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Cleaning Up More Clinton Crap By: Robert Sentry
Ether Zone | Tuesday, April 15, 2003

On April 10, Matt Miller wrote some waste that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer with the following title:

Credit military success to Clinton's policies, not Bush's defense spending spree

As is the case with fantasy land writers, I now show what their title should have been, post-analysis:

Credit military success to Bush's will to fight, in spite of Clinton's defense slashing spree

I listened to a bit of Rush Limbaugh's program on Thursday as he, unfortunately, gave a well intentioned but weak effort to counter this piece of garbage. Rush lacked the ammo for this Miller op-ed so we will load up and aim now . . .

The Hardware Was Designed Or Produced Before Clinton

The remarkable feats in Iraq are being performed by Bill Clinton's military. This should be obvious to anyone not blinded by ideology or partisanship. We've been told repeatedly how much more lethal and accurate our forces are in 2003 than they were in 1991 - so much so that we needed only 250,000 troops to drive to Baghdad and change the regime, as opposed to the 500,000 we sent merely to oust Saddam from Kuwait in Gulf War I. Something like 90 percent of the bombs and missiles we use are "precision guided" today, versus roughly 10 percent back in 1991.

All of the major weapons systems employed in this war were designed and mostly produced before Clinton's warped White House ways. In the case of the B-52, the first prototype was produced when Clinton was a toddler. The B-1B is a Ronald Reagan bomber as is the B-2.

R&D for the JDAMs began before Clinton, and the Tomahawk cruise missile was used in the 1991 Gulf War. The tail kit availability for the JDAMs has increased since the Gulf War, but to say the JDAMs are credited to Bill Clinton is—as appropriate for Clinton—a lie.

The F-14, F-15, F-16, and A-10 are all Richard Nixon era aircraft, while the F-18 Hornet first flew during the Carter failed presidency. The F18E/F model is the Navy's newest aircraft and is a Bill Clinton era aircraft, but it is an upgraded model of the original F-18.

The M-16 was used when Bill Clinton was dodging the draft during the Vietnam War and in Moscow spitting on the US flag when he was not burning it. The Paladin howitzer and the Abrams tank are both Ronald Reagan weapons systems.

All of the aircraft carriers on duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom were designed or built before Clinton's corrupt regime. The newest carrier, the CVN-75, the USS Harry S. Truman on duty in Iraq, had its keel laid in 1993 but was funded before Clinton defiled the White House.

The Predator and the Global Hawk were designed during Clinton's impersonation of Commander in Chief. These recon systems have helped us greatly with intelligence, but even if we did not have them, the forces still would have attained military victory, although at a possibly higher casualty count.

President Bush Has The Will To Fight Clinton's Wars

Defense planners will tell you that none of the impressive leaps in our military capability have taken place suddenly in the last 18 months. No, much as it must incense Rush Limbaugh and Tom DeLay, we are liberating Iraq with Bill Clinton's military.

"Bill Clinton's military"? Not only was Clinton not the president when these hardware systems were produced, but what good is a military if the president does not use it?

Bill Clinton's derelict actions regarding Mogadishu, Somalia cost very brave Americans their lives. Clinton refused to give these brave soldiers the military hardware they needed and Clinton had. What did "Bill Clinton's military" do about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1995 when Americans were killed? What did "Bill Clinton's military" do about the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996? What did "Bill Clinton's military" do about the US Embassy bombings in 1998? What did "Bill Clinton's military" do about an attack on a US naval vessel, the USS Cole in 2000? Other than stand in front of a podium and bite his lip while mumbling the same tired old "we will hunt down these criminals and bring them to justice", he did absolutely nothing.

President Bush has shown the will to fight where Clinton showed the desire for flight away from any responsibility of a real Commander in Chief.

Even After Numerous Attacks Against The United States, Defense Spending Was Slashed

The myth that Democrats are "weak on defense" and the GOP is "strong" is one that Democratic strategists have struggled with for years. The reality is that Bill Clinton's defense budgets roughly tracked the blueprint left by then-defense secretary Dick Cheney in 1992.

That is because the Democrats are "weak on defense". Carter so trashed the military that it took eight years for Reagan to rebuild it. We could not have even done the Gulf War in 1991 if it was not for a complete rebuild of our defense industry by Ronald Reagan.

As this chart shows, the green line of defense spending (left scale)—as a percent of total outlays—declined steadily during the Clinton cartel. HR (social welfare spending)—red line right scale—soared as our military suffered greatly. Even more gruesome (not shown here) was the beating the intelligence services took under Clinton's perverted period in the White House.

The socialists who control the Democrat Party have only one bank to rob when it comes to feeding the social welfare hog that buys them votes and that is the Department of Defense budget. There are no other sources to steal from and that is why they trash the military and that is why they truly are "weak on defense".

Contrary to what Matt Miller said, it is not a myth but the facts of this chart show it is a reality.

Clinton Handed Off Wars For Bush To Fight

I hope all honest Americans - and I know that includes you, Rush and Tom - join me in toasting the unrivaled capabilities of the military that Bill Clinton handed off to his successor.

Indeed there are a few things that Clinton "handed off" to President Bush—Sept 11, 2001, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Korea. Clinton was a traitor to the United States who attempted to hide under his desk after repeated attacks on the United States but could not do so only because a fat intern beat him to it.

Matt Miller has shown here that he is no better than other ridiculous retards being a groveller of garbage in the sleazy tradition of a Katie Couric wannabee.

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