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The Psychosis of France By: Guy Milliere
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, June 05, 2003

Very recently, the Ambassador of France in the United States sent a letter to the main political authorities in the US and to the main directors of newspapers, radio stations and TV channels. In the letter, the ambassador, Jean-David Levitte, said he was worried by a "large American conspiracy" against France. I'm sure the letter ended where it deserved to end: in the wastebasket of all those who received it. It's too bad if it did, as Americans lost a good opportunity to laugh.  (French people can be funny, especially when they do not want to be funny).  More importantly, they lost an opportunity to understand how French leaders are dangerously sick, and risk spreading their mental sickness through the rest of Europe.

A few weeks ago, everybody in the US could see that Dominique de Villepin and Chirac were preposterous megalomaniacs. Both of them started to dream, and suddenly they believed their dreams were true: France was a great power again! France could create a world coalition that would stop and defeat the United States! If you read the French press during the last few months, you could see that many French intellectuals, journalists and politicians have a similar disease. You may call it a superiority complex.

When a superiority complex becomes an obsession, you generally need a cure. In France, it seems the cure is to write as much as you can. Everyday during the Iraq war,  “superior” French people wrote how Americans didn’t know how to fight a war and how Americans knew nothing about Islam or the Arab mind. In the French perspective, it would have been so much better if the Americans turned for advice to the only smart people on the face of earth: the French. 

Now, in the wake of a swift and efficient U.S.-led victory in Iraq, “superior” French people (the ones who said the war in Iraq would be a new Vietnam or that the battle of Baghdad would be worse than the battle of Stalingrad) are saying Americans are not efficient enough.  If the French were there, for sure, everybody in Iraq would have safety, water, electricity, well-paid jobs, an efficient government, and even microwave ovens.

Meanwhile, traces of paranoia have started to appear among French journalists.  They are saying that George W. Bush is a dangerous Hitlerian dictator ready to destroy the whole planet. The Ambassador's letter represents the supreme level of paranoia: what specialists call the “acute paranoia attack”'. If you believe what Jean-David Levitte has written, it’s clear that you have a large conspiracy: you have a very huge and omnipresent conspiracy in the US; almost everybody is a member of the conspiracy: reporters, TV anchormen, policemen, judges, members of the administration.  Yes, almost everybody!  

And what do these ubiquitous conspiracy agents say?  That France has had strange relations with the Iraqi government during the last twenty-five years. What a forgery! Only vile creators of forgeries could say they have seen pictures of Saddam and Chirac together at the time when France was selling nuclear technologies to the Iraqi government.  The Israeli army never destroyed a reactor called Osirak. Never! And if you looked carefully at the accounts of many French companies, I am sure you would find no trace of business relations with the Iraqi government. It’s just by chance that the French section at the Baghdad Fair has been by far the most important these last years. French businessmen were motivated by pure philanthropy.  

What else do the U.S. conspiracy agents say? That Dominique de Villepin lied to Colin Powell and said France would support the United States in the United Nations 'til the end, and then France did everything possible to save the skin of Saddam.  Shame! Villepin could not lie. He never lies.... When he speaks in public of high principles, you can see the sincerity in his eyes. When two minutes later, he says in private to a French journalist he doesn't care about principles, and just wants to save contracts for France, you can see again the sincerity in his eyes. He is always sincere. It’s just that his sincerity depends on the audience and the moment. 

I could add as a conclusion that French-bashing in the United States has no justification at all!  France shows everyday how much she loves the United States.  On the list of the top ten best sellers now, you have five very hateful anti-American books.  But it’s just five. In a genuinely anti-American country, all the best sellers would be anti-American, wouldn’t they?  A big hit on French TV is a satirical show called “Les Guignols”(the puppets). Everyday on the show, the American army is depicted as the worst bunch of guys on the surface of earth since the time of Adolf Hitler.  France shows everyday how much she loves the United States, yes.  

At the end of his letter, J.D. Levitte says the friendship between France and the United States is a treasure and that everything has to be done to save this treasure. If for one second he could escape his paranoia, he would see more and more of this treasure is wasted everyday, and the criminals look exactly like him when he sees his face in a mirror.  

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