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The Bottom of the Barrel By: Ryan O’Donnell
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Reading Overthrow.com, edited and published by former Pravda columnist and self-proclaimed anti-Semite1 Bill White, is akin to driving past a gruesome automobile accident on the highway; you just can’t help slowing down to investigate the wreck. With its web site traffic beginning to rival that of such mainstream political sites as "The Weekly Standard," it seems Overthrow has been attracting more than its fair share of rubberneckers. However, such high volumes of readership should come as little surprise. After all, with such "news" headlines such as "Jews Order US To Attack Syria," The United States Will Lose In Iraq," "Rather to the Devil in Hell... Then To A Jewish God In Heaven" "Don't Assassinate The President: That’s Not Where The Real Power Lies," and "The Marines Should Be Abolished," Overthrow frequently resembles little more than ridiculous intellectual wreckage. Although it is tempting to dismiss Bill White and the anti-Semitic, anti-American garbage that litters his site as the last desperate assault of a dying ideology, Overthrow has managed to position itself as the new leader for the Red-Brown political alliance, and therefore demands serious consideration.

Often referred to as the "Third position," as it is technically neither a politically-Left nor politically Right-wing movement, this new doctrinal synthesis, which is one of the fastest growing ideological movements on the political fringe, uses a strange brew of socialism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism to unite extremist factions from both sides of the political spectrum. The "Red" of this emerging alliance refers to the anti-capitalists, anti-globalists, displaced Bolsheviks, and Far-Left Socialists who have struggled for political relevance since the death of communism, while the "Brown" represents the Brown-shirted thugs of the various neo-Nazi movements. Although for much of the twentieth century, the Reds and Browns were diametrically-opposed political organizations, their increasing marginalization has forced them into an alliance cemented through anti-Semitism.

Websites like Overthrow have provided the anti-Semitic foundation for this emerging Red-Brown consensus. The primary feature of Overthrow is Bill White’s Libertarian Socialist News (LSN) service, a collection of news reports handpicked by White and frequently drawn from a variety of biased, unreliable sources, including al-Jazeera, the Iranian Parliament, and www.iraqwwar.ru (though reports without sources are not uncommon). White insists that the stories posted to the LSN service represent "censored information"2 denied mainstream exposure because of politically subversive content. However, it seems more likely that LSN’s stories fail to receive broader circulation because the "news" being reported frequently consists of barely coherent anti-Semitic fantasies, or, even worse, mere fabrications that represent the wishful thinking of Bill White. For example, on April 10, 2003, White posted a news alert warning that, "The US is planning to destroy Tikrit—the entire city. Genocide for 250,000 people with these MOAB bombs and their less powerful counterparts."3 Even Baghdad Bob, Al-Jazerra, and Le Monde missed this impressive scoop. Oddly enough, White failed to provide a source for this update.

The sources Overthrow employs to provide the majority of its LSN updates reinforce the anti-Semitic ideology presently fueling the Red-Brown alliance. Even when White decides to employ a more mainstream source for his news reports, he frequently compromises the information by adding inaccurate or anti-Semitic commentary. Recently, White posted a piece from the National Review simply to grant himself a forum through which he could attack writer Jonah Goldberg as the "Pillsbury Jewboy"4 denounce Senior Editor Michael Ledeen as a "Kike Secret Agent,"5 and propose renaming the publication "The Kike Review."6 Such anti-Semitism, almost amusing in its simplicity, reveals the extent of White’s ability to execute meaningful political debate. By boiling down the uncertainties of twenty-first century life into bombastic anti-Semitic headlines, White makes modern life seem a little more manageable for the politically alienated and intellectually disinclined. Of course, White is only stealing from Hitler’s playbook circa the end of the Weimer Republic, but then again, the one thing Bill White has never been accused of is being original. That is not to say, however, that Hitler was original either. For centuries, Jews have been attacked in times of political uncertainty by men and women who lack the courage or intellect to address the complex challenges presented by social instability. The recent increase of visitors to Overthrow.com reveals, rather unsurprisingly, that in this era of social and political flux, Bill White has seduced web surfers looking for easy answers and scapegoats. Rather than offer any substantive criticism of the positions taken by conservatives, White can only muster the hollow charge of "kike." Such foolish rhetoric presents as much political veracity as White’s belief in Atlantis and the pending return of some sort of Aryan "Secret King" once the lesser races of the earth have been purged in a great fire.7

Since there are essentially no verifiable facts, aside from insults and anti-Semitic slurs to support much of the "news" reported on Overthrow, LSN often serves as the premier breeding ground for some of the more colorful anti-Semitic conspiracy theories presently poisoning public discourse. On Friday, April 11 2003, under the auspices of a "news" report, LSN, linking from TBRnews.org, reported that the "SEC launches a probe into Israeli 9/11 stock deals: Jews seemed to know attacks were coming."8 Like every other anti-Semitic story posted on LSN, the report offers no verifiable sources for this information, and provides only enough detail to agitate the intellectually gullible. The only factual information contained in the article is that the SEC is looking into suspicious stock activity before the 9/11 attacks. Nowhere in the article is it verified the SEC is investigating Israeli 9/11 stock transactions. The best evidence the article can provide for any such Israeli insider trading is the allegation that there has been "a great deal of talk about the insider trading of American stocks by certain Israeli groups both in Canada and Germany between August 26 and the Sept.11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon."9 Despite the fact that the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and DOJ have not offered the slightest indication such an investigation is taking place, apparently "a great deal of talk" is a sufficiently weighty enough source for such incredible allegations. Then again, should the public expect much more from the same information service that carried such other "news" items as "The weird men behind George W. Bush’s war: Jews, not Oil Men,"10 "CIA Ordered Attack on Russian Ambassador,"11"Christians: Traitors to America.,"12 and of course, my personal favorite, "Iraq under Saddam is Freer than America."13

However, while many of White’s news reports and conspiracy tales provoke more wild-eyed disbelief than a chapter of Chomsky, of far greater concern to clear-thinking women and men across the political spectrum should be the violence several LSN posts seem to encourage. As one of the leading sources of disinformation for the Red-Brown Alliance, Overthrow unquestionably carries a great deal of influence with the political fringe. Since it is highly likely that any outbreaks of political violence, or even domestic terrorism, will stem from the political extremes, any encouragement of violence by White or his LSN needs to be addressed. On March 18, 2003, the top story of White’s Libertarian Socialist News wire proclaimed, "Flag Bashers Wanted: Send Your Photos Here."14 The article, while professing that White "can’t encourage anyone to engage in such activity,"15 asks for his readership to send him any pictures of "flag waving faggot[s] getting their heads kicked in."16 White also notes, "it would make his day"17 if one of these "flaggots" were any of the writers employed by Free Republic, National Review, Weekly Standard or WorldNetDaily. Not only is White essentially provoking violent assault, a distinct possibility given his expressed desire for photos depicting the violent physical assault of patriots coupled with the sway he holds in the fringe community, but he is actually providing specific individuals for whatever deranged Red or Brown shirt who decides to take him seriously. That is, if he was even joking to begin with. Subsequently, serious or not, such provocations of violent harassment towards pro-war advocates should be taken very seriously by our civil authorities.

White seems to be obsessed with the idea of violence toward members of the Jewish community, as well as "flaggots," the term he so cleverly employs to deride patriots. Despite his insistence that he has never encouraged violence against Jews, on April 7 2003, Overthrow carried the LSN news report, "Klansmen, Nazi Held in Rape of Jewish Spy,"18 with the note that White, "found this amusing."19 The story, originally from the July 6, 1979, edition of the Philadelphia Journal documents how the head of the New Jersey Ku Klux Klan and the reputed leader of the Garden State Nazi Party violently assaulted, imprisoned, and repeatedly raped a twenty-year old woman from the Jewish Defense League. White apparently decided to re-run the article, not only because he found humor in the act of rape, but also because, as he comments with the story, it offers "an idea on how to deal with hateful Zionist Jews."20

Despite White’s repeated claims that he has never advocated violence, his comments about raping Jewish women and bashing in the skulls of patriots paint quite a different picture. Whether or not White is personally sincere in his violent propaganda is irrelevant. While one suspects that White, the PT Barnum of the radical fringe, might only be seeking to solidify the attention his role in the third position’s movement has garnered for him, it seems likely that it is only a matter of time before the bloody rhetoric that stains the pages of Overthrow manifests itself in an act of extreme political violence. The likelihood of particularly destructive act resulting from Overthrow’s aggressive provocations is only increased by the site’s extensive collection of manuals offering instruction on how to create pipe bombs, dry ice bombs, chemical explosive bottles, chemical fire bottles, Molotov cocktails, and E-Z pipe bombs.21 In the banned book section, White kindly provides a link to the "Terrorist Handbook."22 To compliment White’s weapons of considerable destruction manuals, Overthrow’s message boards are overflowing with anonymously posted messages detailing the how-tos of creating even more dangerous terrorist devices, including anhydrous ammonia23 and fertilizer bombs.24 There were even several messages inquiring about anthrax. Without question, all information provided on Overthrow is an exercise in free speech and completely in accordance with White’s stated desire to provide a "bastion of free speech where anyone can come and browse the LSN archives, look through some of the banned books and chemical information in particular that the government doesn’t want you to see."25

Furthermore, it is important to note that White can by no means be held directly responsible for the content posted on his site’s message boards. However, given the frequently misleading, inflammatory rhetoric that litters Overthrow, especially White’s recent "flaggot bashing" episode and his pro-rape commentary, Overthrow’s collection of chemical information needs to be evaluated in a new, more vigilant light.

Yet, perhaps the greatest threat presented by Overthrow and the political Third position the site seems to represent is the growing indication that the Red-Brown consensus has begun to ally itself with the virulently anti-Semitic Muslim extremist movement. Many of the fringe organizations associated with the Third Position movement share three primary ideological affinities with Islamo-Fascist organizations such as the Taliban and al Qaeda: "A hatred of Jews who are seen in the traditional anti-Semitic caricature of running the world through secret conspiracies, a hatred of the U.S. government, seen as not just a global bully but also controlled by Jews. U.S. neo-nazis sometimes refer the administration in Washington, D.C. as the Zionist Occupational Government—ZOG, and finally, a desire to overthrow existing governments and replace then with monocultural nation states built around the idea of supremacist racial nationalism or supremacist religious nationalism or both mixed together."26 Overthrow often reflects such ideological connections between the two groups, especially through the site’s continued support of Palestinian suicide bombers, which it likens to "anti-bodies fighting a cancer,"27 as well as LSN’s insinuations that either the United States Government or the Israelis, not Islamic Terrorists, were responsible for the September 11th tragedy. However, the connections websites like Overthrow help to facilitate between the Third positionists and Islamo-Fascists are not always purely ideological. As National Public Radio recently reported, "Some investigators and researchers believe Osama bin Laden might still be getting help from within the United States. They suggest that help might not be coming solely from people with extreme views about Islam. It could also be coming from white supremacy groups,"28 one of the primary components of the Red-Brown alliance. The Washington Post has also indicated that anti-Semitic elements of the United States’ political fringe have been trying to arrange meetings in Beirut with various radical Islamic organizations.29

Such connections between the Reds, the Browns and Muslim extremists have already begun to yield violent consequences in Europe, where a Parisian rabbi was recently the target of anti-Semitic violence authorities believe may be the work of Islamic radicals working with the fringe Right.30 Striking closer to home, a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) document, dated last Nov. 22 indicates that there is an increasing concern in the Canadian government over the growing Racist Right-Muslim Extremist connection. The document also hinted this connection may also have played a role in the recent firebombing of a Jewish community center in Saskatoon and threats against the Jewish community in Ottawa.31Given Overthrow’s influential role in the Third Position movement, combined with its remarkably solicitous attitude towards radical anti-Semitic Islam and Palestinian terrorists, one cannot help but wonder how long it will be until such an alliance between the two organizations makes its way to American soil. Or perhaps it already has.


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Ryan O’Donnell is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross. He currently resides in Washington DC, where he is at work on his first novel. Please visit him at http://www.RyanODonnell.com or email him at raodonne@hotmail.com.

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