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Islamofascism Rising in Holland By: Alexis Amory
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, March 06, 2003

In an online poll last year asking voters to give their opinions on which would be the first European country to adopt sharia law, France seemed like a shoo-in. After all, it is within 35 years of having Muslim majority – given the respective birthrates of Muslims and the indigenous population – and has a problem with both legal and illegal immigration from Muslim countries.

However, Holland galloped into first place, demonstrating an impressive prescience among the respondents. Long the ne plus ultra of hashish-induced fuzzy thinking, Holland’s drug laws, or lack of them, have assured the country’s position as the munchie attack Mecca of Europe.

Readers may recall the assassination about a year ago of gay activist Pym Fortuyn – a politician often labeled a "hard right-winger" by the fascist lefty media. Far from being a rightist, even in the most generalized sense, Fortuyn feared that Muslim immigrants were getting far too loud a voice in Dutch politics, and he campaigned, and gained widespread support, on a platform of limiting, or stopping entirely, Muslim immigation and opposing any further concessions. He gained widespread support from the public, although the ruling elites and the newspapers castigated him as illiberal. Rotterdam, one of the largest ports in the world and once the pride of Holland, now has a majority Muslim population in this tiny country.

Opponents, predictably, accused him of racism, a charge he effortlessly felled as he pointed to the ethnicities of his many former lovers, and also to the fact that the deputy head of the political party he had founded, was black. What Fortuyn feared was that the Muslims were getting an over-confident voice in Dutch politics and were gnawing at traditional Dutch freedoms in an effort to get Islamic laws incorporated into Dutch law. He feared that Holland’s freewheeling attitudes to drugs and sex - and especially, in his own case, homosexuality – would gradually be encroached upon by the immigrants in the name of "religious freedom" - their religious freedom to bend the rest of the world to the will of Allah.

Fortuyn’s fears were well founded.

The Arab European League, founded by a Hizb'Allah terrorist and responsible for riots and anti-Semitic violence in Belgium.  It has organized patrols in Antwerp against "anti-Muslim discrimination" by police trying to combat the high level of criminality among Arab youths and has just opened its first branch in the Netherlands. Its first announcement was that the state of Israel should be dismantled. According to one Jamil Jawad, 36, at the League’s inaugural meeting on March 2, Israel is a Zionist entity and thus, by some arcane reasoning, has no right to existence. Wasting no time, he went on in the same meeting to demand that Holland’s legal drugs-selling coffee shops and legal prostitution should also be abolished. While he was on a roll, he also demanded that Islamic holidays be declared public holidays in the Netherlands and that Turkish and Arabic make an appearance for selection in the public schools’ curriculum for national exams.

Perhaps as a sop to the host nation, perhaps because they believe, for the moment, softly, softly catchee monkey, the AEL-NL has announced that it is against the imposition of sharia law. This is highly unlikely, as the Dutch will find out as Holland’s ancient accretion of civil rights and freedoms is gradually eroded and eventually outlawed in the name of "tolerance." or "community peace." or "not wishing to offend the Muslim community." or any of the other lily-livered excuses the European governments now offer their populaces to explain why their legal freedoms are being curtailed. Yet the AEL’s Belgian leader, Dyab Abou Jahjah, who was a speaker at Sunday’s inaugural meeting of the Dutch branch, said the Dutch branch was being set up in response to the "witch hunt" against Muslims in the Netherlands.

Given that the Arab European League has been responsible for riots and anti-Semitic violence in Belgium, the Dutch government giving them permission to form a branch in Holland seems ill-considered, to say the least. But then, never let it be said that the Dutch government banned anything. They have legalized drugs, they have legalized euthanesia. You name it, Holland’s got it. So now it’s got an official, legal terrorist organization dedicate to erasing all these typical Dutch freedoms and the Dutch way of life. Can tolerance go any further?

All the countries in the EU seem strangely oblivious to the danger Islamofascism poses to their freedoms, and this puzzles the EU electorates. But should they have the temerity to speak out, question or voice mild opposition, they are accused by hastily set-up government agencies of being "racist." New laws are enacted with great dispatch, without a democratic airing or argument, outlawing all forms of perceived racism, including thought-racism, save the racism promoted by Muslims. The Dutch AEL press officer NaVma Elmaslouhi, for example was quoted as telling Saturday’s Handelsblad newspaper in advance of Sunday’s inaugural meeting of the Dutch AEL that she didn’t disapprove of Moroccan youngsters chanting "Hamas, Hamas, gas the Jews," as happened during a protest march in Amsterdam in 2002.

When stating that Israel, as a perceived Zionist state, had no right to exist, interim leader Jamil Jamad added that the land belongs to the original inhabitants. This rule does not seem to apply to the Muslim invaders of Europe, who must be astonished at the ease with which they are conquering Europe.

Political correctness and "multi-culturalism" – presented as though they are good things rather than a destructive thing to the coherence of ancient monocultural societies – are paving the way. How long before they demand that Arabic be made a "national" language alongside Dutch? Could sharia law come to Holland? How could it not? Who among the politicians, now that the brave Pym Fortuyn is dead, would tell them nay? With their policies of unremitting appeasement of the invaders who wish to import their bigotry and have it made law, the Dutch appear to be further along the road to surrender than other European countries. But those other countries would be wise to pay attention. Ask not for whom the Dhimmitude calls. It calls for thee.

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