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I'm OK, You're Y2K By: Lowell Ponte
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, January 04, 2000

MARTIN LUTHER ONCE WAS ASKED what he would do if told that the world would end the next day. Replied this founding father of Protestantism, "I would plant a tree."

Unlike the rulers of Y1K a thousand years ago, who urged everyone to repent and pray, President Bill Clinton urged his subjects to party on Y2K and have a good time—but to report immediately "anything suspicious."

I hereby, only slightly belatedly, honor the President's request. Among recent events and statements I regard as "suspicious" are the following:


· It is suspicious that President Clinton gave CBS, apparently for free, exclusive rights to broadcast America's Millennium Gala, our nation's New Year's Party, paid for by taxpayers at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. That gala included a wretched mosh of clichés as Mr. Clinton became the first (and, let us pray, last) president in our history to use the minutes ticking down to New Year's as a spotlight into which his insatiable ego inserted itself with an embarrassingly bad speech.

CBS, whose initials may as well stand for Clinton Booster Sycophants, has for seven years done all it could to propagandize in behalf of Bill and Hillary. CBS 60 Minutes Executive Producer Don Hewitt has long boasted that he personally elected the Clintons with a famous post–Super Bowl interview in 1992. Unknown to the public, Bill and Hillary were given all interview questions in advance and were allowed, like movie stars, to record as many "takes" to questions as they wished. The CBS Gala monopoly over a public event, like renting out the public property of the Lincoln Bedroom for private profit, is one more payoff to CBS for years of licking Bill and Hillary's shoes, covering up their crimes, and smearing those who told the truth about them.


· It is suspicious that among Mr. Clinton's first initiatives of the New Year was a $10 million commitment to develop "smart guns" controlled by radio signals, computer-chip recognition, or other means that can be fired only by their owners. Every such technology he and Al Gore support also have another feature—like post–1987 cars with computer chips in their engines, these guns can be turned off from afar by a degaussing cannon or radio transmitter. Imagine the embattled farmers of Lexington-Concord facing British Redcoats who have come to confiscate their gunpowder stores, and then imagine those Redcoats pushing a button and turning off all the colonists' guns at once. That's what Bill Clinton and Al Gore want as a disarming potential built into all future private firearms.


· It is suspicious that the national media have talked endlessly about plastic surgery by Linda Tripp and Paula Jones, yet have said next to nothing about Hillary Clinton's surgical "enhancements."


· It is suspicious that Vice President Al Gore had a private dinner in the home of ABC reporter John Cochran (which, according to Cochran, Gore lied about when caught, calling it "dinner with an old friend") that included other prominent liberal journalists and network executives—but that ABC's only two well-known conservative commentators, from This Week, columnist George Will and Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, were not invited. Days later, ABC announced that Kristol had been fired, although the liberal George Stephanopoulos against whom Kristol was to be a counterbalance had been renewed. ABC is owned by Disney, which is run by Michael Eisner, who cashed in more than $200 million in stock options just prior to New Year's Day 1993. Eisner may have been tipped off that the candidate he lavishly supported in 1992, Bill Clinton, planned to impose a retroactive tax increase back to January 1, 1993, that could have cost Eisner millions. (It has long been suspicious that the American Broadcasting Company would reject all Americans to pick as its news anchor a foreigner, Canadian Peter Jennings.)


· It is suspicious that the Internal Revenue Service cannot find more than 114 subpoenaed documents sought as evidence of Clinton use of the IRS against Administration critics, including an audio tape in which one IRS official at a San Francisco meeting reportedly talked openly of such political targeting. Do the names Nixon or Pavlov ring a bell? Among similar incidents are the mysterious discovery of subpoenaed Rose Law Firm billing records on a White House table outside Mrs. Clinton's bedroom, and a whistleblower's success in stopping the systematic destruction of the last 250 of 400 subpoenaed boxes of documents sought in connection with Clinton Administration misuse of American Indian funds.


· It is suspicious that U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson, the chief federal judge in the District of Columbia who controlled Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation into Clinton corruption, intervened to prevent the random assignment of judges in two cases. As a result, the criminal cases against key witnesses Clinton friend Webster Hubbell and former Democratic fundraiser Charlie Trie were heard by judges Johnson hand picked, two judges President Clinton himself had appointed—judges who with six other Democratic district court judges regularly met privately behind closed doors.


· It is suspicious that federal judges are prohibiting the publication of public records on the Internet, specifically the Public Financial Disclosure Records that federal judges and magistrates are required to file annually by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978. APBnews.com is suing to overturn a judiciary panel's order enjoining such publication. Why would federal judges such as Norma Holloway Johnson be reluctant to have the public know what gifts, free travel, loans, and assets such as second homes and income they have acquired during each year of honorable public service?


· It is suspicious that President Clinton would issue a Kwanzaa message honoring this collectivist holiday invented out of whole kinte cloth in 1965 by California black radical Ron Karenga as a substitute for Christmas. Clinton's message praised Kwanzaa's principles, including "collective work" and "cooperative economics." Karenga now modestly calls himself "maulana," Swahili for "master teacher" (as Paul Mulshine noted here) and teaches at California State University Long Beach. In his textbook Introduction to Black Studies (Second Edition, page 173) Karenga himself traces the roots of Kwanzaa to "the best in nationalist, Pan-Africanist, and socialist thought…"


· It is suspicious that days before his Kwanzaa message, the President had his press secretary Joe Lockhart declare that Mr. Clinton has "been very clear in his opposition to whatever organization, including the Southern Baptist, that perpetuate ancient religious hatred." The proximate reason for this attack is that the Baptists are presently urging Hindus to convert from their spiritual "darkness" to Christianity. Pope John Paul II, during his recent visit to India, likewise urged Hindus to convert to Christianity. Oddly, this has not caused the Clinton–Gore Administration to designate the Roman Catholic Church as it did the Southern Baptist Church—as a hate group.


· It is suspicious that at President Clinton's directive, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has implemented Project Megiddo to monitor those "individuals or domestic groups who attach special significance to the Year 2000." Project Megiddo is named for the place in northern Israel where the Bible's Book of Revelation prophesies that the Battle of Armageddon will happen. The prime target for Megiddo's surveillance is millennial groups of Christians.


· It is suspicious that First Lady Hillary Clinton refused to attend or participate in the lighting of the National Christmas Tree this year, thereby insulting every American Christian. In 1994, she did do a masterful job decorating the White House Blue Room Christmas tree with sex paraphernalia and drug paraphernalia. To play devil's advocate, could it be that Hillary is now silently protesting the pagan nature (see Jeremiah 10: 2-4) of this arboreal ritual forbidden by God?


· It is suspicious that President Clinton, with his moistened polling finger sensing a change in the air, declared just before Christmas that "I have never believed the Constitution required our schools to be religion-free zones." How do we square this with his relentless opposition to vouchers that let parents move their children to private religious schools? With his Justice Department's attack on schools where the Ten Commandments are posted or student religious expression such as prayers occur? With his efforts to create the new "crime" of "religious harassment" in workplaces by managers who read the Bible or wear yarmulkes? With his use of taxpayer money to notify women how they can induce spontaneous miscarriage, contrary to the teachings of many religions, by deliberately overdosing on birth-control pills?


· It is suspicious, as the Libertarian Party notes, that the Clinton–Gore regime pretends to be liberal but has done more to undermine civil liberties and privacy than any other administration in American history. While stonewalling every attempt to investigate themselves or the Democratic Party, Clinton and Gore have rushed to create a totalitarian surveillance government with overwhelming powers to spy on citizens. With Project Echelon and Tempest they evade constitutional prohibitions on warrantless wiretapping of electronic communications. They want it made illegal to encrypt your communications to escape such monitoring, even to their undying desire to put a Clipper Chip into your computers and other circuitry. With "Know Your Customer" regulations they required banks to report any "unusual" deposit to or withdrawal from your accounts … regulations that were only slightly rolled back by public outcry. They have deemed it suspicious for any citizen to be in possession of more than a few thousand dollars in cash, or to be stockpiling food and other "survivalist" supplies. With Mosaic 2000, they aim to create psychological dossiers on children from kindergarten up to detect and weed out future Thomas Jeffersons. They have used confidential FBI files to attack political opponents. And now the Clintons are preparing the ground to require DNA samples from every citizen. It's easy to see why any conservative or libertarian would oppose them, but how can any honest liberal ever support such a regime?


· It is suspicious that the Clinton Administration seems obsessed with taking guns out of the hands of private citizens—and with transferring vast amounts of military "surplus" equipment such as armored vehicles and automatic weapons into the hands of local and state police. The international disarmament treaties signed over decades by the United States define their goal not merely as disarming of the military but also disarming of the common people.


· It is suspicious that Vice President Al Gore refuses to rule out pardoning the Clintons for their apparent crimes if he becomes president, refuses to take a no-new-taxes pledge, and refuses to view the NBC interview with self-described Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick.


· It is suspicious that George W. Bush, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in year 2000, apparently feels so in need of support from other GOP governors that he refuses to promise a permanent ban on all Internet taxes. Any genuine Republican would pledge to make the Internet a perpetual freeport, an electronic enterprise zone forever free from greedy and grasping politicians. Why not? It's unjust to ask an Internet merchant across the country to pay for unneeded local police and fire protection. If it seems unfair to collect sales taxes from local merchants, the proper Republican and Libertarian answer is to relieve them, too, from such tariffs. If the possibility of Internet taxation is not foreclosed, then soon you will be paying a tax for every e-mail you send and web page you visit. If Bush prefers tariffs and taxes to freedom, he should join Pat Buchanan and seek the Reform Party nomination.


· It is suspicious that scientists weeks ago announced the first transplant of jellyfish genes into mammals. This was actually done long ago, producing the Republicans who now sit in Congress.


· It is suspicious that President Clinton continues to behave as if the chains of the Constitution place no constraints on his power … as if he were not an elected president but an anointed king, King William the Worst. He continues to use emergency powers to make recess appointments of officials and spend money where there is no emergency. He files lawsuits against gun manufacturers and merchants, boasting that he does so because he could not win the constitutionally required support of Congress in outlawing what he dislikes. He uses civil-rights lawsuits to punish those found not guilty by juries in criminal trials, thereby violating the ancient Western legal concept that citizens not be subjected to double jeopardy under law. Contrary to the will of the people's representatives in Congress, Clinton and Gore invoke measures such as the 1906 Antiquities Act or National Monuments laws that were intended to protect tiny archeological sites or historic buildings, and use such laws to confiscate millions of acres of private or state land by executive fiat. He routinely uses executive orders in lieu of law. He is, as liberals used to say of Nixon, an Imperial President.


· It is suspicious that Mr. Clinton began the new year by again betraying his gay constituency. He urged the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear the appeal of HIV-positive Alabama prisoners segregated from other prisoners in educational, recreational, and even religious programs. Is Mr. Clinton taking a step towards quarantining or otherwise limiting the heretofore protected status of citizens infected with AIDS? If President Clinton believes such segregation is acceptable in prison, then why not for public safety in society at large?

This list of suspicions could continue for hundreds of pages. Many others are foreshadowed in my previous columns archived here. Please e-mail me whatever you find most suspicious about today's scene. During the holiday, I took time in the greenhouse to plant a tree for the Year 2000, as Luther recommended. Thomas Jefferson late in life said "I am an old man, but a young gardener." Jefferson knew what kind of care and fertilizing various trees, including the tree of liberty, require. Happy New Year.

Mr. Ponte co-hosts a national radio talk show Monday through Friday 6-8 PM Eastern Time (3-5 PM Pacific Time) on the Genesis Communications Network. Internet Audio worldwide is at GCNlive .com. The show's live call-in number is 1-800-259-9231. A professional speaker, he is a former Roving Editor for Reader's Digest.

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