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Civil Rights Poseur By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, November 11, 2002

Ron Daniels, the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, is a frequent Fox News Channel guest. During his most recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, Daniels was asked to comment about the remarks made by Harry Belafonte about Secretary of State Powell. Daniels refused to divorce himself from Belafonte’s comments-although he said that he probably would have used other terms.

Daniels is an interesting person and noteworthy because of the literary controversy in New Jersey. He was described in a Pravda article as a protégé of Amiri Baraka the anti-Semitic, soon-to-be-former, poet laureate of New Jersey. The two have worked together. Baraka and Daniels were integral participants of the first National Black Convention in Gary, Indiana in the early ‘70’s. During the years, Daniels was a founder of African Liberation Day, the National Black Independent Political Party and the convener of the African American Progressive Action Network. Daniels rates a listing in Who’s Who in Black America.

Currently, Daniels is the Executive Director of The Center for Constitutional Rights. An organization purportedly formed to guarantee that the government be consistent with the Constitution. Although this would be in contravention to the beliefs of its leadership, including Daniels.

Before his activities with the Center for Constitutional Rights, Daniels served as the executive director of the National Rainbow Coalition and was the deputy campaign manager for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential candidacy. After the election, Jackson determined that he would continue to be politically active within the Democratic Party. Daniels, however, opted for the third party route. In 1992, he became a presidential candidate himself. Daniels was nominated as the candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Daniel’s reasons for converting to a third party were enunciated in a 1993 speech at the People’s Progressive Convention. Daniels remarked how he used to believe in supporting progressive Democrats and progressive independents against mainstream Democrats. However, he changed to building an independent party. He complained that black politicians have been co-opted by the system.

Some of Daniels speeches are rather revealing as to his ideology. His 1992 acceptance speech included his pledge to, "reach out and organize the unorganized, to knit together the various communities…destroy the slave system…which features racism and capitalism as the foundations."

According to Husayn Al-Kurdi of News International, Daniels said during that same speech that it is a duty to abolish an oppressive government. He stated that if justice and democracy cannot be won peacefully through electoral means, because of Big Business control of the election process which shuts out any serious alternative candidate, then Daniels said, "We should make the country ungovernable!"

In 1999, Daniels was honored by the CPUSA during a dinner commemorating the 75th anniversary of the People’s Weekly World. Daniels said then that he considered the People’s Weekly World, the Communist Party USA’s propaganda vehicle, vital to getting the progressive message out to the public:

"It is incredibly important when the progressive movement is under assault that we take seriously the pleas for resources," he said. "The right wing has no problem raising money for their institutions. It is vital that the PWW remain solid, especially in the era of the conglomeration of the media. We need a place we can get our message out." [1]

Daniels writings provide a clue to his attitudes and beliefs as well as his speeches. In a 1999 essay for the National Black Business Journal Daniels claimed that, "There is absolutely no history of Black people systematically advocating or conducting campaigns of hatred and terror against White people…. forgiveness, tolerance and reconciliation are traits, which are deeply imbedded in Black culture."[2] Apparently, the "forgiveness, tolerance and reconciliation …which are deeply imbedded in Black culture," does not seem to apply to Secretary Powell. Hypocrisy is not a stranger to Daniels.

In the June 2000 Black World Today, Daniels wrote, "Capitalism is an amoral economic philosophy…Its motive is …the acquisition of material wealth by any means possible. " His essay continued, "schools of thought emerged which urged Black people not to become amoral entrepreneurs emulating the greed oriented ethic of Capitalism. ..not to embrace capitalist values and behavior. "

This comment illustrates Daniels belief that capitalism is a philosophy not to be emulated by blacks and reiterates what he said in his 1992 speech, in which he equated capitalism with greed, genocide and racism. Perhaps Daniels believes capitalists need to be sent to reeducation facilities such as those that existed in the communist paradises of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Evidently, Daniels not only believes that capitalism is corrupt, he believes that democracy and the Constitution are not adequate mechanisms for political change. He once wrote, ""What Black America needs is …to fundamentally change the racist/sexist/exploitive capitalist society we live in … voting in and of itself and by itself is not sufficient …. If Black people expect to make significant progress on issues like affirmative action… prisons and the death penalty, a domestic marshal (sic) plan for urban and rural development and reparations, we had better be prepared to rock this nation to its foundation." [3]

Daniels is an example of those who would like us to believe that they are the Praetorians of our Constitution. However, from his speeches and writings it is obvious Daniels is a contemner of capitalism and democracy. He is an acolyte of communism, a political system that enslaves people.

Ron Daniels is not the person I would nominate to be the custodian of Constitutional freedoms. It seems that the Constitution would be the first thing Daniels would eliminate in order to establish his Marxist utopia.



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Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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