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"If the Palestinians Want a State, Let Them Earn It." By: Michael Harty
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, May 22, 2003

Wasef Mansour is a diplomat with the Palestinian mission in Morocco. On May 7, 2003 MEMRI (1) reported statements Mansour made during an online discussion at the Islam Online website in April of 2003. Among the many slights against Israel and America, the Palestinian also said,

“…we know that Bush is no stronger than Hitler was in his time or Hulago in his time, and his fate will be no different from the fate of the tyrants who preceded him." (2)

That’s gratitude for you. We’ve provided over six billion American dollars to the Palestinians, yet they continue to insult us after all that assistance. And where is the money? They take our money in one hand, and then give us the finger with the other? Their advocates and representatives lobby effectively on our televisions and in our newspapers, but apparently with only one of their two tongues. If the average American knew what was being said in Arabic behind our backs all these years, we’d turn them out like an unshaved, unemployed and ungrateful houseguest. Arab/Islamic newspapers print calumnies against us, their mosques exhort colonization to overwhelm the Western Infidels, and their terrorist brothers plot mass murder. Must our pursuit of kindness walk hand in hand with blindness? It is a vile form of welfare that the United States and others are carrying the ungrateful Palestinian leaders in one of the world’s biggest papooses. It is time to stop casting pearls before swine.

Consider that the Palestinians joined Saddam in two wars against the United States. They betrayed their Kuwati hosts and openly sided with Saddam during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in Gulf War I.  While their clever talking heads were on TV achieving victim status, their populations cheered every Scud that fell on Israel. They claim a victim’s innocence, yet they send their children to fight a man’s war as rock slingers and suicide bombers, and then praise the acts in elementary school pageants. Palestinians hold rallies where they dress their children as military combatants wearing mock bomb belts strapped to their tiny bodies. Palestinians perpetuate intergenerational hatred, by filling the minds of their young with vile invectives concerning America. They blame the Jews for their poverty and ignorance with racially stereotyped imagery. For years the Palestinians have called for the death of America, and in May when Colin Powell arrived for peace talks, Palestinian mobs were burning American flags. Palestinians were even caught on camera celebrating the fall of our mighty towers on September 11, 2001.

Why are we pursuing their interests for them?

If the Palestinians want a state, let them earn it. It’s time these Muslims stood on their own two feet and took care of themselves. They are not children. They are not victims. If they hate the Jews and want war, we should let them learn from the consequences of such a disastrous choice. We should not shield them from the repercussions while enabling their atrocities through the excuse that they’re victims. If they are unable to build a respectable society with their own hands, how can they ever be expected to behave as a mature state in a community of nations? A culture truly mature enough for the privilege to govern themselves, would not sacrifice their young to sympathetic cameras and wait for the labor of others to provide them a state. They would do as countless millions have done before them and build one themselves. If the Kurds can achieve a self-reliant autonomy while navigating precariously through centuries under the ethnocentric policies of the Turks, the Persians, and the savage thuggery of the Iraqis, then why can’t the Palestinians do it with six billion American dollars and an international army of reporters, cameras and activists? What is it that keeps them twiddling their thumbs in “the camps” instead of getting to work building a country and earning some self-respect? To say it’s because of “the Jews”, is tantamount to saying you earned a failing grade because the teacher doesn’t like you.

If the Palestinian clamoring for the death of America is not enough to give us pause in our politically correct effort at transmuting their victim hood into statehood, then consider what kind of state would arise from such a nation of adolescents. A nation’s government spawns from the collective character of its people. The reason Islamic populations are run by bureaucratic thugs and princely despots isn’t because of America, it’s because the Arab-Islamic culture is amenable to tyranny. Remorseless indifference to another’s liberty has been their way since the first forced conversions to Islam by the conquering Arabians centuries ago. Under the emperor’s new clothes lurk human shields, the murder of apostates, clitoridectomies, forced marriages, and harsh physical punishments for blasphemy and adultery to name a few. The minaret dictates what clothes can be worn, what books can be read, what prayers can be said. In the Palestinian controlled areas, girls suspected of breaking moral codes or dishonoring the family are murdered. Hordes of men with guns blazing into the air call for the death of America, while the most dangerous times on the streets for ‘unbelievers’ is just after Friday ‘prayers’. When Palestinians are granted power, all their inherent Islamic ethnocentrism will be put into practice, and just as in other Muslim nations, there will be religious intolerance, social repression, political corruption, cultural prevarication and the perversion of truth. Is this the type of state we help to create?

We must reconsider whether the United States should force a Palestinian state at this time in history. If it is to be a true state, if it is to be a legitimate and worthy state, then it must be born out of the responsible adult interaction between the Arabs and the Jews and no one else. Let the great Islamic civilization deal with the Jews – or not. We must stop interceding on their behalf like a clinging overprotective mother. We are enabling the Islamic world to avoid the adult responsibility of coming to terms with the existence of a Jewish state, while allowing them to perpetuate a cycle of Palestinian dependence on violence as the sole reason for existence. If the Arabs want to start another war with Israel, then let them have at it. The only thing we need do is turn off our televisions.

We shouldn’t wring our hands fretting over the bloodshed or the carnage that will come to the Arabs because they haven’t learned from their own history. As far as the Israeli situation is concerned, the Arabs have brought it upon themselves. If the xenophobic, ethnocentric Muslims hadn’t attacked the patchwork of Jewish refugee areas calling themselves a nation back in 1948, they never would have lost the land to begin with. If they launch another war intending to kill the Jews, let their losses be a hard lesson learned by their suffering the consequences of their adolescent choice. We must not enable them to achieve the destruction of the Jews through United Nations resolutions, Arab -“American” lobbyists or Islamic media campaigns. We must no longer be the enablers of Arabic irresponsibility and acting out. And we must begin the cessation of our naiveté towards Islam with the Palestinians. When we apply this theory to drunks, bums and incorrigible teenagers, we call it tough love. If the Palestinians cannot make mature and responsible choices on their own, for their own future, I say tough luck.


(1) http://www.memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=SD50103#_edn1

(2) http://www.islamonline.net/livedialogue/arabic/Browse.asp?hGuestID=juSGBj&counter=15

Michael Harty is a graduate of George Mason University and is currently a network engineer for a multinational internet backbone provider.

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