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Reality and its Discontents By: Steve Vivian
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, June 09, 2003

Imagine waking up one day to find that the United States has become the site of…

Honor killings.

Barbarous public slaughtering of animals in religious festivals.

Raving sermons urging the faithful to slaughter the infidels.

Asylum for terrorists.

Is this scenario an absurdity, a paranoid picture of dystopia cooked up by right-wing knee-jerk loonies?

If only.

In fact, it’s entirely possible. Why? Because England, our nation’s first cousin, is the site of these acts—and more. A terrible irony is at work here: For centuries, Britain was the driving force behind classical liberalism. We can trace back this historic drive, which has secured freedom for countless people over the centuries, to the Magna Carta in 1215. Yet now, Britain is rapidly losing what she worked for centuries to establish: a civil society that champions classical liberalism.

And if it can happen in Britain (and elsewhere in Europe) it can happen in the US. If it does, the reasons will boil down to two: the busted dam of mass immigration, combined with the failure of ordinary citizens to defend classical liberalism. Aiding and abetting both causes—at this very moment—is the squishy PC left. The left’s inability to even think straight stems largely from the rot in academe, especially in the humanities and social sciences. In both disciplines, the asinine assumptions of post-structuralism have run riot. Po-mo takes some time to unpack, but for our purposes, we can simply note that academic po-mo “demonstrates” that there is no firm basis for making judgments about culture (such as: “One shouldn’t use gang rape to punish female relatives.”)

Indeed, to merely utter “better” or “worse” in the context of culture is the height of politically correct bad taste. And often, the truth is in bad taste—that is, if we value politically correct fantasies, not hard-nosed reality. And that reality is simple: mass immigration threatens Western classical liberal values. As the multi-culti Left loves to proclaim, “Culture matters!” No kidding. It matters in ways infinitely more profound than PC allows itself to imagine. And here’s another thing that matters: reality.

Lest we forget: prior to September 11, who among the Establishment Left would believe there was the tiniest possibility that Islamist theocratic fascists would use innocent people as munitions and targets? Certainly, at this late date—well beyond 9-11-01—the nation must distinguish between blunt reality and PC fantasy. And after doing so, an obvious step is to dramatically reduce the surge of immigrants from Islamic nations into the United States.

The possibility of doing so is certainly greater now than just a couple years ago. Prior to 9-11, efforts to reduce immigration were dismissed by most of the Left and the Right. The Left indulged in its favorite pastime—scolding and self-exaltation—by attacking immigration reform talk as merely racist, the sour grapes of unwashed Archie Bunkers. The Right typically dismissed the idea with sentimental rhetoric about the nation’s historical melting pot—and behind this, of course, was the love of ever-cheaper labor. But the idea of serious immigration reform is at least now within, not beyond, the pale.

The reality of current immigration, especially that from Islamic nations, is simply too compelling for anyone (save the squishies, of course) to ignore. Islamic nations are among the most repressive on Earth…indeed, these nations’ governments run roughshod over the very freedoms that the Establishment Left pretends to prize. Add to this reality another reality: the freest nations are those of the “infidels”: in other words, the “Eurocentric” nations.

Sentimentalist pro-immigration arguments assume that the melting pot washes away cultural divisions, and in the past, that argument often held true. But that argument grows feebler by the hour. Many immigrants from Islamic nations arrive with deep-seated grievances against the West, and as many scholars (e.g., Daniel Pipes) have carefully shown, fashionable PC grievances often infect second and even third generation members of immigrant families. Throughout the West, fashionable grievances are then nurtured by the spewing of hatred from mosques, encouraged by various “civil rights” groups, academics, and of course praised by the leftist squishies, whose greatest pleasure is to hear that Western culture is uniquely evil and oppressive. Toss in a heaping helping of bilious anti-Semitism, and there’s a lot less melting in the pot.

Simultaneously, the aggrieved immigrants enjoy the unique benefits of living in the Western world; indeed, the very civil liberties that characterize the West are employed to advance extremely illiberal views. This fact can confound only the pious PC left. People do not necessarily change because they cross a border, especially when across that border waits abundant encouragement to isolate oneself in an enclave of old world habits and new world indignation.

In England, time is not on the side of classical liberalism. If immigration is not seriously reformed, our  nation’s first cousin will one day hear thunderous calls for sharia, and that’s a “cultural diversity” that only the most hypocritical leftist could celebrate…from a safe distance, of course.

In the U.S, the battle is not yet over. Indeed, many polls demonstrate, most Americans favor a serious reduction in immigration. This desire does not make Americans “Xenophobic” or “racist”; it makes them realists. Ordinary Americans, after all, increasingly bear the brunt of our nation’s highly irrational immigration policies. If the PC herd believed for one second its own hot air about supporting the working class, it would join ordinary Americans in immigration reform.

But it doesn’t, so it won’t.

Steve Vivian is the author of two novels. He holds a Ph.D. in English Studies with a concentration in cognitive linguistics.

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