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Brazilian Anti-Americanism is Dangerous By: Olavo de Carvalho
www.olavodecarvalho.org | Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Brazilian anti-Americanism is turning into furious rage, and nobody in Washington seems to be conscious of it. I am tired of being the ONLY pro-American columnist in the main Brazilian media and suffering attacks and death threats for it, while Americans themselves don't care in the least about what is happening here.

A message signed by Joao Pedro Stedile, the leader of the "landless" movement, spreads all over the internet the "news" that Americans have been incessantly bombing Iraq with BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS for the last eight years -- and nobobdy contradicts him.

Every big Brazilian newspaper says Americans are only fighting for oil, and nobody contradicts them.

Tons of pictures showing George W. Bush with a Hitler-style mustache reach every Brazilian mailbox, but no message against Saddam Hussein is seen anywhere except  in my own electronic newspaper www.midiasemmascara.org and a few other sites owned by my friends.

Any anti-American lie, even an absurd one, is immediately taken for granted as pure truth. Any pro-American word I write is at once explained as the work of a professional liar "sponsored by Wall Street". My personal situation is the best symbol of the Brazilian state of affairs. Hundreds of powerful NGOs have millions of dollars (even from the Ford Foundation) to spend on anti-American propaganda, but the only Brazilian journalist that fights against them, with his own personal resources, with no American or local support, is accused of being "sponsored” by Wall Street, the CIA or the Pentagon. My life is turning into a Franz Kafka novel. If I believed in reincarnation I would choose to be born again as a communist or a radical anti-Zionist. That's the best of lives for a Brazilian.

Is it really IMPOSSIBLE for American conservatives to take into account what is happening here? Is the Latin American "Little Axis of Evil" so unimportant for you? Is it really impossible for Americans to say a single word in defense of themselves in the Brazilian press? Don't you really have an Embassy here, or is it too busy pampering Lula to find time to do something good for the USA? Are pro-American Brazilians such comtemptible people, from both American and Brazilian points of view, that they should never be believed at all?

Olavo de Carvalho is a Brazilian philosopher and writer.

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