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Michael Moore's Magic Kingdom By: Daniel G. Jennings
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, June 06, 2003

In the last two months patriotic Americans have become increasingly disgusted with the behavior of one Michael Moore, a documentary filmmaker considered a genius by the Hollywood establishment. Average Americans were outraged with Moore's vicious attack on President Bush at the Academy Awards, yet he received the best Oscar Award for his documentary "Bowling for Columbine" (which blamed the Columbine High School Massacre on the U.S. military).

Now if that wasn't bad enough the geniuses at the Walt Disney Company have given Moore the green light (that is financed) his next masterpiece "Fahrenheit 911." This abomination will try to show audiences that the US government and President Bush were somehow to blame for Osama Bin Laden and the Sept. 11 atrocity.

Why, we must ask ourselves does Hollywood love Michael Moore and keep bankrolling his brand of lunacy? For several reasons, which reveal the hypocrisy, lack of morality and sheer stupidity of the ignorant, uneducated, bigoted, greedy and arrogant elite that runs our entertainment industry.

The first reason Disney is bankrolling this nonsense is a simple one: it amounts to pure profit. Moore's documentary will cost only a couple of million bucks to produce. (A million for Moore, a few hundred thousand more for actual production costs.) Yet it could bring tens of millions of dollars of profit into the cash strapped Disney empire. "Fahrenheit 911" will surely attract large numbers of arrogant left wing intellectuals to art house movie theaters around the US. These people will pour in and pay $8 or $10 a pop to see Moore's nonsense. Even if it earns only ten or twenty million bucks in domestic release, it'll generate a nice chunk of change for Disney.

There's also the shock factor here, Disney executives seeing the big money brought in by reality TV and the MTV Jackass movie may hope that the shocking nature of Moore's film will attract viewers. They think maybe they can create a profitable brand of reality movies by promoting controversial propaganda that makes absurd and shocking conclusions. These executives may hope that lots of people buy tickets simply to see if the rumors about Moore and his movie are true.

Then there's the overseas market. This horrendous documentary will undoubtedly attract huge audiences in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China and other places will large numbers of people hate us. It'll pack them in, in Cairo and Paris and Beijing and make more money over there. More importantly it'll establish Disney's reputation as a staunchly anti-American company overseas. Deflecting the mouse factory from terrorist violence and boycotts.

The second reason for Disney and Hollywood's embrace of Moore is one of convenience rather than ideology. In recent years, Hollywood has taken a lot of flack for promoting violence. The Columbine gunmen seem to have inspired by violent films like the Matrix. al-Qaeda and other violent Islamic fanatics have also been inspired to a high degree by violent Hollywood movies. American action films make big money in the Arab world. The same young men who blow themselves and Americans up love to watch videos of really violent films like the Matrix and Rambo. The anti Americanism of many of these movies, (such as the plot line of the X-Men sequel X-2 in which U.S. military personnel are shown as Nazi type storm troops who terrorize innocent children and plot genocide) are a blatant attempt to market these movies to American hating young people overseas.

Sadly enough, only one person in Hollywood seemed to draw the obvious connection between these violent fantasies and the Sept. 11 events. The iconoclastic film maker Robert Altman (best known as the creator of the movie version of "MASH") said Hollywood's big budget action movies helped inspire the 9 11 terrorists. Altman is a cantankerous gadfly who long ago cut his ties with the Hollywood establishment. Not surprisingly, Altman wasn't invited to the podium to pick up the Oscar for best director for his latest film, "Gosford Park," despite his long and distinguished career.

If large segments of the public can be convinced that the evil military industrial complex is responsible for the violence. Hollywood is off the hook. It doesn't have to worry about censorship, boycotts and government interference. Hollywood celebrities don't have to clean up their act and start behaving responsibly. Executives don't have to change plot lines or stop making profitable movies that might be too violent or offensive.

Since Hollywood's leaders can't come out and say these things publicly, (this would attract too much attention to Tinseltown's promotion of violence and anti-Americanism).  The movie industry quietly finances propagandists like Moore who spread its sick message in a quiet almost underground campaign of lies.

Finally by bankrolling Moore, the Hollywood elitists can feel like radicals and intellectuals rather than pampered and greedy entertainers. When average Americans criticize them they can feel like activists suffering for the cause rather than rich hypocrites. They can feel morally superior to the rest of us when they are clearly morally inferior to average people.

It is time that average Americans gave Michael Moore and his superiors in Hollywood the attention they deserve: no attention. For the best way to put a stop to buffoons like Michael Moore is to ignore their antics. If Moore's little exercise in Hate America propaganda has no effect Hollywood will stop bankrolling such nonsense.  

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