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Horowitz's Notepad: Media Bias at Baylor By: David Horowitz
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, May 02, 2002

THIS IS AN ACCOUNT of my appearance at Baylor University in Waco, Texas on April 30. It needs to be taken with a grain of media salt. I did say that Clinton was the most wretched human being ever to occupy the Oval office. But not because (or just because) his relationship with Monica Lewinsky prevented him from focusing on national security, as the article says. The point I made was that once the Lewinsky relationship was revealed Bill Clinton had a choice. He was the commander in chief responsible for the lives of 300 million Americans and many more millions around the world. He knew that al Qaeda was at war with us and that his intelligence agencies believed a major terrorist act was a matter of when and not if. He knew that the accusations against him were true. He had a choice. He could admit he had made a mistake, apologize, and get on with the business of being commander in chief at a time when the threat assessment report put on his desk every morning showed cause for alarm (two U.S. embassies were blown up by al Qaeda that summer). Or he could try to bluff his way through the mess he had made, paralyzing the Oval Office for an indefinite period of time. Nixon resigned in exactly these circumstances, and for this reason. He put his country ahead of his ego. Clinton suborned his cabinet to lie and effectively made it impossible to respond to the threat in a serious way. As Dick Morris put, America was without a president for the next 14 months. It was his choice put his own amour propre above the safety of 300 million lives that it was his job to defend that makes him the most wretched human being ever to occupy the Oval Office.

Among other slants in the article, the statement that I attacked all Muslims is flatly untrue. I described the nature of the threat as "radical Islam" and identified Wahhabism as the al Qaeda religion. Drawing on Bernard Lewis's commentaries I explained Wahhabism as a fringe fundamentalist sect that had spread wide and far because the Saud family who were Wahhabists had come into possession of Arabian oil. Following Lewis I said it was as if the Ku Klux Klan had come into possession of all the oil in Texas, and used the money to spread their poisonous faith.


Controversial activist blames Clinton, Left for endangering U.S.

By Tyler Emler, staff writer

The Baylor Lariat | May 1, 2002

David Horowitz, the ultra-conservative author and right-wing activist, held nothing back Tuesday night at Kayser Auditorium in his lecture entitled "How the Left Undermined America's Security," as he attacked the leftist movement in the United States and railed on the Clinton administration for not taking more strides to protect the nation as the terrorist threat became more pervasive.

Although there were no protests on Tuesday, many voiced their displeasure to Horowitz's candor. Early in the speech, Horowitz was speaking about Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky and how this prevented him from focusing on the security of America, when he said, "Bill Clinton is the most wretched human being to ever occupy the Oval Office."

Amid the applause of those who agreed, one man stood up and said, "I'm a Republican, and I'm walking out of here."

This extreme assessment of anything or anyone non-conservative was the norm for the evening. Clinton was the recipient of most of Horowitz's fury. He said Clinton did a terrible injustice by not being more harsh in his retaliation for terrorist attacks in the early '90s, such as the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and the removal of troops from Somalia after 18 U.S soldiers were killed in the capital of Mogadishu.

"It doesn't take a genius to see that this sends a message," Horowitz said, referring to what he thought was a lack of force.

He said that these events portrayed the United States as weak and opened the door for Sept. 11. Horowitz continued his criticism of the left by saying that those who try to justify the Sept. 11 attacks by discerning the motivations of terrorist hatred of America were "trying to defend these murderers."

He said it was easy to fall into the "Al-Qaida's mindset" that there is a justification for the atrocities of terrorism.

In the same breath, Horowitz denounced the argument by some Muslims that America is responsible for the poverty in Islamic countries. He said that the reason for this poverty is because they try to govern their countries theocratically.

"There are 57 Muslim countries and they're all poor. Do you think there is a connection?" he said. Chris Babcock, a St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore, said he appreciated having such a dynamic speaker come to campus, but the speech did not raise his opinion of Horowitz.

"He's a demagogue," Babcock said.

"I think. He's trying to use popular opinion instead of reason. He's trying to get a good 'us versus them.' He [blames] the entire Islamic world for the actions of the extreme Islamic world, and confuses the issue."

David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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