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'Hate Crime' Statistics Lie By: NewsMax.com
NewsMax.com | Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Law enforcement agencies reported nearly 10,000 so-called "hate crimes" in 2001, the FBI said today. As usual, whitey is listed as the biggest offender - but check out what is, and is not, considered a "hate crime."

"Apparently motivated by the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, hate crimes caused by ethnicity and national origin doubled over the previous year," United Press International said today. The headline by the Associated Press: "Hate Crimes Targeting Muslims, Middle Easterners Surged in 2001, FBI Says."

Police agencies reported 553 "hate crimes" caused by "bias toward the Islamic religion" and said the jump came about "presumably as a result of the heinous incidents that occurred on Sept. 11."

The FBI reports that 2,899 blacks, almost 1,400 homosexuals, more than 1,000 Jews and 891 whites were victims of "hate crimes" in 2001.

"Whites comprised [sic] the vast majority of known offenders for all cases, at 6,054, followed by blacks at 1,882," AP reported today. It failed to note how many "hate crimes" were carried out by Muslims.

The great majority of these "hate crimes" were mere cases of intimidation and vandalism, according to UPI.

Those Who Forget History ...

Let's see, something seems to be missing. Wasn't there a major crime that occurred in this country in 2001 that isn't accounted for here? Something a tad more serious than intimidation and vandalism?

It's coming back to us: It was in early September. Yes, that's right, it occurred in New York City, rural Pennsylvania and Arlington, Va., on - oh, what was that date again? That's right, Sept. 11.

So: Nearly 3,000 people (most of them white, by the way) die at the hands of Muslim extremists on 9/11 in the most hateful crime imaginable. Yet the thought police who judge what is and is not a "hate crime" refuse to acknowledge historical reality.

Do the politically correct consider the 9/11 atrocities to be "love crimes"?

But wait, there's more. As the Wichita Massacre illustrates, prosecutors often refuse to classify vicious attacks against whites as "hate crimes." Many people know about the evil murder of James Byrd, but very few could identify the victims of Reginald and Jonathan Carr.

Likewise, many Americans know about the despicable murder of Matthew Shepard, but few know about the equally vile murder of young Jesse Dirkhising. Be sure to thank the P.C. media establishment.

Violence is equally immoral against anyone: Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, animists, agnostics, atheists, homosexuals, heterosexuals, whites, blacks, Latinos, etc. So how come some victims are more equal, and some perpetrators less equal, than others? Has the United States turned into one big Orwellian "Animal Farm"?

Footnote: As one NewsMax reader from Texas observed: "Whites outnumber blacks 6-1 in the population. According to the watered-down stats quoted, white 'hate crimes perps' only outnumber black ones 3-1. So wouldn't a fair summary be: 'Blacks commit hate crimes at double the rate of whites'?"

A fair question, but the same media that ignore Jesse Dirkhising and the Wichita Massacre won't raise this issue either.


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