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Canada: Base for Terrorists By: Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Documents recently released by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), Canada's CIA, have confirmed that, for more than a decade, Canada has served as a financial and logistical base for Hezbollah’s operations in the Middle East.

Hezbollah is the Lebanon-based terrorist organization responsible for myriad massacres, including the attack on the US embassy in Beirut in the early '80s that killed 240 US Marines.

These documents came to light after they were sent to North Carolina for use in a cigarette-smuggling case there involving Hezbollah supporters.

Once again, the Canadian government of Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien earns another medal in the Canadian Hall of Shame.

Believe it or not, Hezbollah is not even an illegal organization in America's northern neighbor. Not content with consistently showing a complete lack of commitment to the U.S.-led war on terrorism, the Liberal Chrétien government has refused to completely outlaw the radical Islamic group. Last December, the government composed a proscription list of terrorist organizations following 9/11, banning only Hezbollah’s armed wing, and leaving its social and political arms untouched.

Despite the recent revelations of Hezbollah exploiting Canada as a base for its terrorist operations in the Middle East, Bill Graham, the Liberal Minister of  Foreign Affairs, still defends his government's decision not to banish the rest of Hezbollah from the country. He says its political wing is "legitimate" because it has 12 elected members in the Lebanese parliament, while the social wing helps poor people in Lebanon. Graham also said keeping these lines of communication open with the group may help achieve peace in the Middle East.


It is at least comforting that Stephen Harper, leader of the conservative Canadian Alliance Party, is not as dangerously naive as Graham. Harper, in his common sense, straightforward manner, termed the Liberal Party's Hezbollah distinctions "absurd", calling the group what it really is: "a terrorist organization that exists to promote terror and violence."

The evidence bears Harper out.

Mohamed Hussein Al Husseini, an alleged hijacker and Hezbollah agent, told CSIS in 1993 that Hezbollah's three arms all engage in terrorism and are controlled by one man. While in Canada, Al Husseini was living in Montreal in true Canadian lib-left style - on welfare - when apprehended by CSIS, to whom he also admitted that Hezbollah also sends agents around the world to collect information.

But collecting information wasn't all Hezbollah has been doing the last ten years in Canada. According to the CSIS documents, its Canadian operatives were busy purchasing such peaceful, humanitarian items as blasting devices, night vision goggles and camera equipment to record its attacks against Israel, while also forging travel documents and raising money. Agents also received from Lebanon lists of items to be purchased in Canada, the goods bought with hundreds of thousands of dollars that came through Canadian banks. As well, Hezbollah theft rings were also busy stealing luxury cars in Canada and sending them home - where they are driven by the terrorist organization's higher-ups.

But perhaps the most frightening revelation was the recordings CSIS made of agents discussing taking out life insurance policies on people living in Lebanon and then having them killed. They called this money-making plan the "miracle strike."

Hezbollah's Canadian connection was also revealed in disturbing fashion two weeks ago in Israel. The Israeli government says a Canadian man in its custody, Fauzi Ayub, is a Hezbollah agent who was sent to formulate attacks in their country. The Israelis describe Ayub as a "veteran Hezbollah militant" who has caused "numerous casualties among civilians." And when he lived in Canada, the Israelis say Ayub was working for Hezbollah there.

But all of this shouldn't come as a surprise , seeing that Prime Minister Chrétien actually recently attended a Francophone summit in Lebanon that militant Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah also graced with his presence. Chrétien, in typical style, didn't use the opportunity to denounce the terrorist organization.

So, it’s not really a great surprise, therefore, that Al Husseini told CSIS that Hezbollah poses no danger to Canada, since Canada does not have a problem with Hezbollah.

Well, obviously.

Besides Chrétien’s disgraceful disposition, the Liberals' shameful record concerning Hezbollah is also owed to their concern for the ethnic vote, especially the growing Muslim one in Canada. The basic creed of the Liberal Party, after all, is "multi-culturalism." Such cynicism is also partially responsible for Canada having banned only seven terrorist organizations since 9/11, while America has proscribed over 30.

But Glen Foster, Canada's anti-politically correct comedian, sees a silver lining in this pathetic reality. Foster says he would be shocked if Islamic terrorists attacked Canada, since this is where they send their relatives for safety.

You got that one right Glen.

Stephen Brown is a contributing editor at Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Russian and Eastern European history. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

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