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Close Encounters of the Foreign Policy Kind By: Steve Hirsch
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, May 14, 2003

After reading the MideastRoadmap a few days ago, I pondered over how Israel and the United States got to this point with Arafat and his appointee, the new Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen). Upon analyzing the situation, certain events that I witnessed over the past 15 months began to make sense. There is but one conclusion one can reach: aliens are exerting mind control over world leaders.  Some Americans may be hesitant to believe anything this sensational, but here’s the evidence of alien intervention, in chronological order:

In February 2002, President Bush was speaking persuasively, fire in his eyes, portraying Arafat as a failed leader who has betrayed the interests of his people. Then, it happened - his eyes turned glassy as his brain received the alien transmission. All of a sudden, he blurted out the alien refrain in a dronelike monotone voice - "He's got to do more to stop the terrorists." Then he blinked and returned to coherent thought.

I assumed the President was experiencing a brain spasm. Perhaps he had temporarily forgotten that in January 2002 Arafat had been caught redhanded aiding terrorists.  Israeli commandos stopped the Karine A, a vessel carrying 50 tons of weapons - including Katyusha rockets, high-grade explosives, anti-tank missiles and land mines - from Iran to the Gaza Strip. Arafat first denied involvement and blamed Hezbollah but when his terrorist brothers in murder weren't willing to take the rap, he tried blaming Israeli intelligence for framing him. But alas, a confession by the captain of the captured ship exposed Arafat.  The captain acknowledged that the mission was initiated by the PA.  Thus, Arafat reluctantly accepted responsibility, although he denied personal involvement.  

However, Arafat's chief armaments procurer had purchased the ship, and both the Director of Finance for Arafat's General Security Forces and the Deputy Commander of the Palestinian naval police were intimately involved. (1) Despite Arafat's insistence that he wasn't personally involved, a multi-million dollar purchase of weapons by the PA couldn't have taken place outside the view of his beady eyes. Arafat, once again shown to be in violation of the Oslo Accords, was exposed as the supplier and leader of Palestinian terrorists. What else besides mind control could make President Bush believe this man was doing anything to stop terrorism?

A few days later, and halfway across the world from Bush's speech, Shimon Peres repeated the same phrase on Fox News. Peres was speaking normally, when the topic came to Yasser Arafat.  Suddenly, Peres' eyes turned glassy and he eerily uttered the same mantra: "He's got to do more to stop the terrorists." It was then that I knew something was amiss.

The Palestinian Authority's General Secretary's June 9, 2002, issued a statement that "Suicide missions are the highest form of struggle of the Palestinian people in the war against Israel for their existence."

A mere two days after this, President Bush was at it again.  He said "I want him [Arafat] to stop the violence." Thirteen days later our President did step forward, calling on Palestinians to reject Arafat and a PA leadership “compromised by terror.” Israel followed suit.

But then a certain “Dr.” Abu Mazen entered the world stage billed as the "new" Palestinian leader, to much fanfare.

This past March 10, Zalman Shoval, former Israeli diplomat to the U.S. and advisor to Ariel Sharon, couldn’t help but shine effervescent when speaking of Abu Mazen, who was the then PA Prime Minister-to-be: “He is a respected person without any doubt, and I don’t doubt his good intentions either, but the real question, of course, is what authority will he have.” (2)

Mr. Shoval, a brilliant man who was born in 1930 and is therefore old enough to recall the Holocaust, would not invest hope in Abu Mazen, let alone get downright bubbly when speaking of him. Mr. Shoval knows that Abu Mazen, at the presumably mature age of 47, wrote The Other Side: The Secret Relationship between Nazism and the Zionist Movement to get a bogus History Ph.D. from  Soviet-era Oriental College in Moscow . (3) Mr. Shoval is well aware that Abu Mazen’s doctoral thesis argued that Zionists conspired with Nazis to exterminate Jews in order to gain international sympathy for a post-Holocaust Israel. Oh, and incidentally less than 1 million Jews were killed; the six million figure is of course a Zionist exaggeration. 

President Bush also supported Abu Mazen in a recent interview with Tom Brokaw. The conversation was progressing along in a cogent manner when our President’s eyelids fluttered and he said:  "I believe Abu Mazen is a man dedicated to peace and I look forward to working with him for a two-state solution.”

Now obviously, President Bush, the same man who had been calling for the Palestinians to reject a PA leadership “compromised by terror” couldn’t possibly have been looking forward to dealing with a “new” PA leader who is in fact an old PA leader compromised by terror. Abu Mazen was a fouding member of Fatah and a member of the Palestine National Council since 1968. He was elected the PLO Executive Committee's secretary general in 1996. (4)

No serious observer could deny that alien intervention had a hand in this statement.

Though it would be bad enough, it’s not just that Abu Mazen’s past is “compromised by terror.” His future is also compromised, if we can take him on his word.  London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat published an interview of Abu Mazen on March 3, 2003.  He was quoted, “We didn’t say we would stop the armed struggle. We said that the militarization of the Intifada should stop…Therefore, military action under these conditions is not serious. This is why we said that there is no option but to stop it for a year and it won’t be perceived as caving in on our side. The conditions are still insufficient.”(5)

The negative statement - I’m not saying he’s an angel – can probably be said of all politicians but it’s just possible that the antonymous positive - I’m saying he is a demon – can be said of this character. This is a man for whom simple Holocaust denial wasn’t enough, a man whose moral compass was so twisted that he argued Jews wilfully gassed other Jews so the Jews could escape - to their own land. And he’s a man who just two months ago said that “military action” – a euphemism for terrorism - by the Palestinians must be stopped for "a year."

Unlike in Iraq’s case where top Baathists have been purged from leadership, in the Palestinian case we have determined not only to stop short of demanding the removal of tainted old guard but to sponsor one of its particular subsets - Abu Mazen and his cadre. We are affording the new Palestinian Prime Minister a world class reputation that will prove difficult to devalue if (or rather, when) his actions fail to jibe with his rhetoric. Under the auspices of the MideastRoadmap, the so-called Madrid Quartet of U.S., Russia, UN and EU carries most of the important decision making weight. The MideastRoadmap is comprised of three phases and judgement over whether the parties are in sufficient compliance at each of those phases is entrusted to the Quartet.

Unlike the American approach to the Security Council regarding Iraq which, even prior to Resolution 1441, explicitly left the door open to disregard the Security Council's decision if it was adverse, the MideastRoadmap has no such mechanism. It's the Quartet's way or the highway.

Under the arguably probable scenario that the Quartet proves itself to be the U.S. vs. the Immoral Triumverate of EU, Russia and UN, it will be a very long time before Abu Mazen's international prestige wanes - even if he does nothing to curb terrorism. Members of the Triumverate, fresh from the failure of their morally bankrupt attempt to save Saddam's oppression, are gifted anew with this American document that authorizes them to make moral judgements. They will use the opportunity to blame Israel and praise Abu Mazen at every turn. Our tactic to invest in a Holocaust denier's worldwide reputation will, to a fairly large degree, be irrevocable.

Another problem is that, in a sense, the political capital that we're spending on Abu Mazen is a one-time shot. If he misbehaves, it reflects badly on us and we lose precious credibility that we might otherwise have had available for a better prospect in the future.  Should Mazen falter, we've demonstrated to the world that we were abysmal judges of character for having backed him in the first place - so why listen to us on anything else? 

If Abu Maen does good...well, I hope Bush and Sharon have some reason to believe in him that I don't know about.

I must be frank here. I was reluctant to break this irrefutable proof of aliens controlling world leaders’ minds, because I feared that concerned readers would have me committed. But if Abu Mazen can be a big-shot wheeler-dealer in the MideastRoadmap even after writing about a Nazi-Zionist conspiracy, who knows, maybe NASA will give me a billion dollar budget to lead a search and destroy mission to target the aliens' insidious antennae?   Many readers will think my expose of the aliens to be preposterous and some might even wrongly think it a mere metaphorical device. If you believe I am wrong about the aliens, then what could explain these aberrant statements by otherwise brilliant statesmen? Some of you cynics might argue that Western leaders, when confronted with unreasonable maniacs who crave bloodshed, can’t stop themselves from trying to appease. It’s too bad that Abu Mazen isn’t a Zionist, because with his uncritical acceptance of conspiracy theories, he’s probably the only leader who would accept my thesis lock, stock and barrel.


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