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From Tehran. . . .With Hate By: Iran va Jahan
Iran va Jahan | Monday, May 12, 2003

The regime in Tehran is now getting desperate. According to a dispatch by Reuters at yesterday’s official Friday prayer in Tehran, Ahmad Jenati, a leading member of the ruling clergy, has called for suicide bombings against the Americans in Iraq.

As the events in Iraq progress and the prospects of stability in that country increase, the Mullahs in Tehran are getting more and more nervous. Initially, while it seemed obvious they are behind most of the violence in Iraq, there was little apparent evidence to point to. They denied involvement in the killing of Majid Khoie, the pro-Western clergy on the grounds of Imam Ali’s grand mosque in An Najaf. Then there was the mysterious explosion in ammunitions storage in “Saddam city” where within minutes after the explosion, demonstrators with ready made anti-American signs were ready for the TV cameras. Then came the uprising in Falluja on Saddam’s birthday where the American forces were shot at by ‘unknown elements’ and subsequently several Iraqis were killed in the gun battle with American forces.

For those of us who have known this evil regime and are familiar with its modus operandi, there has been ample circumstantial evidence to recognize the pattern. After all, we remember how the same gang of criminals set fire to a movie-house in Abadan, Iran and roasted more that 400 innocent people on August 20, 1978, in order to blame it on the Shah’s beleaguered government on the eve of the revolution. After they seized power, no lesser a person than Sheik Ali Tehrani (Ayatollah Khamenei’s brother-in-law) publicly admitted that this murderous act was committed with the full knowledge and blessing of Ayatollah Khomeini-the leader and founder of IRI.

Subsequent to the precipitous downfall of Saddam, the Mullahs in Tehran were initially left astounded. As time went by and they somewhat recovered from their ‘shock and awe,’ the implications of this momentous event for their doomed future began to sink in. From that point on their attention has been focused on finding ways and means for defeating the American mission in Iraq. But until today’s Friday sermon in face of all the circumstantial evidence and frequent warnings by American officials the Mullahs were hiding behind official denials and other acts of deception hoping that the Americans will not have the stamina and the stomach to last. They were counting on forcing the Americans to pull out at the first sign of terrorist attacks as they had done in Beirut and in Somalia.

However, now they are so desperate that for the first time they have come out in the open by publicly advocating violence against the Americans at official Friday prayers which are broadcast live over the national and international media. This and similar inflammatory messages of hate are translated into Arabic for broadcast into Iraq and other Arab countries routinely every day. One wonders how the apologists of Tehran’s regime in America are going to explain this latest move of their pay masters to the American public?!

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