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"Peace" Rally Organizer Supports Terrorism By: Chet Dembeck
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, March 17, 2003

If you want to get a better fix on who’s really behind today’s anti-war movement, I urge you to take a hard look at the Workers World Party, a group that never saw a terrorist it wouldn’t defend.

This vintage Communist organization’s website proves how wrong the big media is in charactering the antiwar coalition as a groundswell of soccer moms rising up against the foreign policies of President George W. Bush.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once you carefully peruse the pages of this shrieking Bolshevik tabloid, you’ll begin to quickly understand that the current antiwar movement is really an ensemble of perennial America haters. Like a troupe of washed-up actors fighting each other to get to an open casting call, these hardcore revolutionaries hope to stoke a fire against the United States using the camouflage of peace.

Allying itself with enemies of the U.S. is a tactic Workers World has enthusiastically embraced since its birth in 1959. But today, instead of defending dictatorial Communist regimes – because most of them are extinct—it defends Middle-East terrorists and dictators.

You can see this plainly by randomly reading articles from the publication’s archives.

Once you get pass the orthodox, Marxist gibberish that fills every page, you quickly discover a strident pro-terrorist theme, which paints Palestinian suicide bombers as heroes and their terrorist leaders as oppressed victims of an imperial U.S. and Zionist Israel.  

Barbarism Equated With Heroism

For example, a headline on an article about a recent Palestinian female suicide bomber reads, “Why woman Israel calls terrorist is hero to many Palestinians.”

The piece then goes on to justify the woman’s deliberate murder of innocent Israeli civilians by giving an anecdotal account of how the suicide bomber’s witnessing of Israeli atrocities using weapons made in the U.S. drove her to this heroic act.

“How much can a person take?” the piece asks. “Is it really so surprising that, every time Idris saw a picture of a suicide attack, she reportedly told her sister-in-law, ‘I wish I could do that.’”

It is surprising to me that this article and its publisher, the Workers World, can’t distinguish the difference between Israeli soldiers attacking and killing armed terrorists who are lobbing mortars at them from someone who purposely straps ball bearings and explosives to their waists then commits suicide by turning themselves into deadly shrapnel in the midst of a crowd of women and children.

Unfortunately, both Israel and the United States have killed and wounded innocents during armed conflicts. But the difference in how these legitimate nations react to such tragedies speaks volumes.

Both the U.S. and Israel apologize and often pay compensation to the relatives of the accidental casualties. For instance, when the U.S. mistakenly downed an Iranian airliner, it paid millions in retribution to Iranian citizens. Conversely, terrorists dance in the streets celebrating the deliberate slaughter of innocent U.S. and Israeli civilians and then pay compensation to the relatives of those who committed the atrocities.

Another striking omission in this article is any mention that when U.S. and Israeli soldiers are accused of committing atrocities they can be tried and convicted of war crimes. Remember U.S. Army Lt. William Calley? Even Prime Minister Sharon came under investigation by his own government in 1983 for the Sabra and Shatilla massacre.

When is the last time the PLO investigated Yasser Arafat for the massacre of innocent Israelis? Never.

Mendacity Of Calling For Justice

Another article in the Workers World’s archives entitled “Free, Free Palestine” is a report covering a so-called 100,000-people strong pro-Palestine march on Washington, D.C. As usual, there is no independent verification of this number. There’s also more support for Palestinian terrorism expressed in a quote of one of the 17-year-old organizers, who is identified as an African American.

“It seems that the rest of the word is beginning to learn what the Palestinian people have proven through heroic resistance: that there will never be peace in the Middle East until there is justice for Palestine.”

A few paragraphs later we find out how this group defines this sought-after justice:

“We have to end the criminal partnership between the U.S. and the state of Israel.  We must oppose the exclusionary character of the Israeli state,” the article exhorts.

This is a euphemistic way of demanding Israel to stop being a homeland for Jews—in other words cease to exist.

There is no mention in this article about the numerous efforts Israel – with the help of the U.S. –has made to resolve the Palestinian issue by spending countless hours negotiating with the PLO in good faith, only to have their actions desecrated by a suicide bomber attack against Israeli citizens.  Also, there’s no mention of the U.S position that any permanent peace must be linked to formation of a Palestinian state.

So why do groups like the Workers World ignore these prudent attempts by Israel and the U.S. to stop the bloodshed?

The obvious answer is that they don’t really want a peace that doesn’t include the elimination of Israel.

Hamas As A Victim 

Along with characterizing the PLO as victims, Workers World also wrings its hands for the terrorist Hamas organization. In an article entitled “Sharon replies to 'peace plan' with massive assault,” the World Workers justifies a recent Hamas terrorist bombing this way:

Sharon's tried-and-tested method of dealing with recent negotiation initiatives is to carry out extreme provocations against the Palestinians,” the author wrote. “These provocations by themselves cause little furor in Washington. However, when the Palestinians retaliate, the cry goes up in Washington against the Palestinians and the negotiations are iced.”

So once again, in the eyes of Workers World, the PLO and Hamas are not responsible for murdering innocent Israeli civilians. It’s Prime Minister Sharon who is at fault. This is the same perverted logic voiced by common criminals who often blame their cold-blooded murders and rapes of innocents on some real or imagined grievance they have with society.

In an article entitled “Palestine will never accept colonialism,” Workers World reveals the real reasoning for it defense of terrorists.

Palestine is part of a global struggle,” the article says. “Capitalism can’t offer a better life. The last 10 years we have seen an increase in both poverty and wealth, according to the United Nations. In the last four years the top 1 percent of the populations wealth has doubled. There is a material basis for human solidarity. Capitalist globalization will create workers’ globalization.”

So with the waving of a red flag, the Middle East conflict is instantly transformed from a struggle between Palestinian terrorists and Israel into a struggle between oppressed workers and their Capitalist exploiters.

Dictator Becomes Oppressed Underdog

Along with defending terrorists, Workers World also defends the governments of amoral dictators such as Saddam Hussein in a piece called “Iraqi people prepare for U.S. invasion.”

Instead of asking legitimate questions as to why Iraq has never complied with a United Nations resolution to destroy its weapons of mass destruction, it makes Saddam’s government a victim.

“Beyond the initial attack lies the prospect of a long U.S. occupation. This is a colonial war to steal the resources in an area where nationalist and anti-imperialist sentiment is very strong,” the article contends.

So here, once again, Workers World defends the regime of a brutal dictator who has invaded and used poison gas on his neighbors over supporting two elected governments that try and live within the framework of international law.

What is the motivating force behind this insanity?

One word: Communism.

Intuitively, Workers World gravitates toward government’s run by such megalomaniacs as Saddam.

That’s because no elected government trying to implement such a bankrupt ideology would ever stay in power in a democracy. People throughout the world have risen up to overthrow Communist regimes.

While watching a recent biography on Hussein, I noted with interest that one of his heroes, as a boy was Stalin.

In an article entitled “Problems of the Soviet economic reforms,” Workers World also appear to justify this monster’s murderous holocaust of the millions of Ukrainian and Russian farmers.

“The imperialist bourgeoisie was intransigent in its attempt to overthrow the young socialist republic and allied itself with all the leftovers of the reactionary propertied classes,” the author writes. “This is not to excuse Stalin's repressions, but his unlimited use of terror during the entire period of his tenure didn't just fall from the sky, it had a material basis.”

There you have it. Terrorism defended once again – the Workers World Party way.

Chet Dembeck is a seasoned reporter who has covered business, Congress and the federal government.

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