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Forget Drugs, Oil, and SUVs: Evil is Nourished by Student Fees By: Vic Spooner
The Signal | Wednesday, February 12, 2003

A few weeks ago, GSU's Student Center hosted a "teach-in" promoting "non-violent solutions to war in Iraq." Reportedly, the event was sponsored by the (awkwardly named) Atlanta Student Coordination (ASC). A search among names of all official GSU student groups yielded nothing on the ASC. As a result, I have two questions: who paid for the ASC's use of our University Student Center?; and who invited Elaine Brown, ex-communicant from the civil-rights mainstream, and former Black Panther gangster, to be the keynote speaker?

In case you were unaware, the original Black Panther Party (BPP) was founded in 1966 by two street thugs named Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. Newton was actually a quite shrewd manipulator: he concocted political justifications for his on-going criminal activities (i.e., drug dealing, pimping, and extortion) by disingenuously touting himself as a revolutionary engaged in civil disobedience; he garnered liberal sympathy by promoting the BPP as an oppressed vanguard at war with the existing American power structure; and his bogus claims of BPP adherence to Marxist-Maoist strictures garnered him tremendous financial/legal support from affluent supporters of radical causes. For Huey, "revolution" and Marxism were damn good hustles.

The overwhelming majority of Newton's many crimes were committed against poor blacks, and most of his financial support came from rich, misguided whites. The bulk of donated money went not to worthy BPP causes, but up Newton's own nose (in the form of cocaine), and toward endless bail postings for BPP muscle. Obedience to Newton's will was enforced by beatings (of black men, by black men) with bullwhips and chains. Chairman Bobby Seale, and leaders like Ericka Huggins, openly advocated torture and murder of turncoats. For Alex Rackley, party member and suspected police informant, death was deliverance from unimaginable agony: BPP thugs inaugurated several days of torture by pouring boiling water over his bared chest.

In addition to regularly beating young Elaine Brown, Newton groomed her to be one of his closest lieutenants. After Newton killed a prostitute (by shooting her in the face), other local pimps put a bounty on his head. Subsequently, circa 1973, he fled to Havana to avoid both assassination by his peers and prosecution by legal authorities. Elaine, based in California, stayed in daily phone contact with Newton. In addition to coordinating activities in Newton's absence, she is suspected of having relayed Newton's order to have BPP accountant, Betty Van Patter, kidnapped, raped, and murdered. (Newton later claimed that "Elaine killed Betty": read David Horowitz's book, Radical Son.)

Elaine eventually fled to France, underwent extensive psychiatric treatment, and shacked up with a rich, white French socialist for several years. Former BPP associates claim that Elaine's autobiography purposefully omits/obscures many of her own more hideous deeds, and, since writing it, Elaine has busied herself by hypocritically condemning America, whites, and everyone else. Five years ago, after being bodily evicted from Morehouse College's MLK Memorial Chapel, Elaine told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that "Jesse Jackson does not represent anybody but himself', and that O. J. Simpson, Mike Tyson, Marion Barry, and Louis Farrakhan were "reprehensible". She also vowed not to become just some "relic dragged out during Black History Month."

Yes, this same Elaine Brown was keynote speaker. Who paid for this misuse of our Student Center? Which misguided soul mistook Elaine Brown for an expert on foreign policy, or for a promoter of non-violence? Elaine's mediocre autobiography purposefully advertised her own radical credentials to campus groups that specialize in promoting anti-Americanism. The recent "teach-in" at GSU was not about free speech, dissent, or conscience. It was about bigotry and an all-consuming hatred of America, and, apparently, through student fees, we all helped to fund it.

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