ad Opposing Slavery Reparations Criticized by Schools
Penn State Collegian, 3/22/01

The Newspaper Brouhaha at Brown
Yale Daily News, 3/22/01

Duke President Hopes Ad Brings Constructive Dialogue

A Letter to the Duke Chronicle from Nan Keohane, 3/21/01

Can’t Buy a Free Press
The Cavalier Daily, 3/20/01

Black Listing
The Technician (North Carolina State University)

Passions Ignite as Horowitz Speaks
The Daily Californian, 3/17/01

Asian American Students Association Slams Ad As "Racist", "Insensitive," "Capitalist"
Brown Daily Herald, 3/15/01

Coalition Seizes Nearly 4,000 Copies of Herald
Brown Daily Herald, 3/16/01

Brown Administration Supports Daily Herald

Daniel Hernandez's Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, 3/15/01

Daniel Hernandez's Letter to the Washington Post, 3/14/01

Assaulting Free Speech
Harvard Crimson, 3/13/01

Daily Cal Latest Victim of Condescending Journalists
By Michael Weiner, The Daily Bruin, 3/12/01

See the discussion on the Daily Jolt message board (Brown University)

Controversial Advertisement Affects Publications Nationwide
Daily Californian, 3/10/01

No Side Has Upper Hand in Horowitz Debate
Daily Cardinal, 3/8/01

To Print or Not To Print: Ad Kindles Outrage
Harvard Crimson, 3/7/01

Editorial Cartoon By Darrin Bell
The Daily Californian, 3/7/01

Challenge To Harvard
David Horowitz writes to Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Daily Californian's (UC Berkeley) official apology and editor’s note.

See the discussion on the Daily Californian message board.

California Aggie’s (UC Davis) apology and editor’s note.

David Horowitz’s retort to the Daily Californian.

Walking the Fine Line of Free Speech, Censorship
Daily Californian

In Defense of Free Speech
The Badger Herald

Student responses .

Fascism Alert! An Anonymous E-mail Warning from the University of Wisconsin.

Berkeley Chancellor Robert Berdahl on Free Speech

VII. Press Reactions to Censorship of Horowitz's Anti-Reparations Campaign

Anti-Reparation Movement Begins
Curtis Simmons, Black Enterprise, July 2001

Mad Bad Ads
Katha Pollitt, The Nation, 6/25/01

Clouded by Bias
Stanley Kurtz, National Review Online, 6/5/01

Chilling Free Speech on Campuses
Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice, 5/31/01

Campus Hostility to Free Speech
John Leo, TownHall.com, 5/27/01

UCLA Students Hurt Free Expression of Ideas
Cathy Young, The Boston Globe, 5/30/01

The War Over Words Continues
Roy M. Poses, Providence Journal, 5/27/01

Philly Paper Tries to Justify Reparations
Editorial, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/20/01

Newsday: Horowitz Still Stirs Political Pot
By Ken Fireman, Newsday, 5/20/01

Debt of Honor
By Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair, June 2001

Black Reparations Idea Builds at UCLA Meeting
By Erin Texeira, Los Angeles Times, 5/12/01

Free Speech, Racial Sensitivity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive
By Donald A. Downs, Capitol Times (WI), 5/10/01

More Sifting, Winnowing
Staff Editorial, Capitol Times (WI), 5/9/01

Ad’s Message Diluted By Its Messenger
By Vivian B. Martin, The Hartford Courant, 5/10/01

Badger Herald Gets More Flak Over Ad
By Sharif Durhams, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/9/01

The Tribune Editorial Page is Easily "Discouraged" 
By Bill Murphy, The Chicago Tribune, 5/8/01

David Horowitz is Wrong
By Paul Gottfried, LewRockwell.com, 5/8/01

An Uncivil Discourse
By Fred Dickey, Los Angeles Times, 5/7/01

When Crimes Don’t Fit the Script, No One Speaks Up
By Yonason Goldson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/7/01

Controversy Brews in Bay Area
By Chip Johnson, The San Francisco Chronicle, 5/3/01

Jeers And Counter-Jeers Greet Horowitz At UW
By Ray Rivera, The Seattle Times, 5/2/01

Protesters Heckle Controversial Speaker Horowitz At UW
By Ruth Schubert, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/2/01

The Best Retort To Provocation
Board Editorial, The Chicago Tribune, 5/2/01

Free-Speech Signals Crossed Over Slavery Ad Flap
By Donna Ladd, The Progressive Populist, 4/30/01

Most Newspapers on Conservative Campuses Reject Ad Supporting Abortion
By Alex P. Kellogg, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/30/01

Left's M.O. -- Decry Dissent
By Don Feder, Jewish World Review, 4/30/01

Kent State Newspaper Changes Policy
The Associated Press, 4/26/01

Constitution: Western Nations Still Exploiting Africans
By Khathu Mamaila, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/27/01

The Horowitz Revelations: A Professor’s Perspective
By Marianne M. Jennings, Jewish World Review, 4/27/01

A Horowitz Copycat
OpinionJournal.com, 4/27/01

Right-Wing Colleges Reject "God Is An Abortionist" Ads
By David Mazel, Salon.com, 4/27/01

Mr. Horowitz’s Unpopular Ideas
The Hartford Courant, 4/25/01

Reparations Opponent Welcomes Controversy
By Charles Thompson, The (Harrisburg, PA) Patriot News, 4/21/01

So Refute the Ad!
By Monty Warner, Projo.com, 4/21/01

Newspaper Ad Sparks Campus Protest
By Robert Frahm, The Associated Press, 4/20/01

Publish or Speech Perishes
By Victor Navasky, The Nation, 4/23/01

Horowitz Scores Sly PR Move, Lousy Media Relations
PR News, 4/19/01

Life on Campus
OpinionJournal.com, 4/18/01

Author's Speech Interrupted By Jeers, Walkout
By Crystal Ross O’Hara, The Davis Enterprise, 4/17/01

An Open and Clamorous Marketplace of Ideas
OpinionJournal.com, 4/17/01

Ruffian Fake Radicals
By Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice, 4/16/01

Segregation and Reparations
By Ulysses G. Plummer, The San Jose Mercury News, 4/15/01

Intellectual Tolerance on College Campus Does Not Really Exist
By Erik Luna, The Salt Lake Tribune, 4/15/01

Professors for Theft
OpinionJournal.com, 4/16/01

Censorship by Any Other Name is Still . . .
By Stephen J. Fortunato Jr., The Providence Journal, 4/13/01

Reparations Ad In WSU Student Paper Offends, Goads Our Senses
Laura Berman, The Detroit News, 4/12/01

David Horowitz vs. Dorothy Lewis
C-Span, 4/7/01 (Link Requires Real Player)

Reparations: The Debate Continues
By John Doggett, WorldNetDaily.com, 4/6/01

Censorship Rampant On Campus
The St. Petersburg Times, 4/11/01

The Horowitz Maneuver (Part 3)
By Nicholas Stix, TooGoodReports.com, 4/9/01

The Horowitz Maneuver (Part 2)
By Nicholas Stix, TooGoodReports.com, 4/4/01

The Horowitz Maneuver (Part 1)
Nicholas Stix, TooGoodReports.com, 3/29/01

Agitation by Ad
By Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times, 4/10/01

Editorial is no Paper Tiger
By Robert Stern, The Trenton (NJ) Times, 4/9/01

Reparations: The Debate Continues
WorldNetDaily.com, 4/6/01

Anti-Reparationsm Activist Visits
The Hampshire Gazette, 4/4/01

Horowitz vs. USA Today
USA Today, 4/4/01

A Feeling Is Not an Argument
The Ayn Rand Institute, 4/4/01

American Univ. Joins to Ad Debate
The Washington Times, 4/2/01

No comparison with David Duke
By David Horowitz, USA Today, 4/4/01

Schools Schemer Seeks Odd Ally
The New York Post, 4/3/01

UNC Students Protest Against Reparations Ad, Horowitz Column
The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC), 4/3/01

UNC-CH Protest Seeks Better Climate For Blacks
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), 4/3/01

Brown Alumni Place Ad Supporting Daily Herald Editorial Staff
Associated Press, 4/3/01

'Undeserving' Free Speech
FoxNews.com, 4/2/01

No Amendment Against Offense
By Nat Hentoff, The Washington Times, 4/2/01

Baiting Whitey
Suck.com, 4/2/01

Politically Corrected, Cont'd
The Washington Post, 4/2/01

Why We Did (Or Didn't) Publish the Ad
The Washington Post, 4/1/01

Anti-Reparations Ad Merits a Reading, Despite its Flaws
The Baltimore Sun, 4/1/01

Does Nation Owe Blacks for Slavery?
The Columbus Dispatch, 3/29/01

Enemy of the Week: A Witches Brew
The American Spectator, 3/29/01

Brown's Budding Brown Shirts
The Providence Journal, 3/30/01

Notre Dame Paper Defends Ad Refusal
The Indianapolis Star, 3/30/01

Note Heightens Racial Tensions at Brown
The Boston Globe, 3/24/01

Beware, the Luring Trap of Race Baiter
The Houston Chronicle, 3/30/01

Racial Ad Denied By Observer
South Bend Tribune, 3/29/01

Seductive, Invidious Argument
By Virginia Postrel, 3/29/01

Up with Free Speech
The Washington Times, 3/29/01

Composition For Free Discussion
The Washington Times, 3/29/01

Controversial Ad in Duke Newspaper Sparks Debate
Raleigh (NC) News & Observer, 3/29/01

A College Newspaper Messes Up, and So Might You
Reason, 3/29/01

The Anti-Reparations Ad, Trashing Newspapers, and the Debate Over Racial Sensitivity and Free Expression
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/28/01

White Man’s Duty
National Review Online, 3/28/01

San Francisco State Paper Rejects Slavery Ad
San Jose Mercury News, 3/27/01

Attack Ideas in Campus Ad, Not Right to Free Speech
USA Today, 3/29/01

To get along doesn't mean to shut up
Dallas Morning News, 3/28/01

David Horowitz: Extreme Multiculturalist?
Opinionjournal.com, 3/29/01

Intestinally Challenged
OpinionJournal.com, 3/28/01

Free Speech, So Long As We Agree
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune, 3/28/01

Brown’s Much Ado About the Ad
The Washington Times, 3/28/01

Ivy League Therapy
Jewish World Review, 3/27/01

A Radical Transformation
The Washington Post, 3/28/01

Reparations for Slavery?
The Washington Times, 3/28/01

The Intolerant Academy
UPI, 3/27/01

Debate on Race, Responsibility is Nothing to Fear
The Chicago Tribune, 3/27/01

What About Compensation to Descendants of Slaves?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/27/01

Campuses Struggle To Define Free Speech
Christian Science Monitor, 3/27/01

Newspaper Ad Stirs Controversy
Accuracy in Media (aim.org), 3/26/01

Campus Heroes
FoxNews.com, 3/26/01

The Issue is Racism
San Francisco Gate, 3/26/01

Reparations Hustle
San Francisco Gate, 3/26/01

Racial McCarthyism on College Campuses
San Francisco Gate, 3/26/01

Restitution For Slavery Isn't So Black & White
The New York Post, 3/26/01

Provocative Message Fuels Conflict
Chicago Tribune, 3/25/01

Race Baiting for Fame; Does Free Speech Collide with Refusing to Publish an Anti-Reparations Ad?
Chicago Tribune, 3/25/01

Horowitz and the Myth of the Radical University
Common Dreams, 3/24/01

Some of the Reactions to Newspaper Ad on Reparations were Un-American and Silly
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/24/01

Free Speech For Marxists, But Not Conservatives?
The Detroit News, 3/24/01

Too Tender
OpinionJournal.com, 3/23/01

The Ad That Made a Campus Roar
Letters to the New York Times, 3/23/01

Bigotry Against Ideas
Christian Science Monitor, 3/23/01

Black Reparations and Conservatives, Part 1
WorldNetDaily, 3/23/01

The Cult of Sensitivity
By Andrew Sullivan, 3/23/01

Master Manipulator Mounts Phony Campaign About Slavery
By Eric Altman, MSNBC, 3/23/01

The Melt Down of the Academy
By Marianne M. Jennings, Jewish World Review, 3/23/01

S.F. State Paper May Run Controversial Ad To Spur Debate
San Jose Mercury News, 3/23/01

Storm Troopers Versus Free Speech
By Thomas Sowell, JewishWorldReview.com, 3/23/01

Editorial: Unfree Speech
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/23/01

Duke University: No Apologies Needed
The Durham, NC, Herald-Sun, 3/23/01

Author, UT Students Argue Over Racial Issues
The Dallas Morning News, 3/22/01

Conservative Defends Newspaper Ad Decried As Racist
The Houston Chronicle, 3/22/01

Author Speaks Against Reparations For Slavery
The Austin American-Statesman, 3/22/01

Reparations Controversy Flares
The San Antonio Express-News, 3/22/01

Anti-Reparations Ad A Good Test For First Amendment Freedoms
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/22/01

College Editors Running Scared Over Running Ad
The Chicago Tribune, 3/22/01

Specious Speech
By Richard Cohen, The Washington Post, 3/22/01

Storm Troopers vs. Free Speech
Thomas Sowell, Jewish World Review, 3/22/01

College Editors Running Scared Over Running Ad
The Chicago Tribune, 3/22/01

Pushing the Envelope of Dissent
Maggie Gallagher, TownHall.com, 3/22/01

Ad Adds Fuel To Free-Speech Fire
USA Today, 3/22/01

Another Crimson Moment
National Review Online, 3/22/01

Anti-Reparations Ad Spurs Protest At Duke
The Charlotte Observer, 3/22/01

Author, UT Students Argue Over Racial Issues
Dallas Morning News, 3/22/01

Duke Students Protest Reparations Ad
The Durham (NC) Herald-Sun, 3/22/01

Ad In Duke Newspaper Stirs Protest
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), 3/22/01

Amid ongoing protests, Brown U. backs off criticism of Herald theft
Uwire, 3/22/01

Ad Debate Keeps Editor On Hot Seat
The Contra Costa Times, 3/21/01

Ad Intended to Stir Up Campuses More Than Succeeds in Its Mission
The New York Times, 3/21/01

Free-Speech Debate Splits Liberal Brown
The Washington Post, 3/21/01

Controversial Anti-Reparations Ad May Have Spurred Newspaper Theft
DiversityInc.com, 3/20/01

Unintended Consequences
The Boston Globe, 3/19/01

Invisible Ink
ABC News, 3/19/01

Fighting Back
National Review Online, 3/19/01

Reparations Now
National Review Online, 3/19/01

Brown University Newspaper Reprinted Over Student Protest
Washington Post, 3/18/01

Detecting a Whiff of Freedom on Campus
By Mona Charen, The Washington Times, 3/19/01

Brown Student Paper Under Attack
United Press International, 3/17/01

Protest Rips Ad in Brown Paper
Boston Globe, 3/17/01

Brown Protest Targets Ad
Associated Press, 3/17/01

No Apology for his Apology
The Wall Street Journal, 3/16/01

Rally Against UC Berkeley Speaker
The Oakland Tribune, 3/16/01

Enemy of the Week
The American Spectator, 3/15/01

Berkeley, Where The Reader is Always Right
The San Francisco Chronicle, 3/15/01

The (No) Speech Movement
The Wall Street Journal, 3/14/01

Regimented Ritual of Rage
The Washington Times,   3/13/01

Don’t Apologize for Freedom – Ad Expressed a Basic Right For Us All
The Arizona Republic, 3/13/01

Ad Opposed to Slavery Reparations Stirs Furor
The Arizona Republic, 3/11/01

The New Censors
New York Daily News, 3/10/01

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Horowitz?
Salon.com, 3/9/01

What the Daily Cal Editor Learned in a Week
Poynter.org, 3/9/01

Connerly to Californian: No Comment
Wall Street Journal,  3/9/01

Anti-Reparations Ad Incites College Controversy Nationwide
DiversityInc.com, 3/8/01

Ad Nauseum
New Republic, 3/7/01

Offensive Limits on Speech
USA Today, 3/8/01

Campus Leftists Attack Ad On Black Reparations
NewsMax.com, 3/8/01

Debate Rages Over College Papers’ Decisions To Run Anti-Slavery Reparations Ad
FoxNews.com, 3/7/01

UW Students Protest Reparations Ad
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/7/01

Protesters Blast UW Newspaper
Wisconsin State Journal, 3/7/01

Test Skills, Not Aptitude
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/6/01

Free Speech Dies a Bit in Berkeley
San Francisco Chronicle, 3/6/01

The Berkeley Censors
National Review, 3/5/01

Tongue Tied
FoxNews.com, 3/5/01

Politically Corrected
Washington Post, 3/5/01

Paper Apologies for Slavery Reparations Ad
Wall Street Journal, 3/5/01

UC Newspaper Apologizes for Insensitive Ad: Message Argued Against Slavery Reparations
San Francisco Chronicle, 3/2/01

College Paper Apologized for Ad: Commentator Criticized Slavery Reparation
The San Jose Mercury News, 3/2/01

College Paper Apologizes For Anti-Reparations Ad
Los Angeles Times, 3/2/01

Daily Californian Sorry for Anti-Reparation Ad
Oakland Tribune, 3/2/01

Free Speech, Racial Sensitivity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive
By Donald A. Downs, Capital Times (Madison, WI), 05/10/01

More Sifting, Winnowing
Capital Times (Madison, WI) editorial board, 05/09/01

Most Newspapers on Conservative Campuses Reject Ad Supporting Abortion
By Alex P. Kellogg, Chronicle of Higher Education, 04/30/01

The Tribune Editorial Page is Easily "Discouraged"
By Bill Murphy, Chicago Tribune, 05/08/01

Reparations Campus Campaign Update 04/01/01
www.FrontPageMag.com, 04/01/01

Daily Californian Sorry for Anti-Reparation Ad
By Chauncey Bailey, The Oakland Tribune, 03/02/01

A Point-by-Point Refutation of David Horowitz's "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks--and Racist Too"
By Tom Gorman, 04/03/01

Agitation by Ad
By Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times, 04/11/01

UNC-CH Protest Seeks Better Climate For Blacks
News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina), 04/03/01

Ad Intended to Stir Up Campuses More Than Succeeds in Its Mission
New York Times, 03/21/01

The Ad That Made a Campus Roar
Letters to The New York Times, 03/23/01

Rally Against UC Berkeley Speaker
By Mike Martinez, Oakland Tribune, 03/16/01

Horowitz Scores Sly PR Move, Lousy Media Relations
PR and Marketing News, 04/19/01

College Paper Apologizes For Ad Commentator Criticized Slavery Reparation
San Jose Mercury News, 03/02/01

Segregation and Reparations: Black Americans Should Seek Legal Redress For Losses From Jim Crow Era
San Jose Mercury News, 03/15/01

Improve Campus Climate: A Statement
By University of Wisconsin-Madison, 06/01/01

Editorial is no paper tiger
The Times (New Jersey Online), 04/07/01

Come Off It, David
By Andrew Sullivan, www.andrewsullivan.com, 04/09/01

No Apology for His Apology
OpinionJournal.com, 03/16/01

Too Tender
OpinionJournal.com, 03/23/01

Intestinally Challenged
OpinionJournal.com, 03/28/01

David Horowitz, Extreme Multiculturalist?
OpinionJournal.com, 03/29/01

Wimps of Tomorrow
OpinionJournal.com, 04/03/01

Horowitz Welshes
OpinionJournal.com, 04/09/01

Professors for Theft
OpinionJournal.com, 04/17/01

'A Clamorous and Open Marketplace of Ideas'
OpinionJournal.com, 04/17/01

Life on Campus
OpinionJournal.com, 04/18/01

A Horowitz Copycat
OpinionJournal.com, 04/27/01

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