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The Death of Right and Wrong By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I have been fascinated watching the meltdown of today’s Leftists as they lose their collective mind over the war to liberate the Iraqi people. I was wondering how long it would take for the left to publicly expose their betrayal of principles they have touted for so long. This war is made, through and through, of the stuff the caring, compassionate, "I’m-For-The-Underdog" Superhero for the Victimized and Disenfranchised Left wing of American politics has always claimed as their realm. Finally, through their own actions, the lie of the morally superior Left has been exposed.

On its face, the condemnation by the Left Elite of a war which represents the classical liberal principle of freeing and empowering people, ending violence and tyranny, seems inexplicable. But it’s not - as I explain in my new book The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values (Crown Forum, April 22, 2003); today’s supposed protectors of individual liberty are no longer able to act on principle or on doing the right thing because, for them, there is no right thing. The scourge of moral relativism rules the day for the Leftist elite and commands the rejection of the most basic notions of right and wrong, good and evil.

Ranging from maniacal street protests to vile anti-America diatribes on award shows and news programs by celebrities, Leftists still protest a war which even they know will be ridding the world of a barbaric regime that oppresses, tortures and murders its own people. Women and children, the heralded domain of the feminist establishment, have never been safe from Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical reign, and have experienced the most horrific of lives, which included rape rooms and other torture chambers.

It has been nothing short of obscene to listen to the rantings of leftists claiming the war should stop to "save Iraqi babies." In fact, it is only this war which will finally save those babies. How dare American feminists in particular oppose this action. They didn’t even have the moral footing to voice support for Operation Iraqi Freedom when Hussein’s thugs began using children and pregnant women as human shields for soldiers and as hostages in homicide car bombings. It is in his nature to defile and destroy life. We’re now finding out it is in the nature of the Feminist and Gay Elite to not care as they bow to the God of Moral Relativism.

That’s why the war to liberate Iraq, and the reasoning behind it, is such a threat to the left: specifically because it highlights a moral standard of decency, a standard which is universal and cuts across religious and political grounds. It reminds Americans and everyone else of the value of acting on what’s right and just. And judgment! That, of all actions, is the greatest sin in the bacchanalian world of the Left. In their moral void, anything which exemplifies virtue and values must be condemned. This is why, even at the expense of the lives of innocent people in Iraq and the frames of minds of our soldiers, they so selfishly condemn and still work to stop the liberation of Iraq.

It is also why, I predict, the Left in this country will work to stall, demean, and politically sabotage the post-war rebuilding effort. While that also doesn’t make much sense for the "compassionate" arm of American politics, we know now that it’s not about what’s right; it’s about them, and their reliance on the death of right and wrong. In the effort to secure a culture the Left wrongly think needs to be void of values for their lifestyles to thrive, the Iraqi people are to be sacrificed. Because it would inconvenience the Left to no end should personal responsibility and values come back into vogue.

When you consider the recent track record of the Left when it comes to important social issues, their rejection of action which will save lives and make the world a better place doesn’t seem so out of character. In The Death of Right and Wrong, I describe the world as defined by the leaders of the Left Elite, where:

*Murdering your children isn’t murder if you’re a woman; it’s post-partum depression.

*Sex addiction, compulsion and promiscuity aren’t problems if you’re gay; they’re part of an "alternate lifestyle."

*Murdering a police office isn’t murder if you’re black; it’s a "heroic" act.

*Vandalizing, degrading or mocking the symbols of a religion is only a hate crime if the object is Islam or Judaism. If the target is Christianity, it’s "art."

*Murdering 3,000 American civilians isn’t terrorism if the murderers are Muslims; it’s the Freedom Fighter’s heroic last act against an oppressor.

I detail these examples and so many more which exemplify how the left is driven by an agenda to change Americans’ fundamental values and to make discerning right from wrong the new blasphemy. It is an agenda meant to indoctrinate you into the same corrupt moral relativism which rules their world: a Looking Glass world that also absurdly insists freeing the Iraqi people is to be condemned. Where Americans are to sit and do nothing as others suffer. Because you are not to come to judgment. You are to understand that there is no good and no evil. Where the inner child of the depraved and murderous, like Saddam Hussein, is to be "understood" and negotiated with.

For far too long, the cynical malignant narcissists who control left-wing special interest groups have worked to convince their constituencies that values are dangerous. It’s time we put a stop to that lie. The war to liberate Iraq has been a terrific first step in reminding the world that America, once again, has the courage to act on what’s right. Whether leftists here at home and around the globe like it or not.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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