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Psychological Fitness Test for Prospective Employees of CNN By: Judith Schumann Weizner
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, April 22, 2003

CNN hires only people who demonstrate an ability to fit in with our corporate culture.  With this in mind, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  Your answers will be kept confidential.  To be hired by CNN you must score at least 1000.

Part I

Please choose the answer that most closely reflects your honest thoughts. You will have three minutes to complete this section.  The maximum possible score is 50 points.

1 ) You are standing in front of a building from which a woman is dangling a baby out a sixth-story window.  You:

  a) position yourself to catch the baby in case it should be dropped, while asking passers-by to call the police

  b) ask the doorman for the correct spelling of the woman’s name

  c) tell the woman to wait until your camera man arrives

  d) call Michael Jackson for his input

2.) You are in the room with a woman who is dangling a baby out a sixth story window.  You:

  a) try to talk her into bringing the baby back inside

  b) ask her if she has changed the baby’s diaper out of consideration for people on the ground

  c) call the rest of your news team

  d) leave the room because a reporter should never be part of the story

3.) You are standing on the corner waiting to cross the street.  A child breaks away from its mother and is about to run into the street.  The child is near enough for you to stop it.  You:

  a) grab it by the arm and hold it for the mother

  b) interview the driver of the SUV that runs over the child

  c) feature the child’s mother in your piece on negligent parenting

  d) interview the director of MADD to ask when they will begin targeting people who drive SUV’s

4.) You are reporting from the front in a war in which your country is one of the belligerents.  You learn that the opposing side will attack US troops in two hours.  You:

  a) Report what you have learned to the highest US officer you can find

  b) Call your wife and tell her to be sure to watch the ten o’clock news

  c) Charge your laptop

  d) Shampoo your hair and check your make-up

5.) You see a terrorist with a suicide belt walking into the crowd on New Year’s Eve.  You:

  a) call the police

  b) run for the hills

  c) ask someone in the crowd how he would feel if he knew he was about to die at the hands of a terrorist

  d) ask the terrorist what his thoughts are as he prepares to sacrifice himself

Part II

Please answer the following statements true or false.

You will have 20 seconds to complete this section.  The maximum possible score is 70 points.

1.  No one has ever accused me of taking sides on an issue.

2.  I think I am an honest person.

3.  I am an honest person.

4.  I never inhaled.

5.  I have never met a dictator I couldn’t like.

6.  I feel incomplete without a minder.

7.  A Faustian bargain is a beautiful thing.

8.  I never had sex with Monica Lewinsky

9.  I break out in hives when I hear the word “FOX.”

10. My conscience will not permit me to report wrong-doing if it interferes with my employment.

Part III

Please choose the phrase that best completes each sentence.

You will have five minutes to complete this section.  The maximum score possible is 200 points.

1) When I see a picture of Yassir Arafat, I

  a) wonder how anyone could sleep with him

  b) wonder what I’d have to do to get an interview with him

2) Whenever I hear the words “Bill Clinton”, I

  a) want to repeal the XXII Amendment

  b) wonder what I’d have to do to get an interview with him

3) I think George W. Bush should

  a) resign

  b) die

4) I think Republicans are

  a) stupid

  b) stupid and vicious

5) I think religion is

  a) for uneducated people who are easily led

  b) the opiate of the people

Part IV

Circle the ONE answer that most closely represents your association with each of the following. Do not leave any question unanswered.  You will have 30 seconds to complete this section.  The maximum possible score is 32 points.

1) Rush Limbaugh: a) benighted  b) blowhard   c) loudmouth   d) simplistic

2) George Bush: a) dumb  b) stupid  c) moronic  d) idiotic 

3) Bill Clinton: a) brilliant   b) Energizer bunny   c) sexy   d) black

4) Donald Rumsfeld: a) overbearing  b) Nazi   c) fascist  d) terrorist

5) Hillary Clinton: a) genius  b) caring  c) gifted  d) lovely

6) Israel: a) terrorist state  b) terrorist state  c) terrorist state  d) terrorist state

7) Info Minister Said al-Sahhaf: a) credible  b) forthright  c) candid  d) incorruptible

8) Fox News: a) lunatic fringe  b) right-wing  c) fascist  d) Nazi

Part V

This section is optional.

Please write your reaction to the attached essay by Eason Jordan in 50 words or less. You will have three hours to complete your answer.  The maximum score is 700 points. This section will be graded by Eason Jordan and will determine your fitness for the profession of journalism.

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