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Hate Crimes Links By: Frontpagemag.com
FrontPageMagazine.com | Saturday, October 12, 2002

In January 2001, MTV interrupted its normal schedule to offer 18 hours of continuous, commercial-free programming on hate crimes. Most of that time was taken up by a "scroll" of hundreds of names of hate crime victims. Over 9 million people viewed the MTV special. Predictably, the programs were crafted to give the misleading impression that white men are the chief villains, when it comes to hate crime. In order to help set the record straight, FrontPage has decided to interrupt its regular programming to bring you the Hate Crime Hall of Shame – a tribute to 36 hate-crime victims who are definitely not the sort your major television networks would want you to know about. continue…

Politically Correct Hate Crimes
By David Horowitz
The renaming of this section Politically Correct Hate Crimes necessarily carries the implication that those who promulgate the politically correct idea that white people, males and heterosexuals in America are singular oppressors and that hate crimes can only be committed against specially designated victims in effect will crimes like the Wichita massacre and the killing of little Kevin Shifflett. continue...

Hate Crimes That Dare Not Speak Their Name
By David Horowitz

Time and space prevent us from filling our Hate Crime Hall of Shame with all the names and stories we would like. We apologize to the hundreds and probably thousands of nameless victims of anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian and anti-heterosexual violence who are not included in our list. continue…

PC Hate Crime in Witchita

The Wichita Horror
By Scott Rubush

IT WAS A QUIET NIGHT for five friends gathered at a townhouse in Wichita, Kansas-until an unspeakable crime interrupted their evening and abruptly ended four of their lives. Now a media blackout has descended on the event, cloaking the politically incorrect fact that the victims of this hate crime were white and their accused killers black. ...continue

Hate Crime Cover Up

The Wichita Massacre
By Stephen Webster

 Wichita Horror Fuels Debate over Hate Crimes
By Valerie Richardson

Wichita to Revisit Brutal Slayings as Testimony Begins
By Valerie Richardson

Welcome to the Special Hate Crime Edition
By Richard Poe

What is a "politically correct hate crime" anyway? David Horowitz introduced the concept in his controversial bestseller Hating Whitey. continue…

Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes

Click Book Cover To Buy

by David Horowitz

The book the publishing industry tried to censor.

Click here to read "License to Kill" – an excerpt from Hating Whitey.


More PC Hate Crimes

Black Hate on Trial
By Scott Rubush, 10/26/00

Hate and the Elvis Factor
By Larry Elder, 07/09/99

Black Racism: the Hate Crime that Dare Not Speak Its Name
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Progressive Crime Wave
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Racial Profiling: The Death of the Civil Rights Movement
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Deafening Silence
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The Franklin Street Outrage
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Republican Sigh of Relief
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In Defense of Slurs
By Jennifer Kabbany, 08/30/01

Hate Crime in Chicago
By John Kass, 10/04/02

NAACP is Misguided and Wrong
By Larry Elder, 07/27/01

The Lynching of John Ashcroft
By Larry Elder, 01/03/01

Criminal Double Standard
By Larry Elder, 03/13/00

Racial Witch-Hunt: The Left is Guilty of Racial McCarthyism
By David Horowitz, 01/22/01

Are You a Hate Criminal?
By Richard Poe, 08/30/01

The Media’s Hogwash on Hate Crimes
By Tanya Metaksa, 08/30/01

Black Racism
By Larry Elder, 10/31/00

A Kid Dies in Cleveland
By John Perazzo, 07/25/02

Party of Fear, Politics of Hate
By David Horowitz, 10/30/00

Stop--in the Name of Hate
By Chris Weinkopf, 06/19/02

The Truth about Hate Crime Statistics
By John Perazzo, 08/30/01

Hate-Crime Law – The Socialist Agenda to Legitimize Hate
By Jamie Glazov, 08/30/01

Hate Crime Hall of Shame 2001
By Scott Rubush, 08/30/01

Hate Crimes are Multicultural, Too
By David Horowitz, 10/26/98

Priests in the Temple of Hate
By Richard Poe, 07/27/00

FAIR Responds to Richard Poe’s ‘Priests in the Temple of Hate,’
By Jim Naureckas, 08/03/00

MTV’s Agenda of Hate
By Scott Rubush, 08/31/01

Deafening Silence
By David Horowitz, 03/15/00

Al Sharpton’s Double Standard
By Richard Poe, 03/09/01

Remembering the Central Park Jogger
By Nicholas Stix, 07/13/00

Free Mumia?
By Paul Mulshine, 08/01/95

Gunfire on the 5:33
By Paul Vitello, Newsday, 10/01/97

High Court Upholds Verdict in Rebel-Flag Inspired Slaying
By Karin Miller, Associated Press, 02/08/00

Missouri Killer Complained of Racism
Associated Press, 11/22/99

Ex-NAACP Leader Beaten by Blacks for Defending Confederate Flag
By Dana David, 06/08/00

Blacks Against Asians
By Brandon Bosworth, 12/13/00

Jesse Dirkhising, the Whole Story
www.Frontpagemag.com, 04/28/00

A Black-on-White Attack Prompts Question of What "Hate Crime" Really Means
www.foxnews.com, 06/16/00

D.A.: Race Was Behind Attack
By Patricia Hurtado and Sean Gardiner, Newsday, 07/16/01

Woman Charged with Faking Hate Crimes
By Robert F. Moore, The Charlotte Observer, 07/18/01

Does the New York Times Think It’s OK to Kill White People?
www.FrontPageMag.com, 10/26/00

The Lead Investigator Strikes Back
By David Horowitz, 03/13/00

License to Kill
By David Horowitz, 07/13/00

Tiffany Long: Too White To Be a Victim
www.FrontPageMag.com, 02/28/00

For Jesse: Lessons of a Rape and Killing
By Andrew Sullivan, 03/22/01

Beating Revives Hate Crime Debate
Jack Money and Steve Lackmeyer, Daily Oklahoman, 06/23/99

Black Racism: The Hate that Dares Not Speak Its Name
By Ying Ma, The American Enterprise, 11/01/98

Progressives vs. Poor
Progressives vs. Poor
By Sandy Baird, On the QT, 08/23/01

The Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About
By Russ Kick, www.loompanics.com, 2001

Whatever Happened to Equal Protection?
By Paul Craig Roberts, www.townhall.com, 08/22/01

What About Hate Crimes by Blacks?
By Walter Williams, 08/30/01

Why Are Black Leaders Silent on Black Hate Crimes?
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, www.salon.com, 03/06/01

Hate-Crimes Laws Not for "Whites" Only
By Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune, 08/30/01

Expressions of Ethnic Animosity
By James Lubinskas, 11/24/99

Remember the Zebra Killings
By James Lubinskas, 08/30/01

Six Oddities About "Hate" Crimes
By Lowell Ponte, 08/30/01

The "Death Wish" Question
By Richard Poe, 08/30/01

I Was a Campus Hate Crime Suspect
Tom Scerbo, 08/30/01

Havana in the U.S.A.
By Myles Kantor, 08/30/01

Manhunt in Alabama Triple Shooting
By Wendy Reeves, 05/09/00

Penn State QB Charged with Beating Cop
Associated Press, 05/15/00

It’s Sharpton Time! Murder and Mayhem in New York
www.FrontPageMag.com, 06/27/00

Man Indicted in Death of Boy: 8-Year-Old Stabbed to Death; Kin Hurt
By Paul Bradley, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/26/00

It’s About Race, Stupid!
By Nicholas Stix, Toogood Reports, 06/27/00

Inter-Racial Crime: The Dirty Little Secret
By John Perazzo, 03/20/01

Boy’s Stabbing Draws Attention about Race
Ellen Sorokin and John Drake, Washington Times, 07/13/00

The Hate Crime That Wasn’t
Washington Times editorial board, 07/12/00

Updates: Inner Thoughts of a Racist
www.FrontPageMag.com, 03/15/00

Shifflett Defendant Attacks His Lawyer in Court
By Ellen Sorokin, Washington Times, 10/26/00

Zimbabwe Prez Declares Open Season on Whites
www.FrontPageMag.com, 06/20/00

A Slaughter That No One Noticed
By John Perazzo, 02/20/02

The Politics of Hate
By Lowell Ponte, 11/01/00

Virtual Hate Crimes
By Lowell Ponte, 03/06/02

Let's Outlaw "Hate"
By Lowell Ponte, 10/19/99

The Hate Politics
OpinionJournal.com, 04/03/01

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