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Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever By: Joseph J. Sabia
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Last month, a group of conservative students at Cornell University (including yours truly) squared off against radical leftists in a debate on the following question: "Does Cornell University promote racial segregation on campus through its housing policies?" The event was attended by several hundred students, most of whom were extreme left-wing racial minorities who were unable to maintain civility. They repeatedly interrupted speakers, whooped uncontrollably, and viciously attacked a black conservative on the panel. By debate’s end, the audience resembled the sort of trash one would expect to see at the Jerry Springer Show. Still, important arguments were brought to light in a much-needed public airing.

Cornell University sponsors three race-based dormitories—the Latino Living Center, Ujamaa Residential College, and Akwe:kon. "Ujamaa" is a Swahili word that roughly translates to "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" (actually, it translates to "economic collectivism"). Ujamaa serves as the campus’ black dorm. Akwe:kon, a name difficult to pronounce because of the presence of a colon in the word, houses American Indians and preaches anti-Western values. Two of these dorms exist as a direct result of riotous protests and physical violence. Ujamaa was created following the 1969 armed takeover of Cornell’s student union; the Hispanic Center was born in 1993 after radicals assaulted policemen and stormed the central administration building.

Cornell’s race-based dormitories serve as indoctrination centers where "ethic studies" professors—mostly from the Africana department—brainwash minorities into believing that white supremacy is the dominant American ideology. This form of racial politics indoctrinates minorities into believing that being around whites is "unsafe" and that comfort can only be achieved through segregation.

In the late-1970s, the New York State Department of Education forced Cornell to stop targeting black students for Ujamaa-specific advertising campaigns. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the New York Civil Rights Coalition (NYCRC) was very active in denouncing Cornell’s de facto racial segregation regime. In 1994, Michael Meyers, the Executive Director of NYCRC, filed a complaint with the New York State Department of Education in which he argued that segregated dormitories were contributing to a racially tense and academically unhealthy educational environment. Sadly, both the university and the State of New York ignored Meyers’ complaints.

In response, the racial pimps leading these race-based dorms have been emboldened to preach even more militancy. In April 1997, several hundred residents of these dorms stole 500 issues of Cornell Review, blocked traffic for several hours, and held a Nazi-style newspaper burning. In September 1998, six white conservatives were thrown out of a public meeting in Ujamaa by Nation of Islam wannabes and told "Sometimes the family needs to be alone."

On January 27, 2002, Africana Studies Professor James Turner hosted an event entitled "The Aftermath of Sept.11th...Patriotism or Puppet Show?" Upon my arrival, I was greeted with, "Hey, it’s that nigga from the [Cornell] Review. Look at that f***ing snake!" At this public forum, a student offered his view on 9/11, which went completely unchallenged by the faculty present:

"Who did it? It could have been four Italians. How do we even know who was on the plane? Maybe the Taliban is not guilty. Maybe Afghanistan is not guilty. Who even said that Osama bin Laden did it? How do we know? It could have been a white guy from New Jersey."

Other students compared the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the Ku Klux Klan and argued that September 11 was merely "chickens coming home to roost." One black girl even expressed disappointment in her mother’s renewed patriotism:

"I went home for fall break and my mom gave me a flag. I was very disappointed. Until I can walk out of my house with all of the rights of an American, I cannot be proud of that flag and what they say it stands for."

These are the mainstream views in Cornell’s race-based program houses—loathing of Western Culture, bitterness toward America, and hatred of whites.

Very few students are willing to publicly challenge race-based dormitories for fear of being labeled "racists," "bigots," or "hate-mongers." Even though these students make up the silent majority of Cornell students, they are terrified that huge groups of angry leftists will scream at them for being "ignorant" and "stupid" if they speak up.

There is even greater political pressure on black and Hispanic conservatives to keep quiet. When Cornell student Elliott Reed, a black conservative, dared to deviate from the black nationalist line in a public debate over campus segregation, a black radical pointed at Reed and said:

"You see those white [conservative] boys sitting next to you. You think you’re one of them? They don’t see you as equal to them. I’m sure they call you ‘nigger’ behind your back."

As the crowd started whooping and cheering over that slander, Reed responded by saying:

"[This crowd] is proving exactly what I knew would happen. You people are acting like a bunch of inflamed savages."

And because he spoke the truth, university officials removed Reed from the event, selectively enforcing a speech code against "personal attacks." This outrageous assault on free speech was met with black hooligans chanting and celebrating over their successful infringement on a fellow student’s first amendment rights.

Race-based dormitories are a crutch for emotionally unstable and politically brainwashed minority groups. They serve as an ideological war room for 1960s era black nationalist professors who wish to indoctrinate the next generation of Black Panthers. Along with racial quotas and ethnic studies programs, race-based residence halls promote racial tension and inflame anti-Western sentiment. There is only one solution to this horrific racial problem on Cornell’s campus—these dormitories must be torn down brick-by-brick.

Joseph J. Sabia is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at Cornell University.

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