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Can You See? By: Lowell Ponte
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, November 24, 1999

IS HILLARY CLINTON ANTI-SEMITIC? In a recent column here, Al Gore: Second Class Male, I noted that both Jewish-born former Clinton consultant Dick Morris and Arkansas Clinton guard Larry Patterson have told of Hillary saying things that sound shockingly anti-Jewish. (Patterson also says that Governor Clinton sometimes spoke admiringly about Adolf Hitler, fascinated not by Hitler's mass killings but by the dictator's techniques for manipulating people.) New dots keep emerging that, when connected, let us glimpse more of Hillary's apparent deep dislike of Jews and Israel.

During the First Lady's recent visit to Israel, she sat silently only feet away as the wife of Yassir Arafat gave a speech accusing Israel of using poison to kill Palestinian women and children. Having heard what we now know was an accurate translation of these vile slanders, Hillary voiced no disagreement and moments later warmly embraced and kissed Suha Arafat.

Less widely reported is that during this taxpayer-funded campaign trip, Mrs. Clinton told reporters she had "no comment" about whose capital Jerusalem should be, refusing to reaffirm a pro-Israel position she put in writing only weeks ago to Orthodox rabbis in New York.

In 1998, Mrs. Clinton gave a speech in New York (broadcast to the Arab Middle East) calling for creation of a Palestinian state. Hillary's position was not new, as former Justice Department attorney Barbara Olson, on my national radio show Monday, elaborates in her new bestseller Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary, according to Olson, "has a lifetime record of support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)," even during its years of intense terrorist activity against Israel.

While Hillary chaired the New World Foundation from 1982 until 1988, it gave a $15,000 grant to Grassroots International, which, according to Olson, "had direct ties to the PLO." This grant money, she writes, was funneled to two branches of the PLO. Hillary also used her position to provide money to Ultra-Leftists in Central America, Africa, and the United States.

(Prior to that, Hillary and close friend Bill Lan Lee organized demonstrations at Yale University in support of Black Panthers who had tortured and murdered a black man. Lee was recently given a recess appointment to head the Clinton Justice Department's Civil Rights Division after the U.S. Senate made clear it would not confirm him. Hillary also worked in the office of the chief lawyer for the Communist Party USA. Says Olson, "Hillary Clinton has long been an ideologically committed radical.")

On December 6, Hillary plans to host a $500-per-person gala fundraiser in Manhattan for Americans for Peace Now. This group, writes Gregg Birnbaum in the New York Post, not only works to create a Palestinian state but also one with part of Jerusalem as its capital.

One of Hillary's most ardent fundraisers in the Northeast is Robert Crowe, who was planning a big-bucks bash for her campaign in Boston on December 1. But as Cosmo Macero, Jr., reports in the Boston Herald, this major Democratic fundraiser and attorney "has helped fight to overturn sanctions against…. Swiss banks accused of hiding the assets of Nazi Holocaust victims."

Mr. Crowe's work in behalf of these foreign banks fighting the claims of Jewish Holocaust victims and their families is no secret. Crowe had been forced to step down as fundraising chair for Democrat Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts after a public outcry about these same revelations. (It's rather like Al Gore, who hired as his campaign director Donna Brazile, knowing she had been fired for unethical behavior and lying by Mike Dukakis when she was a high official in his campaign.) Knowing his background, why did Hillary embrace Robert Crowe?

A painful question must be pondered. The Swiss banks purportedly kept gold deposited by Jews killed in the Holocaust, as well as Nazi gold stolen from Jews. How much of this blood money was paid to Mr. Crowe for his services? And how much of this stolen money from murdered Jews has found its way into the coffers of the Democratic Party in general and, in particular, the bank accounts of Hillary Rodham Clinton? Will her December 6 trip to New York to raise money to support a Palestinian Jerusalem be paid for with gold carrying the blood of these Jewish Holocaust martyrs? Or will Jewish taxpayers be forced to foot her travel bill? Every time New Yorkers, Jew or gentile, see one of Hillary's or other Democrats' ads on TV, they need to remember that blood money stolen from Jews exterminated in the Holocaust paid for part of that airtime.

No wonder New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents a largely Orthodox Jewish part of Brooklyn, has called on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Senate race in New York. So has Democratic New York City Councilwoman Ronnie Eldridge, wife of journalist Jimmy Breslin.

In the latest Zogby poll, 53 percent of New Yorkers questioned believe Hillary Clinton should not run for Senate. (If she drops out, she may be able to keep ten million dollars or more that Democrats have raised and spend it on her personal office, staff, and global travels for the political glorification of Hillary.) And now a group of Jewish New York Republicans has launched a TV ad campaign condemning Hillary's behavior, especially with Mrs. Arafat and Mideast policy.

Where are the reporters and pundits who called Pat Buchanan an anti-Semite? Why do they refuse to help Americans connect the dots that reveal Hillary Clinton's pattern of apparent hatred for Israel and Jews? If Hillary succeeds in using New Yorkers as a stepping stone to gain the presidency in 2004, as Olson believes is her goal, Hillary would be an enemy of Israel in the Oval Office. President Hillary Clinton could be the death of the Jewish state.

On Tuesday, November 23, Hillary Clinton announced that early next year she will announce that she is definitely a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in New York.

* * *

For the remainder of President Clinton's term, Hillary will cause inconvenience for potentially millions of Americans. As Republican National Committee head Jim Nicholson made public last Friday, in an unprecedented act of hubris, the Federal Aviation Agency has quietly "issued an edict to all its [flight] controllers" that Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign plane "is supposed to be treated exactly the same as Air Force One." Has Hillary been elected to any public office, much less the presidency? Why should her campaign plane be given this privileged status?

Remember when a Clinton haircut in his plane parked at Los Angeles International Airport tied up the takeoffs and landings of other airplanes for two hours? Clinton's FAA apparently has ordered that Hillary's plane be given this same priority over all other flights in her airspace or at airports. God only knows what problems this will cause at JFK International when she decides to fly in to visit that Chappaqua (from Indian words meaning "stinking swamp"), New York, home she and Bill "haven't discussed" whether he'll live in.

* * *

The Pilgrims were not the only immigrants at that first Thanksgiving. The Native

Americans were likewise not native, having trekked to this land thousands of years earlier. Less well known, the traditional corn and pumpkin pie on which they feasted were also immigrant foods. That's why every Thanksgiving I light a candle to Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov.

Vavilov discovered that all the crops we depend on for food originated in only about a dozen regions of the earth comprising only 1/40th of our world's land area. The first coffee plants originated in Ethiopia, wheat in Turkey, potatoes in Peru, oranges in the foothills of the Himalayas (orange, for which English has no rhyming word, in one of the languages of India reportedly means "food favored by the elephants"). Scientists now call these precious regions "Vavilov Centers," and scour them for wild genes with which to conjure new hybrids of vital foodplants.

Vavilov traveled the world collecting seeds. His research revealed that all the corn we enjoy originated in Mexico. The pumpkin squash originated in Central America. The Indians who helped feed the Pilgrims on that first Thanksgiving obtained these foods by trading seeds along complex barter routes that linked tribe to tribe over thousands of miles. That was necessary because without its imported crops, the United States is very poor in native foodplants, being the Vavilov Center for only a few crops such as cranberries, pecans, sunflowers, and their roots Jerusalem artichokes.

Vavilov is among this century's greatest scientific pioneers and deserves to be remembered and honored. His misfortune was to live and work in the Soviet Union. An honest scientist, he refused to accept the Lamarckian ravings of Trofim Lysenko, the man Stalin empowered to be "science czar" in the Soviet Union.

Vavilov's research plays a major role in feeding the world today. But, ironically, this great scientist probably died of starvation in 1943 in the prison where Lysenko had the nonconformist jailed. Even evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould, whose Harvard University office displays a picture of Lenin, includes in his essay collection Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes a remembrance of what his pseudo-scientific Marxist paradise did to Nikolai Vavilov.

In America we do not kill our scientists outright, but we do control and intimidate researchers with threats to their careers in a land where science and its funding are increasingly politicized.

Tim Wirth, for example, in recent years has been a leftist sock puppet to Hillary Clinton, helping arrange her propaganda conferences around the world. But not long ago he was a U.S. Senator from Colorado who once notoriously proclaimed to an audience: "We need to 'ride' the global warming issue, because even if the theory proves wrong it will lead us to make changes we ought to make anyway." The changes Senator Wirth thought we "ought to make" included massive new government controls over industry and all private property.

Suppose you work for the National Center for Atmospheric Research as a climatologist. What signal do you hear when a Senator who votes on your budget proclaims that he wants to "ride" global warming? Such a scientist would understand Senator Wirth to be saying that lots of government money is available for research showing that Earth is heating up … and that research funds will be cut for those who find evidence that our climate is not warming. The message: those who claim a Greenhouse Effect get rewarded with Greenbacks.

America could soon have its own Stalin and Lysenko. His name is Al Gore, and he's already demonstrated an ideological readiness to denounce and insult scientists whose research does not support his extremist environmental agenda. God help American science if this egomaniacal airhead ever reaches the Oval Office and decides he will control what research directions our scientists are allowed to pursue.

* * *

America will soon be singing a different tune. If present trends continue, we inevitably shall soon be required to discard our old National Anthem.

In a "Zero Tolerance for Violence" public-school system, kids can now be expelled merely for talking or writing a class essay about "Bombs bursting in air." How much longer will they be allowed to sing in school what they cannot say?

Inside any metropolitan airport nowadays you could be arrested and jailed for speaking the anthem's words that we proudly sing at the start of every professional football game. During Fourth of July celebrations we even punctuate our national song with the "rocket's red glare" of fireworks.

The government electronic communications surveillance system Echelon would automatically begin recording your telephone conversation if you uttered the words in our National Anthem. (Congratulations to the American Civil Liberties Union for last week launching an "Echelon Watch" program to oppose this latest manifestation of Big Brother.)

"The Star-Spangled Banner" evokes images of war, a "perilous fight," "ramparts" (long before the Horowitzean magazine), explosive weapons, and violence, just as the red "broad stripes" in our flag symbolize blood shed in battle to win our freedom from oppressive government. Such things are now politically incorrect and must be purged.

We can guess Bill Clinton's preference for a new National Anthem. He would want our children to rise, put their hands over their hearts, and sing "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye.

For years a variety of liberals such as Cable News Network founder Ted Turner have called for changing our National Anthem to "America The Beautiful," with words written in 1893 by Katharine Lee Bates and melody to which it is now sung by Samuel A. Ward.

"Oh, Beautiful for Spacious Skies, for amber waves of grain … For purple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain…" It's a lovely song whose opening lines

honor not a republic nor a people, but a landscape filled only with what Mother Earth and the pagan nature goddess Gaia provided before humankind arrived, a kind of ecologist's Eden. No wonder Mr. Jane Fonda and Al Gore love it.

This song, too, lapses into serious political incorrectness. "God" sheds "His" grace on America's "good" in this song, and we cannot let children in government schools sing about such sexist, judgmentally pro-American, theocratic notions. It also talks about obsolete concepts such as "self control," but nobody usually gets to the later verses where these quaint words appear. "God" is a word without meaning to millions of schoolchildren, but "bombs" has meaning. With its redeeming eco-paganism, "America the Beautiful" is more politically correct than our present anthem and will replace it.

What I'll miss most is that "The Star-Spangled Banner" was the only national anthem to begin and end with a question: "Oh, say, can you see…?" and "Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the Free and the home of the Brave?" Some of us, alas, can see that in this age of moral downsizing and expanding government, the answer to this second question is "No."

Mr. Ponte co-hosts a national radio talk show Monday through Friday 6-8 PM Eastern Time (3-5 PM Pacific Time) on the Genesis Communications Network. Internet Audio worldwide is at GCNlive .com. The show's live call-in number is 1-800-259-9231. A professional speaker, he is a former Roving Editor for Reader's Digest.

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