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Terrorist Law School Mentor By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, November 18, 2002

When I first coined the term Americaphobe, it was to describe the attitude of those -- especially academics -- who blamed anti-American terrorism on American foreign policy. Even when America was the victim of an unprovoked attack, these people insisted it was America's fault.

I did not fully apprciate then the virulent loathing such people have for the United States of America and for their fellow citizens. Nor was I prepared for the way this attitude manifested itself on college campuses across the country. I knew that college professors routinely made ludicrous pronouncements about their country, but I always presumed the explanation was ignorance rather than malice.

Later, I wrote an essay, in which I chronicled the misinformation scholars were providing students in textbooks and studies. I cited the now discredited and recently fired Bancroft Prize winner Michael Bellesiles among others. A week later, I wrote about the annual confab of socialist scholars. Speakers at this conference included such hate America fanatics as Noam Chomsky, and apologists for terror like Edward Said.

One hallmark of the Americaphobes is their eagerness to make martyrs and icons out of ignorant extremists like Black Panther murderer Mumia Abu Jamal who has been the official commencement speaker (via audiotape from his deathrow cell) at four colleges -- four more than former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett in the same time span. .

While Mumia's commencement speeches seemed to me a high point in the anti-American frenzy that has seized some sectors of the campus community in the midst of the current war, Stanford University recently topped even that level of tenured treachery by inviting the indicted anti-American supporter of Islamic terrorism, Lynne Stewart to be a visitng mentor to Stanford law students -- an honor that would probably not be extended to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by the same academic authorities. (Lynne Stewart, to remind readers, is the attorney for the "blind sheik" behind the first World Trade Center bombing, who defied a Justice Department order and according to law enforcement officials acted as a messenger for the terrorist leader so that he could continue giving orders to his murderours cohorts in the Middle East.)

Officially, Stewart was invited by the Director of Public Interest Programs at Stanford Law School to serve as a David W. Mills Visiting Public Interest Mentor. The David W. Mills Visiting Mentor Program provides students the opportunity to interact with practitioners and scholars. Each semester, mentors spend two days as individual counselors to certain students. They make formal presentations and host kaffeklatsches with students.

The mentors are "chosen by the Director of Public Interest and Public Policy Programs from a group of interested candidates on the basis of their work experience and commitment to provide mentoring, training and assistance to public interest-minded students. SLS provides mentors an honorarium and travel expenses."

Mentors have included Marcia Robinson Lowry, Executive Director, Children's Rights, Inc., Renee Saucedo, Staff Attorney, La Raza Centro Legal, Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union. Dan Kovalik, Assistant General Counsel, United Steelworkers of America. Note the absence of say someone from the Pacific Legal Foundation, American Civil Rights Institute (Ward Connerly's organization) or any centrist or conservative group.

The Director who selected Lynne Stewart is Eduardo Capulong, Director of Public Interest and Public Policy Programs, and Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School. In order to provide some perspective of Mr. Capulong's politics let me quote to you from a letter he wrote to The Socialist Worker On Line:

Dear Socialist Worker,

The other day, a coworker told me that it took him 35 minutes--35 minutes!--to get to work that morning. He averaged 80 miles an hour on the freeway because there was hardly any traffic.

I've been meaning to write to SW about the unbelievable traffic in the Bay Area. How illogical--inhuman--it is to drive among the thousands of other single-passenger cars 80 miles or more each day to commute to work!

But what my coworker said next cast a pall on that complaint. It's the 60,000 layoffs… That's why there's no traffic these days.Inhuman in both a "boom" and a slump--that's capitalism.

Eduardo Capulong, Palo Alto, Calif.

Capulong is a regular contributor to Socialist Worker Online as well. In the June 21, 2002 edition of SWOL, he wrote about a labor protest he was involved with:

Solidarity with immigrant airport screeners

By Jeremy Sawyer, Brian Cruz and Eduardo Capulong

SAN FRANCISCO--Labor activists are organizing to defend two workers at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) who were victimized for daring to fight for their jobs.

In May, Globe Aviation Services, which supervises baggage screeners at SFO, accused Erlinda Valencia and Aurora Rallonza of insubordination "for giving interviews and talking to the media." The two had spoken out against the post-September 11 Aviation and Transportation Security Act, which requires screeners to be U.S. citizens. As a result of the law, about 800 immigrant workers stand to lose their jobs at SFO alone…Bien Conanan and Leticia Santo, who were in town to speak at the political conference Socialism 2002."

Rather prolific with his journalism Capulong wrote an article for the September/October 2002 edition of the Third World Traveler about the Philippines:

"Washington and Manila could not have more shamelessly scripted the escalation of their "war on terror." Secretary of State Colin Powell concluded his eight-country tour of Southeast Asia here August 3 to coincide with what was to be the end of "Balikatan," the military operation launched by the two countries against the kidnap for ransom group Abu Sayyaf in February. Yet days after his overnight stay, government officials announced that U.S. combat troops-about 1,160 of them-would be staying after all. Their new targets: "communists" and trade unionists… Just as the equation of terrorism with Muslims, Arabs, political dissidents, and others is a prelude to the sweeping abrogation of civil rights in the U.S., so too is Arroyo's equation of terrorism with "communism" in the Philippines."

In the bio, he is identified as Eduardo R C. Capulong, a member of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ISO is in  "the revolutionary tradition of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. We have branches across the country that organize activists in workplaces and communities and on campuses in order to mobilize opposition… The ISO believes that capitalism produces poverty, racism, famine, environmental catastrophe and war. ..We believe another world is possible." The leader of ISO at the University of California, Berkeley, was recently in the news for giving a lecture class the "politics and poetics" of the Palestinian liberation (i.e., terrorism) movement from which he barred conservative students. (In response to public protest) university officials forced him to admit all students to the course but did nothing to change its reprehensible content.

Is it any wonder that Capulong would be eager to invite a person who has openly expressed her desire for " violence directed at the institutions which perpetuate capitalism, racism, and sexism, and at the people who are the appointed guardians of those institutions, and accompanied by popular support." Or who recently said in an interview. "I¹m such a strange amalgam of old-line things and new-line things. I don¹t have any problem with Mao or Stalin or the Vietnamese leaders or certainly Fidel locking up people they see as dangerous. Because so often, dissidence has been used by the greater powers to undermine a people¹s revolution. " This is just what Stanford Law students apparently are lacking -- a mentor from the treason left.

Prior to his Directorship at Stanford, Capulong was with the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights and the ACLU. A sister organization, the Northwest Immigrant Rights Coalition is responsible for forcing the INS to release illegal alien John Malvo who went on to become one of the two DC snipers.

Ironically, Stewart was scheduled to speak on Veteran's Day. Law professor Deborah L. Rhode, the 1998-99 president of the American Association of Law Professors, had agreed to introduce her. Rhode is an expert in sexual harassment cases and represented the Democrats as a minority counsel with the House Judiciary Committee during the Clinton impeachment (she told me that what Clinton did was not sexual harassment). Rhode also wrote a defense of Stewart in an op-ed piece that appeared in the April 16, 2002 New York Times. She compared Stewart to American founder, John Adams, and said that the Republic will not exist if we indict attorneys for representing terrorists. This was a twisted account of what had transpired. Stewart has been indicted for assisting terrorists in their crimes not for representing them in court.

Happily not all is lost in our universities. The Dean of Stanford Law School, and one of the nation's leading experts on the Bill of Rights, Kathleen Sullivan, did not find the planned visit of Stewart to be such an educational bonanza and rescinded the invitation. In a fax Sullivan said, "It has recently come to my attention that in public statements you have expressly supported the use of violence to achieve social change. In light of these statements, I unfortunately cannot allow the Law School to confer upon you the title of David W. Mills Public Interest Visiting Mentor."

Of course the anti-American radicals at Stanford would not be deterred by the denial of an official blessing and Stewart came anyway. She spoke at a conference at Stanford during the weekend and met with students at an unofficial one day mentoring program on November 12. 

While the official Stanford response was refreshing, let's not overdo the celebration. Stanford University still does not officially allow an ROTC program on campus. Hopefully the federal government will withdraw all its economic support Stanford in the near future. I am sure a letter writing campaign from concerned citizens would help. Stanford alumni also need to know the support their college and particularly its faculty are giving to anti-American activitities.

And the American public needs to know that Americaphobes who advocate the use of terror against the institutions of America's democracy are being subsidized not by "Moscow gold" or even Bin Laden gold, but by institutions like Stanford which are tax-exempt and tax-supported to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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