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Toledo's Wahhabi Kimosabee By: James Alan Winter
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, April 30, 2003

There goes Dr. Amjad Hussain again, barking hyperbolic rhetoric defending Representative Marcy Kaptur’s dizzy comparison of Osama bin Laden with the Green Mountain Boys. THE (Toledo) BLADE’S biweekly columnist frothed about “the feeding frenzy reminiscent of McCarthyism.” Like Miss Kaptur, who was too clever to compare any Civil Rights group, even the Black Panthers to al-Qaeda, the Pakistani immigrant knows he can slur the dead white males with impunity, smearing the patriots as a “a vigilante band of zealots…, who used intimidation and violence…”

He continued, Ms. Kaptur’s “remarks have been used to stoke the fires of bigotry and intolerance that have become part of the neoconservative agenda. The rightwing talk-radio hosts and their hordes of ditto heads…visceral dislike of Democrats, liberals, and to some measure minorities is obvious.” The doctor’s diatribe discovers “an interesting parallel between religious orthodoxy and nationalistic fervor… bordering on fascism.”    

He would know. As al Qaeda was marshalling for their 9/11 attacks, the Taliban puppet government in Afghanistan arrested eight Christian missionaries, including two young American women, for proselytizing. Dr. Hussain declared in his September 2, 2001 column: “I applaud this action of the Taliban.” Justifying criminalizing charitable assistance when combined with ministry, he absurdly opined that Afghanistan was too poor to permit religious pluralism. Freedom of conscience cost governments nothing, imprisoning and prosecuting missionaries attending bandages does. Without shame, the article ignored that Christians stepped in to help the beleaguered peoples of Afghanistan while Muslim charitable monies went to al Qaeda and American mosques, apostasy in Afghanistan was an executable offense, and Islam’s history of conversion by coercion. (In fairness, the doctor has criticized non-state-sponsored Islamist terrorists in Pakistan who murder Christians and endorsed Christian missions assisting healthcare and operating schools in the Third World.) 

Toledo’s indignation industry – the NAACP, the ACLU, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, the teachers unions, THE BLADE columnists, the Democratic Party operatives, and the city’s Board of Community Relations, found no offense over this endorsement of institutionalized Jihad against white Christian do-gooders.

There was outrage after 9/11 in THE BLADE. It was directed at the Northwest Baptist Church because their roadside message read: “Allah is not the God of America.” Columnists Roberta de Boer and Russ Lemmon parroted a local Imam’s disingenuous argument that since Allah is the Arabic word for God, the two are interchangeable, except that Muslims of all tongues, including English, use the word Allah.  

Juxtaposed, the different responses exposed the hypocrisy of Toledo’s intellectually-necklaced political climate where white Christians are chastised for perceived insensitivity and an apologist of color for Islamo-fascism is afforded a moral affirmative action. Responding to weeks of readers’ complaints, Dr. Hussain eventually admitted his words were poorly chosen, but failed to apologize.

Once a travelogue feature writer, the doctor switched to opinion pieces in 1994 at the invitation of publisher John Robinson Block. As Toledo’s foremost monopolist, parent company Block Communications, among other holdings, owns Toledo’s only daily paper – THE BLADE and the regional cable TV franchise. The company lost money in 2001; its bonds are rated as junk. Betraying Mr. Block’s Professorial persona is a take-no-prisoners warlord. Many scalps hang from his wigwam. He pays himself almost half a million a year.

Politically it gets worse. Liberal columnists outnumber conservatives almost five to one by my count. One cannot escape political correctness even in Sports, Science, Fashion, Media, or Entertainment. The paper opposed the war on Iraq, running unusually lengthy articles written by in-house editorialist Dan Simpson, who detailed the venture’s assured failures and misconceptions. Block endorsed Al Gore in 2000 and Clinton before him. Local Republicans are lambasted for weakness while Block employs investigations and editorials to demolish any Republican who dares threaten the Democrat’s local hegemony. 

In a three-part series about the Taliban earlier in 2001, Dr. Hussain wrote, “…for many Afghans, they began as saviors delivering them from anarchy and terror.” Mullah Omar was a “Robin Hood,” whose vigilantes “restored law and order,” lynching their way to power. The doctor deplored the Taliban as medieval, anti-modern, and anti-western, criticizing the devastation to the educational system and poor treatment of women. Opposing the Taliban except for their persecution of the infidels is like opposing Nazism except for their policies towards the Jews.

If in his column immediately after 9/11 he penned, “God Bless America,” it wore thin enough by 9/30 that he warned about “containing the spread of bigotry and hate” against Muslims, not Americans. 

Dr. Hussain sits as a trustee at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. Its Imam Aboelzahab is a graduate of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, described by Janes Defense as the “window into the world of militant Islam.” Egypt’s grand mufti, Shiek Ahmad Al-Tayyeb of Al-Azhar, endorses Palestinian suicide bombings. Imam Aboelzahab served the Al-Awqaf (Islamic Call) in Egypt and Islamabad, Pakistan. Suspiciously and conveniently, the Imam and his wife, after more than a decade of residence in the U.S., took the oath of citizenship after 9/11. 

The mosque’s outreach is to Toledo’s politicized Third World activists and the secularized, deracinated mainline churches. Disturbingly, the Center’s website links to hate groups and Islamic colonizers. Islamicity, for example, is a site warning against the “Israelization of the United States” and claiming American troops were shooting innocent civilians in the war to liberate Iraq. Another to the virulently anti-semitic Muslim Students Association, described by Joel Mowbray, as “a Saudi-created and -funded national organization.” And to the Council on American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) – an organization that demanded in 1998 that a billboard that called Osama bin Laden “the sworn enemy” of America be taken down “as offensive to Muslims.” C.A.I.R.’s Chairman, Omar Ahmed, as reported in the San Ramon VALLEY HERALD, dated July 4, 1998, said, ” Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” THE BLADE refers to the mosque as “progressive.”

After a military junta led by General Musharraf overthrew the elected government of Pakistan in 1997, the doctor cheered the democracide, claiming corrupt government. He’s anointed the Pakistani dictator, “the right man” to lead Pakistan, although Pakistan’s ISI reportedly provided sanctuary to al Qaeda after the liberation of Afghanistan.  

Democracy is advocated when it advances the Islamic agenda, such as calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir for secession from India. Celebrating the electoral victories of Turkey’s religious parties, the doctor claimed the “majority of Turkish people do not subscribe to that (Kemal Ataturk’s) gospel of extreme secularism.”  The failure of secularism in Turkey “can teach the world about Islamic government.”  

A Muslim-first standard informs the doctor’s views. Hindu nationalists battling Muslims are labeled “zealots” while the al Qaeda campaign of murder and mayhem in Kashmir is blamed on Indian sovereignty. He laments that “Muslims and Islam have been under unprecedented scrutiny since 9/11… in an atmosphere of intolerance and bigotry where some self-anointed (Christian) xenophobes are condemning entire edifice of religion…” What he protests is being reminded that Muhammad owned slaves, used violence to conquer and rule, and married multiple wives. One column claimed that 10-12M Muslims reside in America; the Anti-Defamation League pegs the number under 3M.   

Critical of Israel, he disseminated the myth of a massacre in Jenin, terming it “the kill and destroy mission…” He labels Israel, not Islam, as “expansionist.” The social democrat David Ben-Gurion is grouped with Menachim Begin and labeled right wing for supporting the Balfour Declaration, which promised the Jews all the land west of the Jordan River. While he has appealed to Jewish liberalism on behalf of Palestinian statehood, he does not waste his time appealing to Palestinian liberalism to stop the murder-suicide bombings, to end the Palestinian Authority’s lynching of suspected collaborators, or to lobby Syria to end its occupation of Lebanon.

He opposed the War in Iraq stating “the reasons for waging war and the evidence flimsy,” blaming “Bush’s spiritual gurus, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, and the like motivated by their xenophobic religious philosophy…” The real reason “is not the what kind of person Saddam Hussein is, but the vast oil reserves he controls.” That the U.S. gave back the oil fields to Kuwait after liberating that country and protected the Saudi oil fields suggests otherwise.

In a bizarre twist, he recommended the CIA “dust off some old tricks that it used to knock off Salvatore Allende (who was murdered by the Chilean military). Twisting polemics, the doctor assessed Tony Blair as someone “who has abandoned his European identity to appease George Bush.” So the English identity is not English but European; the appeasers are not those who appease fascists like the Nazis and copycat Baathists but those who fight them.

He reports from Pakistan that the war is viewed as a “Crusade” with Bush as Richard the Lionheart and Saddam Hussain as Saladin. Blaming America first, he traces the anti-Americanism to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the one in which the Americans sided with and supplied the Muslims. The Muslim Mogul invasion of India and the serial Islamic invasions of Europe mercifully escape analogy.  

In his defense of Ms. Kaptur, the doctor urged Republicans, not the Islamists, to “reread the Constitution…with the cherished values of free speech, the right to dissent, and personal freedom,” neglecting to list freedom of religion. Sadly, he misreads the Constitution. It bars the government from censoring speech, meaning that private individuals are free to criticize the inane, insulting, and imbecilic remarks of others, even the supplicants of John Robinson Block.

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