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The Saddam-Serbia Alliance By: Stephen Schwartz
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, October 28, 2002

A new, but actually old, member of a broader axis of totalitarian evil has reemerged from the shadows. Post-Milosevic Yugoslavia has been caught shipping military equipment to Iraq in violation of international sanctions against Saddam Hussein. For some of us, the arrangement between Belgrade and Baghdad is old news. But it has its shocking aspect: this alliance between two forms of fascism was partly set up by a Communist remnant, the Yugoslav United Left (JUL), headed by Mira Markovic, Milosevic's wife. JUL has a representative, Borisa Vukovic, working in Baghdad as an adviser to Saddam's oldest son, Odai. However, the wheels were further greased - by blood, one might say - thanks to the JUL's fascist allies in the Serbian Radical Party (SRS). SRS members frequently travel to Iraq, just as Ramsey Clark and the puppets of the so-called International ANSWER have done.

The real shocker here will be known to few Americans. The Serbian Radical Party is the most extreme anti-Muslim party in Yugoslavia. Its creator, Vojislav Seselj, is a former Yugoslav dissident - once a poster boy for the human rights profession and a guest lecturer at a leading American university. Seselj, who was homosexually raped while imprisoned in Belgrade, was driven insane by that experience, and became the most violent of all the Serb throat-cutter politicians. Seselj and SRS are directly responsible for the martyrdom of thousands of Muslim children, women, old people, and other innocents in the Balkans. Seselj and SRS enjoy substantial support from Kosovo Serbs.

The first question for the U.S. "peace movement" is: How can Saddam posture as a defender of Islam when he maintains an alliance with the people responsible for the worst massacre of Muslims in recent times?

More important is the next question: how can the Wahhabi lobby in America - the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the American Muslim Council (AMC), the Muslim Political Action Council (MPAC), etc., under the phony banner of "peace," advocate for Saddam and his regime?

The Wahhabi lobby has endorsed "anti-war" demonstrations called by Ramsey Clark's Mickey Maoist cronies. International ANSWER is an ultra-Stalinist network that parallels the axis of terror, in serving as active propaganda agents for Serbia, Iraq, and North Korea, as well as Cuba, countries they repeatedly visit and acclaim. To modify the previous question: How can the Wahhabi lobby endorse International ANSWER, which supports atheist regimes that oppress Muslims? The "peace movement" has also received backing from the neofascists of "antiwar.com" infamy, whose view on Yugoslavia is summarized by the title of one of the loathsome Justin Raimondo's columns: "Go, Slobo, Go!" Raimondo is America's number-one advocate for the false charge that Israel stood behind 9/11, and an admirer of Pat Buchanan, whose paranoia about aliens should be anathema to CAIR, but, strangely, is not. CAIR frequently recycles Raimondo's garbage. The skank wedding of International ANSWER and antiwar.com is a classic expression of the "red/brown alliance" between Stalinists and fascists, to which has now been added the "black" of the banners carried by Osama bin Laden and the Wahhabi backers of CAIR. One is reminded of Elijah Muhammad, the "Black [anti-] Muslim" founder, who after appropriating Islamic terminology in imitation of the Shriners, then obstructed the U.S. draft during World War II, as a supporter of the Japanese, and later gloried in his cordial relations with American Nazis.

Of course, Serbian fascism has its die-hard admirers in the U.S., disproportionately found among Stalinists and the kind of folks who write to certain knuckle-dragger websites with screen-names like "Honorary Serb." The JUL of Mira Markovic has inter-party relations with numerous Communist Parties around the world, and propaganda in its favor is frequently published in the People's Weekly World, the Communist equivalent of the Weekly World News. Since 9/11, blogs have been clogged with declamations by fake American patriots who believe Milosevic was a hero in the struggle against al-Qaida.

According to these boneheads, if you're not for Serbian Islamophobia, you're not a good American. The trash that cheers when Macedonian Slavs kill Albanians say that some day the Albanians will show their true colors and attack American troops in the Balkans. Those who believe in such fairytales have a long, long time to wait. Albanians love America and will never desert our cause; Albanians will, if possible, be the first to volunteer to fight against Saddam on the ground. Meanwhile, however, primitives whose hatred of Bill Clinton led them to praise Serbia's phony military prowess during the Kosovo intervention remain loyal to the Belgrade butcher. These witless web warriors continue to salivate at Milosevic's propaganda about his allegedly superior weapons technology, even as they claim to support action against Saddam.

Let's be frank. The demonstrations called by International ANSWER and the Wahhabi-Nazi coalition are not intended to safeguard peace but to protect, and to give aid and comfort to, bloodthirsty dictators and their terrorist mercenaries. The International ANSWER/Wahhabi lobby/neofascist pact mirrors the Stalin-Hitler alliance of 1939-41. And just as a phony peace movement in those days served as a Western treason front for the fascists, so does this fake peace movement pimp for mass murderers. Still, we must emphasize the primary question: how can CAIR, AMC, and MPAC, claiming to defend Muslims, side with Saddam, who has massacred Kurdish and Shi'a Muslims, and who aligned himself with Milosevic and Seselj, organizers of the mass murder of Balkan Muslims?

The answer is simple. CAIR does not defend Islam. CAIR defends Wahhabi Islamofascism, and the defense of one form of fascism ends up involving the defense of all forms of fascism: from the Saudi patrons of CAIR to Saddam to Serbia. This is the same reason a Saddamite like Raimondo defends the Serbian slaughter of Bosnian Muslims and Albanians (which, of course, he claims never happened) and Saddam's alliance with Osama bin Laden (which he also insists doesn't exist). With unsurpassable ignorance of Asian history and culture, Raimondo proclaims that the "refined" Japanese should have won World War II. Ah yes, imperial Japan, inspiration to the fraudulent "Black [non-]Muslims" and to Raimondo, now performing as the new "Tokyo Rose". Of course, Saddamites like Raimondo just love mass murder: the Serbs killed thousands of Muslims in one day at Srebrenica; Saddam killed thousands of Kuwaitis in one day; the Japanese repeatedly killed thousands in a day - first Koreans and then Chinese. Raimondo's calendar must have three red letter days, marked: Srebrenica, Kuwait, Nanjing.

The United States has proceeded with extraordinary caution in dealing with Saddam Hussein. There is no basis for organizing "peace demonstrations" today except sympathy for this fascist dictator and opposition to American global power. The latter may encompass legitimate dissent, but it more often comprises treason masquerading as an abstract, intellectual position. American Muslims have no business defending Saddam, and it is time the self-appointed leaders of American Muslims affirmed their loyalty to the U.S. and ceased acting as agents for its enemies. Indeed, no Muslim in the world should stand with Saddam, particularly when Saddam stands with the Serbs who murdered Muslim children in the Balkans. American Muslims should stay away from, and denounce, "peace demonstrations" organized by Stalinists, Wahhabis, and neofascists.

War between democracy and dictatorships is not an abstract, future possibility. It is the reality of modern history. To enjoy democracy, we must first defend it. The American shock troops of Saddam, Serbia, and the Saudis, whether they drape themselves in complaints of anti-Arab prejudice in America, or the phony anti-imperialism of International ANSWER, or a revived version of America First sedition, are the enemies of all who cherish democracy. The battlefields are one, although scattered around the world, and victory for democracy is certain.

Nobody today remembers the names of the pathetic, low-life "America First" traitors that Raimondo and other neofascists want to rehabilitate. The leftist academy in America wishes all to forget that the Stalin-Hitler Pact, not Woody Guthrie's guitar, defined the history of American Communism. And the Wahhabi lobby wants Muslims to ignore the Saddam-Serbia connection. But Saddam, his Serbian accomplices, and the Saudi-Wahhabi hatemongers will soon be defeated, and in that process, the human dust exemplified by CAIR & Co., Ramsay Clark and his Mickey Maoist brigade, and Raimondo, will be swept from the scene, soon to be forgotten. If they're lucky.

Stephen Schwartz, an author and journalist, is author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror. A vociferous critic of Wahhabism, Schwartz is a frequent contributor to National Review, The Weekly Standard, and other publications.

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