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Horowitz's Notepad: The World’s Most Shameless Liar Unloads Some More By: David Horowitz
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, October 22, 2001

RECENTLY, we've been getting a lot of hysterical comments from oxygen deprived Chomskyites which we have posted in our In Your Face letters column.

This one arrived on Saturday, October 20, 2001:

"Here's what Chomsky has to say about your inane, baseless, and disingenous attacks on him:

QUESTION: ... Are you upset or shocked by Horowitz's extraordinary attack on you [a column entitled "The Sick Mind of Noam Chomsky" in which he describes Chomsky as a "pathological" "ayatollah of anti-American hate"]?

CHOMSKY: I haven't read Horowitz. I didn't used to read him when he was a Stalinist and I don't read him today. Haven't seen it."

S. Barnable

Horowitz replies:

Typically counting on his worshipful followers – S. Barnable included -- to be utterly unquestioning of pearls dropping from the Master's lips, Chomsky just lets go a load of lies in the most contrivedly casual fashion he can muster—as if being identified as a sick hater of himself and his country should have no impact on a superior being.

It's true that I was born to Stalinist parents. Mea culpa! I have of course written about my political upbringing at length in Radical Son, but how insensitive to refer to that in the present context. Not even Senator McCarthy stooped so low as to condemn adolescents for their parents' indiscretions.

As a college freshman in 1956, I declared my own political identity as an anti-Stalinist "new leftist." I strenuously opposed the Soviet invasion of Hungary, at great filial cost within the household. Ever since that time -- that is for my entire writing career in the left until my last piece was submitted to the Nation thirty years later in 1979, I was a vocal anti-Stalinist. I was the foremost champion in the New Left, for example of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipalego. Everything I wrote had the stamp of anti-Stalinism, to the point that some people accused me – falsely – of being a Trotskyist -- i.e., a follower of Stalin's most hated rival. I have actually written whole books against Stalinism (e.g., Empire and Revolution), which is more than one can say of Noam Chomsky who in his current writing repeats the entire litany of the Stalinist lies about the United States without so much as an attribution.

If Chomsky had never read anything I wrote as a leftist, it might be argued that this was a kind of white lie of omission, albeit a calculated slander and therefore exceptionally repulsive. In fact Chomsky was very familiar with my work as a leftist throughout the Sixties and even cited my words in a very flattering way in his 1972 book Problems of Knowledge and Freedom. So we are dealing here not only with a particularly vicious liar but an exceptionally cynical one at that. As I have also divulged elsewhere, Chomsky once wrote me not one but two six-page single-spaced letters teeming with vituperation and insult in response to a mild and respectful criticism I had made of him in my 1979 article in The Nation. I must emphasize -- painful as it is for me to do so -- that in 1979 I still respected Noam Chomsky as a fellow new leftist. But these letters changed my view of him utterly, even before I had a chance to reassess his political chicanery.

These letters were, in fact, the first indication I had that Noam Chomsky was a nut case. Not just someone with whom I was beginning to have political disagreements, but a full-blown over-the-top narcissistic wack job. Nothing he has written since has done anything but increase this impression -- which I can assure you is shared by many. To make myself eminently clear, let me draw a parallel to underscore the distinction. Al Sharpton is an embarrassing buffoon and a disgusting racist. But he is not a loony. Louis Farrakhan is a loony. And so is Professor Chomsky.

It is my guess that Chomsky's mental disorder emanates from a pathological hatred of his American and Jewish identities. He is incapable of reasoned discussion, even with critical friends. His reaction to even empathetic criticism remains vituperation and denial.  Consider only his recent non-responses to his long-time defender and friend Christopher Hitchens – a man with whom I have profound disagreements but whom I deeply respect.

Having said my piece, here, allow me to note that we have distributed 50,000 copies of "The Sick Mind of Noam Chomsky" to 20 odd campus communities (which we shall be listing on this site). We are printing a new version of the pamphlet, which contains both articles and will be called The Ayatollah of Anti-American Hate. We are printing another 50,000 of these for distribution at MIT, Harvard, Amherst and other Chomsky infection sites.

We welcome contributions to fund further printings of this pamphlet. Every $100 will fund 1,000 copies, which we will immediately put in the hands of student victims of the Chomsky plague. To contribute click here or call 800-752-6562.

We welcome volunteers to distribute the pamphlets and to whom we will provide them free. For security reasons – Chomsky progressives are famous book-burners -- we ask that only well-known campus organizations volunteer to help us with these distributions. If you are not a recognizable organization but would still like to distribute the pamphlets, send $100 plus postage for every thousand copies you require.

David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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