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Great Britain: Terrorist Haven of the West By: Alexis Amory
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Housing illegal asylum seekers costs the British taxpayer $14,000 per person per week. There are currently upwards of 90,000 illegal refugees in Britain seeking public assistance, besides those already receiving handouts. Fake asylum seekers carrying AIDS and TB are draining the British free health service of resources the British taxpayer paid for in the expectation of health care being available for themselves on demand.

The subway stations are clogged with Rumanians, Gypsies and other strangely dressed women carrying babies, begging aggressively. These women also infest London’s famous shopping areas, like Oxford Street, Regent Street, Kensington High Street and Knightsbridge, and they’re also a highly visible and irritating presence in the centers of other major British cities. Begging has long been against the law in Britain but the police have lost the will to enforce it, citing that if they arrest women they break up families and then hordes of their children have to be taken into a system that is already overloaded.

All of this is true. But rather than simply round up every Gypsy and Rumanian beggar in the country and put them all on a boat to the last safe country they passed through (in most cases France), the government kowtows to the human rights activists and the clinically insane advocates of open borders. Genuine asylum seekers are supposed to apply for asylum in the first "safe" country they come to. In close to 100 percent of cases, this is Germany, France or Italy. In any event, it is always on the continent. But the British welfare system is far more attractive than those offered by the wily continentals, so illegal travellers hop into the backs of trucks headed across the English Channel, magically evading Customs & Immigration at Dover, or scramble over the wire fencing supposedly protecting the Euro Star tunnel while the French, not being stupid, turn a blind eye. Once in Britain, they melt away.

No one has yet taken up the cause of the "human rights" of the British citizenry unjustly burdened by these scroungers, parasites, criminals and terrorists. No one seems to have addressed, or even recognized, the question: Where are the men? After all, someone fathered all those dangling babies. While these women are out pestering passers by with their whining, what are their equally undocumented menfolk doing? Dealing in drugs, stolen property, prostitution, asylum scams and provision of false documentation to other illegal aliens in almost every instance.

Meanwhile, back at the mosque, thousands of male illegal aliens, many of them from Algeria, listen to incendiary anti-Western Islamic rhetoric from the likes of Abu Hamza, otherwise known as Captain Hook, and take lessons in making incendiary devices and other weapons of civil terror. France, which as the former colonial ruler of Algeria has a long history of understanding that nation’s mindset, has constantly warned Britain that many of the people sheltering under Britain’s loony asylum system are terrorists. In many instances, French intelligence services have provided names of terrorists known to be living in Britain, and have even told British intelligence which mosques they attend. The British government shrugs and says, in effect, "We’ve got our eye on them. They’re more use to us at liberty as they lead us to others of their ilk …" - who also won’t be arrested or expelled from Britain. Meanwhile, British taxpayers – against their will - shell out money for food, shelter and medical care to tens of thousands of people who have no right to be in the country in the first place and who mean us harm.

Harriet Sergeant reported in The Daily Telegraph, on a recent "bombing campaign in Paris, masterminded in part from the Finsbury Park mosque, with arms and ammunition hidden in Belgium. This came to an end when Belgian police discovered not only the GIA arms dump, but even a field hospital, and that hundreds of Belgian passports had vanished from the Belgian foreign ministry. Some GIA terrorists departed to train with al-Qa'eda. Others came to Britain." Where they remain.

And now it seems that the Home Office cannot find the 3,000 illegal asylum seekers it has belatedly stirred itself to try to interview. By now, there are tens of thousands of undesirables with false documentation receiving the most generous welfare benefits in the world and clogging up the health services. The ones who are just along for the free ride are set for life – some of them even complaining that local councils aren’t offering them big enough houses. One "asylum seeker" was incensed because the house she was offered didn’t have a garden. Of the 16 Algerians detained in January, including the ones suspected of manufacturing the poison ricin, 10 were seeking asylum and living on welfare.

In a raid of the home of one Nigerian asylum seeker, police found some 13,000 forged documents, including blank electricity and gas bills, British and Nigerian birth certificates, driving licences and even phony nursing qualifications.

Peacable Muslims, like chairman of the Algerian refugee council Dr. Mohammed Sekkoum, says he knows who the terrorists-in-waiting in his community are. "I know the names of many of these people. These people were killers in Algeria and now they are here. I have told the immigration service about them, but the authorities told me it was nothing to do with me."

This month, to the relief of the British electorate, the terrorist police finally stormed the notorious Finsbury Park mosque, long a hotbed of terrorist rhetoric and training.

In an absurd display of deference, the police thoughtfully covered their shoes before entering the mosque, which they had opened with the use of a battering ram swung from a helicopter. They had also made advance arrangements for other "worshippers" (the ones who weren’t going to be arrested) to worship someplace else for the duration of the raid. These dainty niceties are not accorded native British criminals. Needless to add, the human rights brigade tuned up the screeching volume at once, and the "Muslim community" expressed anger, complaining that the police had been "heavy-handed and Rambo-like." What did they want? A ballet?

Inside the mosque, terrorist police found a stun gun, a CS gas canister and hundreds of suspected forged or stolen passports, identity and credit cards.

Ever willing to humble itself in the face of politically correct aggression, Britain’s Labour government is refusing to act on a French request for the extradition of a Muslim man suspected of a terrorist outrage in France. Their obscure reasoning being that the French might breach the terrorist’s "human rights." The French may be a vastly irritating people, but they do not beat or torture prisoners. On the other hand, they don’t accord right to asylum and free legal assistance to former Taliban fighters. Britain does.

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